8 best wax for depilation

Effective wax on the "war" with excess hair

A rare woman does not need a body depilation, the rest are looking for the best way to carry out this procedure. Obviously, absolutely any wax for depilation does not exclude discomfort when using it, therefore, to all who do not suffer pain, please: choose other means to improve your body. And for the rest, high-quality wax will be a good helper in the fight for the beauty and smoothness of the skin.

In rating best body waxes included the most effective means of giving a lasting effect and delivering a minimum of discomfort (if at all possible).

Types of wax for hair removal

All waxes for depilation are divided into two large groups:

  • warm
  • hot.

Warm waxes Available in cans or roller cartridges. They are used at low temperatures, suitable for home conditions, but less effective, especially in the absence of experience. In addition, warm waxes have a high consumption and are quite painful to use.

Hot waxes often used by professionals in the salons. Most tools work at a temperature of 45-55 degrees. Differ in economical consumption, better capture of hairs, as well as cleaner and less painful depilation.

Variety of hot - film wax. Most often, it has a lower operating temperature, which eliminates the possibility of burns. This product has an elevated elastomer content, so it is applied in a thinner layer, perfectly captures hairs and gives a very clean result without gaps. As a rule, film waxes are produced in granules or discs, which is very convenient for permanent work with the flow of customers in the cabin.

Waxes in cartridges convenient for depilating the legs, in addition, you can choose the appropriate option specifically for your skin. Salon products in cans, briquettes, trays, granules in this regard are more capricious, require special knowledge and experience, as well as the presence in the arsenal of special equipment and related products (wax melts, oils for wax removal, etc.).

Briefly about manufacturers

Both specialized companies and mass brands are engaged in the release of wax for depilation. Veet, Floresan, BYLY, Velvet are widely known to the public - their products can be bought in the usual cosmetics shop. Working with them does not require special skills, but the result is not always perfect.

Among the showrooms, Depilflax, White Line (Italwax), Depilieve, Kapous, Beauty Image, Yoko, as well as premium segment French waxes - Perron Rigot and Norma De Durville have earned an excellent reputation.

Top depilation wax ratings

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
The best warm wax for depilation1Yoko9.9 / 10140
2Depilflax Crystal Natural9.8 / 10170
3Floresan deep depil9.7 / 1097
4Veet with essential oils9.4 / 10551
Best Hot Depilation Waxes1Depilflax Ivory10 / 10807
2Depileve film for intimate depilation9.9 / 101 100
3Perron RigotCirepil9.8 / 102 000
4White Line Natura Azulene9.5 / 10400

The best warm wax for depilation

140 (100 g)
Good warm wax for home hair removal, and especially for beginners. Differs in a fast warming up (it is possible to melt in a water bath and in a microwave), it is easily put, does not spread, than many inexpensive waxes sin. Girls in reviews praise a convenient roller that scrolls well and allows you to apply a thin layer of wax without tearing. The cast form of the cartridge and the protective membrane protect the agent from accidental leakage. This is not a professional product, but quite decent.
Main advantages:
  • not capricious in work;
  • does not leak;
  • caring composition;
  • pleasant aromas.
9.9 / 10
Excellent wax for home use. It smells good, melts easily to the honey state and is wonderfully applied to the skin. Removes hairs completely, results for 2-3 weeks.
Depilflax Crystal Natural
170 (100 g)
Popular wax for depilation in a standard cartridge from a Spanish brand. The natural wax is odorless, suitable for all skin types, including dry and sensitive. The manufacturer recommends it for vellus hair, but, according to reviews, the wax copes with not too hard hair on the arms, legs and back. The product is distinguished by rapid warming up, easy application, good adhesion to the skin. Even newbies cope with it.
Main advantages:
  • odorless and dyes;
  • natural ingredients;
  • ease of use;
  • good result.
  • only for thin and soft hair.
9.8 / 10
Convenient, fast and economical. No smell, no allergies, no irritation from use. I am very pleased and recommend!
Floresan deep depil
97 (35 g)

The name of the warm wax Floresan Deep Depil speaks for itself - it is intended for "deep" depilation of the bikini area. Fructose-based wax not only delicately removes hairs, but also creates a peeling effect. Aloe vera extract, which is part of the product, relieves irritation and prevents hair from growing under the skin. The best fruit wax for "deep" depilation. The product is suitable even for the most sensitive skin.

Main advantages:
  • Easy and convenient to use.
  • In addition to hair removal, cares for the skin.
  • There is almost no pain.
  • The set includes reusable strips and paddle.
  • Well washed off with water.
  • Democratic price.
9.7 / 10
My favorite is Floresan Deep Depil fruit wax. Pure pleasure! It heats up quickly and is applied easily, and there is almost no pain. I did not think it could be so easy! Even the skin after it is tender ...
Veet with essential oils
551 (250 ml - up to 10 procedures)

Perhaps the most popular means for depilation today is Veet. The warm wax of this company, enriched with essential oils, is also a success. Designed wax for depilation of the whole body, suitable for tough hairs. True, the length of the hair should be at least 5 mm. In the set there are reusable strips and a paddle with an indicator (for checking the readiness of the product for use).

Main advantages:
  • Easy to use tool.
  • Pleasant texture and aroma.
  • Easy to rinse with warm water.
  • Skin care.
9.4 / 10
I opted for a warm wax for Veet depilation because it is easy to use. At least I have time to apply it before it hardens, and at the same time I will not burn myself! It perfectly copes with vegetation on the whole body (even on the face it has tried - it works), the pain is moderate, I would say ...

Best Hot Depilation Waxes

Depilflax Ivory
807 (550 rubles for 500 g - 10 procedures)

Depilflax Hot Wax Ivory is designed specifically for intimate depilation. Suitable for all skin types and hairs of different thickness. Upon contact with the skin, hot wax shows a high adhesive ability (adheres well), ensuring the capture of even the toughest hairs. The composition includes coconut oil, moisturizing the skin and preventing the appearance of irritation.

Main advantages:
  • It melts easily and cools slowly.
  • Copes with the most "harmful" hairs.
  • Used without stripes.
10 / 10
In order to save, I decided to buy the same hot wax for intimate depilation, which is used in the salon - Depilflax, and do it myself. In the end - no difference! I thought that the success of this difficult task depended on the master, but it turned out - on wax!
Depileve film for intimate depilation
1,100 (400 ml)
Hot wax on natural resins and oils is intended for epilation of hard, thick hair on hypersensitive skin. Film, does not require paper strips, after solidification forms a dense "plastic" film. The skin does not overdry. You can warm in a water bath. It melts quickly, but there is no need to heat it too much, which excludes the possibility of a burn. The bank keeps the desired temperature for a long time, it freezes on the skin instantly, so you need to act quickly.
Main advantages:
  • suitable for deep bikini and underarms;
  • works at low temperatures;
  • cools slowly;
  • does not crumble and does not break.
  • does not injure the skin;
  • caring components in the composition.
  • a little stretches.
9.9 / 10
Wax quality, plastic, does not break and does not crumble, copes with hair, even tough. Spent sparingly. I definitely recommend this product!
Perron RigotCirepil
2,000 (800g)
One of the most "painless" products, but also one of the most expensive. This is a hot film wax with a high content of elastomers, so that it has a high plasticity, does not break, is easily removed in a single layer. The components in the composition soften the hair itself, thereby reducing pain. It is important that this product works at a temperature of 37 degrees (although it is considered hot), which completely eliminates the possibility of a burn.
Main advantages:
  • production France;
  • high elasticity;
  • very economical;
  • 100% hair removal;
  • works at low temperatures.
  • high price;
  • hard to buy.
9.8 / 10
Waxes are very cool! Elastic, it is a pleasure to work, neither burns, nor irritation. Expensive of course, but economical consumption.
White Line Natura Azulene
400 (250 g)

Natura granulated film wax with white line azulene is one of the best for depilation of the bikini area, arms and legs. Thanks to a special formula, the wax not only effectively removes even tight and short hairs, but also soothes the skin, preventing irritation. The wax melts at a temperature of 45 degrees, quickly "seizes", does not require the use of strips. The composition includes natural ingredients, the finished wax has a pleasant aroma.

Main advantages:
  • Easy to use.
  • Copes with tight and short hairs.
  • Minimal pain.
  • Prevents inflammation.
  • Economical consumption.
  • It takes quite a lot of wax and time to depilate the legs.
9.5 / 10
In the shop they advised Nature with azulene. This is the best wax for depilation! How nice to work with him! And heats up quickly, and does not flow, and seizes the moment. Five plus waxed granules!

What is the best wax for depilation?

Depilation with wax is a reliable and proven method for a long time (the effect lasts about 4 weeks) to get rid of hair on the body. However, any, even the best wax for depilation has disadvantages:

  1. First of all, all those who decide on waxing should be kept in mind that the procedure is painful.
  2. Irritation of the skin after the procedure may last for a day, and wax components may cause allergies. Again, it is becoming easier with depilation experience.
  3. Best of all, wax copes with already regrown hairs (from 5 mm).
  4. From the first time waxing depilation does not work for everyone - you need to adapt to the procedure.
  5. There are missed hairs.
  6. The wax gets very dirty - it is true, then it is easily washed off: water-soluble - with warm water, fat-soluble - with any oil. There are also special tools for cleansing the skin from wax.

The least painful depilation is possible with hot wax. However, this tool is not suitable for the face, and in the bikini zone they should be used very carefully.

For face and “deep” depilation is best to use. warm fruit wax, but you have to reckon with the fact that it hurts. It is best to use the tool, which is directly indicated "for the face" or "for the bikini zone."

Have a good shopping!

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