Description of kovorloka BabyLock Evolution BLE8W-2

Kovlolok BabyLock Evolution BLE8W-2 - advantages, disadvantages, characteristics


General characteristics
Type ofcarpetlock
Power consumption (total / lamp)110/15 W
Differential feedthere is
Automatic needle refillingthere is
Automatic looper refillthere is
Thread tension controlauto
Puncture power stabilizerthere is
Thread Cutterthere is
Knife cutoffthere is
Fabric clamping adjustmentthere is
Cutting width adjustmentthere is
Sewing operations
Number of threads2, 3, 4, 5
The number of sewing operations50
Types of stitchesrole seam, stitching seam, flatlock, chain stitch
Stitch length1 - 4 mm
Stitch width1 - 16 mm
Maximum height of raising of a pad5 mm
Maximum sewing speed1500 stitches / min
Needle typeEL x 705
Color markingthere is
Trim Traythere is
Compartment for accessoriesthere is
Weight8.5 kg
Additional Informationpedal included

Reviews of BabyLock Evolution BLE8W-2


  • 1. Work. You can read about the merits in the description - I subscribe to each. Personally, I am particularly pleased with the three chips: pneumatic refueling, luxurious needle thread guide and omnivorous.
  • 2. Ergonomics. The compactness of the machine (you can even put it on a stool), a carrying handle (on the old overlock was not like this), stability (vibration, though there is, but low).
  • 3. Mastering. Excellent instruction with illustrations - very detailed and understandable.
  • *** For Moscow. If the instructions are not enough, there is a place where you can attend baby bow classes.


  • In work:
  • 1. I do not really get:
  • turns on 90 * on a rasposhiv - the stitch is passed
  • corners on overlock - loop remains
  • role seam often jumps off when processing edges with a small radius (convex and concave less than 10 cm), especially on thin fabrics and knitwear.
  • But maybe my hands are hooks, because sometimes this does not happen.
  • In the configuration:
  • 2. A large foot, behind which it is very difficult to see what and where you sew. Exit - buy a transparent foot, which was also a problem. I do not know how now, but five years ago I had to order over the hill.
  • 3. Lack of a small foot for sewing with a chain and stitching seam.
  • 4. Lack of a bag for collecting garbage.

Recently celebrated the 5th anniversary of his car. Still makes me happy.
I sew a lot, but not professionally - for a family.
The machine is both delicate and powerful: it eats everything from the thinnest chiffon and stretch satin to thick knitwear and jeans (even the double addition of a stitching seam). It does not require reconfiguration neither by material nor by thread. Threads I shove whatever you have on hand. It often happens that in one dressing I use threads of different thickness.
Thanks to a very neat professional-looking role-playing seam, I am pleased to make scarves from the remnants of fabrics and knitwear.
The presence of a seam Wave pinned only at the beginning, now tired - the look is somewhat self-made, like all decorative seams of household machines. You can do the machine without this function (without the index W).
I recommend amateur fans who sew a lot of knitwear - this is a really great carpetlock. Especially for cases when there is no space for two cars.
Did not write in the disadvantages of the price. Perhaps it is worth it: lotions up to the fig, but ... if I had too much space, I would have bought two good cars separately for a smaller amount: the overlock and the gatekeeper.
Not for the pros. Since additional gestures are required:
1. Switching from the overlock to the gateway is not that inconvenient, but still requires a complete refilling of the machine.
2. The raster and chain stitches require a small adjustment for each type of material and thread. The manual is simple and consists in twisting the thread tensioner. It would be nice to change the foot, because the guide on the foot creates problems when passing through the bulges: the seam is crooked. But you can adapt.
3. Be careful with changing needles: the holders are small, they can slip into the machine. I once took out the needle, but did not tighten the holder. She began to sew, and from the light vibration he jumped out and got lost. Well, that spare wheel attached.
Moiseeva Marina, 2013-08-14 Evaluation 5


  • sheer dignity. buy, compare it with what it was and make sure that the work of a dressmaker can be a pleasure! believe me there is something to compare!


  • There is not and can not be! The quality is excellent. Japan as always on horseback!

after a long break in sewing and not sewing for a long time because there was a bad overlock that would need something to stitch something on the fabric and it’s not a fact that I’m tuning it. There’s a song! user! this car is serious and most importantly smart! respect her and you will be happy!
ritdim 2012-05-23 Evaluation 5


  • The instruction is colorful. It saves the day. The minimum settings when moving from fabric to fabric. Instant refueling.


  • It is necessary to carefully read the instructions. The logic of drawing up instructions is incomprehensible to me.

When I bought this carpet-began to enjoy sewing. Not everything worked out right away, but when it became possible, such a delight! I finished a lot of things, updated my wardrobe.
Den Rina, 2015-01-09 Evaluation 5