Description of the elliptical trainer Oxygen Cariba II

Elliptical Oxygen Cariba II exercise machine - advantages, disadvantages, characteristics


General characteristics
Load systemmagnetic
Flywheelrear weight: 9 kg
Number of load levels8
Maximum user weight135 kg
Step length33 cm
Autonomous workhave (batteries)
Tilting of platformsthere is
Sensors and indicators
Indicationscurrent speed, calorie consumption, distance traveled, speed
Pulse measurementthere is a cardio sensor on the handle (built-in sensor)
Number of training programs4
Embedded programsfitness score
Additional Information
Facilitiescup / bottle stand
Sizes (LxWxH)117x53x167 cm
Weight43 kg

Reviews of the elliptical Oxygen Cariba II simulator


  • looks good, does not creak, works quietly, quite compact size, informative instruction


  • I want to mention the material from which the bottle is made. Obviously poor quality and not food grade plastic. Pour water there for drinking hand did not rise. The bottle on the bottle disappeared for a week for at least, anyway, from it the poisonous smell of plastic.

More about the programs. These are rather game programs, there are 4 of them and they are all of the same type: first there is an increase in speed, then a few minutes a high speed, then a decline and so several times. The difference between the programs is in the magnitude of the speed. The display without illumination, works from 2 batteries, but suffices them for a long time. In general, the simulator is very happy. I am engaged almost every day for 60 minutes.
p.saprykin2012, 2012-04-12 Evaluation 4


  • pedal tilt adjustment


  • rim closes the screen is not visible

Very comfortable, forward and back pedals are adjustable for everyone, but not everyone has a tilt. It was possible to choose the slope so that the movements are completely comfortable and natural. In short, a pleasant thing, if it were not for this rim, it would have put it perfectly.
Bolshakov Dmitry, 2014-03-27 Evaluation 4


  • Beautiful design, does not creak, it works quietly, it fits well with the home interior.


  • Not found.

A good machine for your money. Without any special lotions.
Pawlik18 2014-01-11 Evaluation 5

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