15 best vertical vacuum cleaners

The art of quick cleaning: choose the best vertical vacuum cleaner

It is not always convenient to pull out a bulky vacuum cleaner from the pantry in order to simply remove the crumbs from the floor. So that the apartment does not become overgrown with dirt, a vertical vacuum cleaner will come to the rescue, in the people - electrobroom. A light and compact device, though not suitable for general cleaning, but allows you to quickly bring cleanliness when lightly polluted. Inexpensive versions based on a compact handheld vacuum cleaner will also delight motorists who own garages, where there is a 220V outlet. The cleaning quality will be incomparably better than that of auto-specialized toys. But when choosing a vacuum cleaner you need to be alert: many models are more suitable for interior than for use. In our ranking, we tried to choose the best vertical vacuum cleaners that were popular in 2018-2019.

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
The best vertical mains powered vacuum cleaners1Karcher VC 5 Premium9.8 / 1012 490
2Bissell 17132 (Crosswave)9.7 / 1024 490
3Vitek VT-81039.7 / 105 756
4ARNICA Tria Pro9.5 / 106 090
Top Wireless Vertical Vacuum Cleaners1Bosch BCH 6255N19.9 / 1024 890
2Tefal TY8996RO9.8 / 1016 190
3Bosch BCH 7ATH32K9.7 / 1025 600
4Electrolux EUP84IGM9.5 / 1025 990
The best cordless vacuum cleaners 2 in 1 (vertical + manual)1Dyson Cyclone V10 Motorhead9.9 / 1035 990
2Xiaomi Roidmi F89.8 / 1016 690
3Morphy Richards 734050EE9.7 / 1024 990
The best vertical vacuum cleaners with the function of wet cleaning1Philips FC 70889.8 / 1033 799
2Philips FC 64049.7 / 1018 999
Best cheap vertical vacuum cleaners1BBK BV25269.6 / 104 380
2ARNICA Merlin Pro9.5 / 103 560
3VITEK VT-81329.3 / 102 000
4Kitfort KT-5109.3 / 102 190
Best wired vertical vacuum cleaners with steam mop function1Tefal VP7545RH9.6 / 1015 550
2Kitfort KT-5359.5 / 109 690

The best vertical mains powered vacuum cleaners

Karcher VC 5 Premium
12 490

Compact vertical vacuum cleaner can be put even in a small cubby. The kid has suction power, which is enough for high-quality cleaning of smooth surfaces and carpets. A small dust collector with a volume of 200 ml is enough for a gradual cleaning of a 2-3 room apartment, it is easy to clean - just shake out the contents and rinse with water. Flexible connection with the main brush allows you to maneuver, changing the turn with a slight movement of the hand. From the usual functions there is not enough automatic winding of the cord - it will have to be fixed manually.

Main advantages:
  • compactly folded;
  • without bag;
  • high suction power;
  • maneuver brush;
  • long cord
  • the cord must be rewound by hand;
  • small dust collector.
9.8 / 10
A good, lightweight, compact vertical vacuum cleaner, we began to clean up more often with it - scattered crumbs or sand no longer make our eyes sore. The container is enough for cleaning.
Bissell 17132 (Crosswave)
24 490

A vertical vacuum cleaner, which possesses 3 capabilities at once in terms of its functionality: it collects dust and debris (copes well with animal hair), washes and dries floors. He is “on the shoulder” working with a variety of surfaces: smooth, hard, including wood, carpet.

The device is relatively compact and mobile, equipped with a long power cord - 7.5 m. Power - 560 W. The control is located on the handle, includes 2 buttons for selecting modes, the lower trigger for spraying the cleaning solution. The design provides a pair of removable tanks. One for the clean bay, the other for collecting dirty water. Capacity 0.82 and 0.48 l, respectively.

Special attention deserves nozzle. This is a collapsible electrical brush with a universal microfibre brush roller that can be removed for washing and drying. It has a movable hinge, is equipped with a backlight, which greatly facilitates cleaning in hard to reach places.

Main advantages:
  • Ease of maintenance;
  • Permanent (washable) filter class HEPA 13;
  • Indication of filling the waste bin;
  • Self-cleaning system on a special tray;
  • Warranty - 2 years.
  • Considerable weight - 4.9 kg;
  • Noise - 80 dB.
9.7 / 10
In the furnace broom and mop. Now we have a portable "dry" and washing vacuum cleaner at the same time. There was a certain skepticism before buying, but we have been using it for several months now and are quite happy with everything. No regrets yet.
Vitek VT-8103
5 756

Good inexpensive vertical vacuum cleaner for daily cleaning. The suction power is 350 W, the device instantly draws in dust, chips, and even lightweight floor mats. 0.5 l dust container transparent - you can always see its filling and you don’t need to clean it often. Electric brush effectively comb hair and wool from carpets, if necessary, it can be turned off. But do not climb under the bed or low table with a vacuum cleaner - the engine is too low. Cord length of 6 m allows less switch between sockets.

Main advantages:
  • there is a rotating electrobrush;
  • compact;
  • without bag;
  • large transparent container.
  • does not pass under low furniture.
9.7 / 10
Upright vacuum cleaner is well suited for daily cleaning, it easily draws in hair, animal hair, and sand. Electric brush perfectly comb carpets! Quite powerful, the cord is quite long and the price is pleasant.
6 090

Handheld vacuum cleaner from the Turkish brand, easily transformed into a vertical and vice versa. The folding handle with an integrated telescopic tube integrated into it contributes to that. Plus, there is a large nozzle for floors, the triangular shape of which is as convenient and effective as possible when cleaning even in the corners and near the baseboards.

The model is available in two colors: red and purple. Equipped with a container of 1 liter dust collector. The filtration system is not limited to the cyclone and includes an element of fine air cleaning HEPA 13, which is washable, and, therefore, does not require frequent changes.

Power indicators for a light and compact vacuum cleaner are unexpectedly high: 1500 W - maximum consumption, 300 W - suction. The length of the power cable is 6.2, the total radius of action during the cleaning process is 7 m.

Main advantages:
  • 2-in-1 versatility;
  • Low weight - 1.9 kg;
  • Auxiliary nozzles - elongated crevice, furniture;
  • Warranty period - favorable 24 months.
  • Work only in the mode of dry cleaning;
  • Unregulated power.
9.5 / 10
Beautiful, I have a red, maneuverable and not heavy. The cord is not retractable, but this is not a big vacuum cleaner. Power is quite optimal. Just count on cleaning the carpet with high pile is meaningless. Another destination.

Top Wireless Vertical Vacuum Cleaners

Bosch BCH 6255N1
24 890

A powerful vertical vacuum cleaner can even withstand general cleaning in a dirty apartment - it runs from the battery for up to 1 hour, and the dust bin holds a solid 0.9 liters. For a full recharge, it will take 6 hours, if you did not have time to complete the cleaning - use the quick charge function, it will help to partially restore the capacity in a few minutes. The vacuum cleaner itself does not require complicated cleaning - the membrane filter that retains dust and allergens clears automatically when clogged. The brush is fixed on the swivel hinge, in the “Turbo” mode its bristles rotate.

Main advantages:
  • convenient self-cleaning filter;
  • long work without recharging;
  • there is a fast recharging function;
  • large dust collector.
  • not found.
9.9 / 10
We bought a vertical vacuum cleaner in a two-story house, where there are carpets, animals and girls with long hair. The vacuum cleaner copes with any garbage with a bang, does not get tired on any surface, collects 100%.
Tefal TY8996RO
16 190

Vertical, wireless, beautiful. Actually, the name of the vacuum cleaner Air Force Extreme Silence says a lot about it. The model is really good in terms of quality cleaning, ease of use. At the same time, the level of noise produced is quite low - 77 dB, which is quite comfortable for the considered class of devices.

The DELTA Slim nozzle is not only ultra-thin, has an optimal design and shape, has an LED backlight system, so that dust and debris do not hide even in the most inaccessible places, it is also equipped with an active electric brush that provides rotation of the roller at a speed of up to 6,200 rpm

All that the vacuum cleaner sucked in was deposited in a container (0.5 l), where “in all its glory” appears the Air Force technology (cyclone), which quickly and effectively separates air from dust and debris. The engine compartment is protected by a foam filter. Tefal TY8996RO works from a powerful Li-Ion battery.

Main advantages:
  • Stylish design, high-quality assembly;
  • Power adjustment on the handle - 3 modes;
  • Indication of the battery status, filling the dust collector, mode;
  • The battery life is up to 75 minutes, the duration of a 100 percent charge is 6 hours;
  • 24 month warranty.
  • Only dry cleaning;
  • Not 2-in-1.
9.8 / 10
The vacuum cleaner is very convenient. The battery is good, I have enough charge for everyday cleaning of treshka. The work is relatively quiet. Brush only one, but cool - active. Plus the lantern helps out. Everything is cleaned in the corners completely normal.
Bosch BCH 7ATH32K
25 600

Powerful wireless vertical vacuum cleaner, which, according to the German manufacturer, can not only complement the traditional vacuum cleaner, but even replace it. It's all about a serious Li-Ion battery, an efficient HiSpin motor and an improved AllFloor electric brush design. In other words, Bosch BCH 7ATH32K has a high suction power, while remaining compact and very mobile.

Supported battery life is up to 75 minutes, the duration of a full charge is 6 hours, a short cycle of up to 80% is 3. The volume of a container dust collector is 0.9 l. PureAir membrane and hygienic filters are responsible for clean air at the outlet. By the way, the presence of an intelligent alert system about the need for maintenance of SmartSensor Control. The vacuum cleaner weighs only 3.7 kg.

Main advantages:
  • Lithium-ion battery with triple protection (overheating, overload, deep discharge);
  • 3 power modes, indication;
  • Soft coated handle;
  • Swivel brush with Easy Clean;
  • Expanded accessory kit - removable handle, shoulder strap for easy carrying, hose, nozzle for upholstered furniture, elongated slit.
  • High price;
  • Replacing an existing proprietary battery pack is incredibly expensive (albeit, tech-savvy users find it possible to replace parts at low cost).
9.7 / 10
Fully satisfied with the quality of cleaning. The vacuum cleaner is not strong. The charge holds for a long time. It looks very presentable, although it usually stands, hiding behind the door. So far no complaints, let's see how long the battery lasts.
Electrolux EUP84IGM
25 990

We continue our ranking of the best hand-held vertical vacuum cleaner from a serious brand, besides not Chinese, but European assembly - Hungary. Not to say that it is cheap, but it was made very high quality, it has excellent characteristics, it is convenient and effective during the cleaning process. The absence of wires allows you to easily move the device to the right place without worrying about the presence of a nearby electrical outlet.

The power of Electrolux EUP84IGM is enough for everyday needs. The control is located on the handle, two modes are available. Power is supplied from the Litium Turbo Power battery, autonomous operation is maintained for up to 80 minutes. For a full charge, it takes about 5 hours. Dust collector format - 0.8 l cyclone container with double air purification system.

The Snap Clean function helps to keep the filters in a “combat” condition. BrushrollClean ™ technology is implemented for the brush, thanks to which a simple press on the pedal instantly clears the wound wool, hair and fibers.

Main advantages:
  • 180 ° rotating nozzle;
  • Illumination of the cleaning area;
  • Power, charge / discharge, operation mode indicators;
  • Vertical parking;
  • Battery capacity - 1500 mA / h.
  • Decent noise - 82 dB;
  • Warranty period is limited to 1 year.
9.5 / 10
High quality and convenient. Easy to clean. With the functions of a compact and maneuverable vacuum cleaner copes. For this and took. Noisy, but quite tolerant. Thank you for backlighting the manufacturer!

The best cordless vacuum cleaners 2 in 1 (vertical + manual)

Dyson Cyclone V10 Motorhead
35 990

Chic vertical vacuum cleaner, the disadvantages of which can be attributed perhaps well, very high price. Wireless, truly powerful for rechargeable. Through the banal detachment of the extension pipe easily turns into a portable manual, as an option, in the automotive.

The model is able to work up to 60 minutes in standard mode without any loss of suction power. Li-Ion battery reaches 100% charge in some 3.5 hours. The design and equipment is such that the cleaning process can be done anywhere: on the floor, walls, furniture, ceiling, corners and crevices.

The Dyson Cyclone V10 Motorhead is equipped with a highly efficient, digitally controlled engine. The dust collection and filtration system includes 14 cyclones and a permanent washable filter. For a container with a capacity of 0.54 l, a system of simple hygienic cleaning is implemented.

Main advantages:
  • High suction power - up to 151 watts, peak consumption - 525 W;
  • Accessory kit - universal active (with direct drive) attachment, combined, slotted, docking station;
  • Very small weight - 2.5 kg;
  • Warranty Dyson - 2 years;
  • Production - Malaysia.
  • High noise - 87 dB;
  • Price.
9.9 / 10
Still decided to buy it. The vacuum cleaner turned out to be very convenient, easy and powerful enough, despite the fact that it was wireless. For the car in general, beauty! Cleaning the cyclone is not as simple and convenient as in advertising, but it has become clever and calmed down.
Xiaomi Roidmi F8
16 690

One of the best Chinese manufacturers is once again ready to play the role of the “killer” of expensive products from famous competitors. It came to vacuum cleaners. Now it is not a robot, but a very stylish, well-made and high-quality wireless vertical hand-held device.

Roidmi F8 is made in white. Lightweight - about 2.5 kg in the collection. Conveniently parked in a standing position, for which a wall-mounted magnetic holder is provided. Nozzles basic: simple small, crevice, large active with a removable velvety roller and an alternative brush with bristle-rubber elements. Possible additions depending on the configuration (it is worth checking before purchase): small electric turbo brush, hose.

The main unit carries a brushless motor that provides rotation speeds of up to 100,000 rpm. Dust collector - 0.4 liter cyclone container. A four-stage filtration system including HEPA. Absorption power - 115 avt. You can adjust the parameters (including setting the power level), you can check the status through the applications for Mi Home (from Xiaomi) or Roidmi smartphones.

Main advantages:
  • Adequate price with excellent quality;
  • Excellent Li-Ion 2500 mAh battery;
  • Up to 55 min. work in standard, 10 min. in turbo mode;
  • LED lights on the main brush;
  • Indication of charge, filling the dust box.
  • Small container;
  • Marked case.
9.8 / 10
Twice cheaper alternative to Dyson V8. And clearly not worse. Of nagging: somewhat complicated cleaning of the container, charging with a conventional pin connection. Noise at standard power is not much (75 dB), the turbo hum is noticeably higher.
Morphy Richards 734050EE
24 990

Incredibly practical Supervac Deluxe rechargeable model that can appear in three configurations at once: a vertical vacuum cleaner with an upper handle that folds down to facilitate access to hard-to-reach places, a Handstick with a lower extension tube, and a manual for cleaning furniture, a car interior.

A rather high suction power is maintained - up to 110 watts, the peak power consumption is 400 watts. Li-Ion battery wireless operation time: 20 minutes at maximum mode, up to 60 minutes per standard. It takes 4 hours to fully charge, up to 75% is enough two.

A 0.5-liter container is used for garbage and dust collection. Air filtration - four-stage: cyclone, inner cup, HEPA and post-engine element.The main nozzle is equipped with a rotating electric brush, 3D-hinge at the base. In addition to it, the kit includes: crevice, for upholstered furniture, for long-pile carpets.

Main advantages:
  • 3 power modes Max, Min, Turbo;
  • Removable battery pack;
  • Noise level - 78 dB;
  • 2 years of a full guarantee, including on the battery;
  • Vertical parking on the floor base.
  • Small size of the dust collector;
  • No fluid collection function.
9.7 / 10
Normal cordless vacuum cleaner. Traditional powerful will not replace completely, but for the daily struggle with dust and spontaneously formed debris is excellent. In the manual format and for the car is good.

The best vertical vacuum cleaners with the function of wet cleaning

Philips FC 7088
33 799

Upright vacuum cleaner with good Hungarian-made power is great for occasional efficient wet cleaning. It cleans, washes and dries. Well suited for tile, laminate and other hard surfaces (not intended for carpets). There is an electric brush rotating at a speed of 6700 rpm and nozzles for upholstered furniture and parquet. There is a reservoir for detergent. The device is equipped with an auto-cleaning function. From weak points we can note the lack of automatic winding of the power cord ...

Main advantages:
  • High-quality assembly
  • Good suction power
  • Efficient power brush
  • Separate tanks for dirty water, for detergent
  • Presence of self-cleaning function
  • No auto cord unwinding mechanism
  • High price
9.8 / 10
Quickly and conveniently walk with this electric bed in the apartment and clean up in the intervals between cleaning with a regular vacuum cleaner and a rag.
Philips FC 6404
18 999
A versatile upright vacuum cleaner for quick cleaning - it combines dry, wet cleaning and a removable handheld vacuum cleaner for sofas, window sills, and nooks and corners. The battery lasts for 40 minutes of work in standard mode, charging will take 5 hours. The 0.6-liter dust container is easy to empty, the additional 0.2-liter water tank and detergent are mounted on convenient magnets. The humidity control system will not allow excessive wetting of valuable laminate or parquet. The 3-layer filter retains the smallest dust, after work it can be washed under a tap.
Main advantages:
  • charge enough for a long time;
  • there is a removable handheld vacuum cleaner;
  • reliable control of the amount of incoming water;
  • washable filter;
  • easy connection of the water tank on the magnets.
  • the brush does not penetrate all angles.
9.7 / 10
Powerful vacuum cleaner, copes with the dust and feathers of my parrot. Dry and wet cleaning at the same time is a remarkable time saving, I bring an apartment in order for 10 minutes, you can safely walk barefoot.

Best cheap vertical vacuum cleaners

BBK BV2526
4 380

This inexpensive vertical battery vacuum cleaner is endowed with a set of top features. It works from a Li-Ion battery, which lasts for 25 minutes of cleaning, a full charge will take 4 hours. The vacuum cleaner weighs an average of 2.8 kg, the dust collector of a good volume - 0.75 l. On the handle there is a power adjustment, the manual part is easily detached. On the main turbo brush there is even an LED backlight, which is found only in expensive models. The handle of the vacuum cleaner is foldable, so when in the apartment it occupies a minimum of space. Included attachments for upholstered furniture and crevices.

Main advantages:
  • wireless;
  • there is power adjustment;
  • lights on the brush;
  • folding handle;
  • extra attachments for furniture and crevices.
  • handle a little play in the place of folding.
9.6 / 10
This budget vertical vacuum cleaner is quite powerful - it easily gathers all cat's hair from the floor and even from the carpet. His turbo brush is great, it helps to inject trash, the device itself is not heavy, well, it's easy to shake out the dust.
ARNICA Merlin Pro
3 560

A neat and rather nice-looking vacuum cleaner, which, like most low-cost counterparts, becomes vertical from the basic manual. The design is corny complemented by a removable extension handle and a large nozzle for the floor. Simple - yes! But is this a disadvantage? On the contrary. Ultimately, versatility is not a vice. Especially for very little money.

Works ARNICA Merlin Pro from the household power supply. It weighs nothing at all - 1.6 kg. Purpose - only for dry cleaning. With good power - 1000 watts. The manufacturer does not indicate the power of suction, and the attributed 250 W is difficult both to confirm and refute. It feels pretty good for this type of device, but it is better to focus on individual perception.

Main advantages:
  • Dust collector - container-cyclone with a volume of 0.8 l;
  • HEPA filter to protect the engine and get clean air at the outlet;
  • Long cord - 5 m;
  • Additional types of nozzles - crevice long, rectangular for working with upholstered furniture, textiles, adapter for various brushes from Arnica;
  • Production - Turkey, favorable warranty - 24 months.
  • Power supply only from 220 V;
  • No power adjustment.
9.5 / 10
Took as a supplement to a large powerful vacuum cleaner. Not bad in the garage for cleaning the car. There were no complaints in half a year. We clean the flask after each cleaning, which is quite simple.
2 000

Upright vacuum cleaner of Chinese origin, but at a very attractive price. Designed for easy everyday cleaning. It is powered by an ordinary household electrical outlet, which is connected to a long 5-meter power cord. The weight of the device is relatively small - 2.5 kg.

The power is not as great as that of traditional vacuum cleaners, although for a vertical format it is very worthy: 1000 consumed, suction 200 watts. A transparent container with a capacity of 0.8 l is used as a dust collector. A three-stage filtration system is supported, including HEPA.

To avoid loss of performance, it is strongly recommended that you clean the vacuum cleaner after each use, since filters can be rinsed under running water. The standard nozzle is a classic carpet / floor brush.

Main advantages:
  • Affordable price tag;
  • Compactness;
  • Adequate power;
  • Parking (of course, vertical).
  • No turbo brush;
  • Only dry cleaning (water can not be collected).
9.3 / 10
For its price, a normal machine. It helps to quickly and easily eliminate unexpected local or everyday pollution, simply removing a lightweight and portable vacuum cleaner from behind the door, which is always assembled and in “combat” readiness.
Kitfort KT-510
2 190

Inexpensive 2 in 1 vacuum cleaner (vertical + manual) with mains power. One of the lightest - weighs only 1.5 kg. At the same time, the trash bin is one of the largest - at 1.2 liters. But the filter quickly becomes clogged with dust, so that it will have to be washed after every big cleaning. With a clean filter, the vacuum gives a good suction power, cleans even fluffy carpets. The main brush does not rotate and there is no hard coating switch on it - it can rumble on tile or laminate. There is an additional nozzle for crevices, as a hand vacuum cleaner cleans upholstered furniture. Ideal for small cleaning (to collect crumbs from the floor, vacuuming wool).

Main advantages:
  • light;
  • good suction power;
  • large dust collector;
  • additional nozzle included;
  • filter clogs quickly;
  • the brush does not have a hard / soft switch.
9.3 / 10
A good vacuum cleaner, inexpensive, easy, even my 5-year-old child copes with it. Manually vacuuming the sofa, collecting all the crumbs, pouring out the garbage takes half a minute.

Best wired vertical vacuum cleaners with steam mop function

Tefal VP7545RH
15 550

Extraordinary vertical model from a solid European company. The process of cleaning with it can be characterized by the term 2-in-1, since two seemingly separate actions are combined in real time - the usual function of a “dry” vacuum cleaner and floor cleaning, and not by simple, but by steam. Yes, even without the need to use "chemistry" in the form of detergents. Such is the Clean & Steam system.

Dust collection is carried out in a removable container, the volume of which is 0.8 liters. In the same place, due to the use of advanced cyclone technology, efficient air filtration occurs. For water there is a separate tank 0.7 l. Vacuum cleaner power - 1700 watts. The subjective value - suction force - is not specified by the manufacturer. On the handle adjustment of supply of steam is available. The cleaning radius is 8 m, the length of the electric cord is 7.5.

Main advantages:
  • Up to 40 minutes of work with steam (up to 100 m² in terms of cleaning area);
  • The destruction of up to 99% of bacteria and germs;
  • The unique design of the nozzle, which allows you to perform the usual back and forth movement for a classic vacuum cleaner;
  • Includes 4 fabric lining;
  • Branded warranty from Tefal - 24 months.
  • A decent weight - 6.2 kg;
  • Noise - 84 dB;
  • Not suitable for carpet cleaning.
9.6 / 10
The vacuum cleaner perfectly washes tile and laminate, cat's wool collects well, disinfects. Still, from the habit of heavy. Assembly, disassembly, cleaning does not cause problems. Sorry the cord does not wind up. Overall satisfied.
Kitfort KT-535
9 690

Steam vertical vacuum cleaner from a Russian company, produced in China. This wagon. It can draw in dust and debris, launder dirt using hot steam, and also perform both types of cleaning at the same time. Suitable for a wide variety of surfaces: linoleum, laminate, parquet, wooden floors, ceramic tiles, and short nap carpets.

Enough power: 1600 W to maintain a high suction power, 1100 to provide steam. It takes 30 seconds to warm up. Capacity for water 730 ml. This is enough for 20-25 minutes. work on the enhanced mode, up to 30 on the standard. The capacity of the "dry" container 1 liter. The dust collection and filtration system is cyclonic.

The noise level is not that low, but quite adequate - 80 dB. Supported vertical parking. The length of the power cord is 7.5 m. The model is available in two body color options: black (535-1), white (535-2).

Main advantages:
  • Democratic price tag on the background of enhanced functionality;
  • Adjustable steam power (on the body);
  • Three steps of air purification;
  • Water softening before supplying to the heater;
  • The set includes 2 microfiber cloths.
  • Warranty only 12 months;
  • Heavy - 5.3 kg, heated.
9.5 / 10
A very good option for those who have mostly smooth floors at home. Vacuuming and immediately washing the floors is not just convenient - this is a real time saving. The power of steam is pretty decent. For the laminate set at a minimum.

What vertical vacuum cleaner is better to buy?

Our rating of vertical vacuum cleaners is not accidentally divided into several relevant categories. So it is easier to choose, based on the characteristics inherent in certain types of vacuum cleaners. Or you can do it easier, realistically assessing the possibilities of your own family wallet.

Wire Vertical Vacuum Cleaners good because they have good power. However, the inevitable “appendage” in the form of a cord stretching after it, which is still not automatically unwound, is not liked by everyone.

Rechargeable (wireless) vacuum cleaners noticeably more convenient and mobile. They are purely floor-mounted vertical or universal combined with a detachable handheld vacuum cleaner. The latter are interesting from the standpoint of expanding the possibilities of cleaning due to access to places where the standard vacuum cleaner “bully” is not with the hand or even is not possible. The problems include the fact that sooner or later the efficiency of the built-in battery begins to decrease, and, consequently, the power drops significantly, the battery life catastrophically decreases.

Only the replacement of standard batteries will help. Only, the trouble is that ingenious manufacturers fundamentally do not want to make their devices on standard elements, and for the new branded replacement unit they usually ask for some really inadequate money, for which it is easier to buy a new vacuum cleaner. Fortunately, there are various popular forums and resources on the Internet, where craftsmen share their experience in correcting the situation with minimal losses. However, it must be remembered that all manipulations are done at your own peril and risk. How justified is everyone decides for himself!

Have a good shopping!

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