9 best blood pressure monitors

What to do when pressure jumps often, when a headache hurts when the weather changes?

Hypertensive patients with experience and people suffering from vegetative-vascular dystonia, constantly need to measure blood pressure. Therefore, it is imperative for such people to have a blood pressure monitor at home.

Tonometer for purchase should be selected based on the following criteria:

  • frequency of use of the device for measuring blood pressure;
  • the presence and nature of specific diseases;
  • the ability to use certain types of devices;
  • and finally, the price of the tonometer.

Tonometers are mechanical, electronic, automatic, semi-automatic, with a cuff on the shoulder, or on the wrist.

We bring to your attention the rating of the best modern devices for measuring pressure.

Ranking of 9 best tonometers 2018 - 2019

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
The best cheap automatic blood pressure monitors1Omron M2 Basic9.7 / 102 250
2B.Well WA-339.7 / 101 866
The best automatic tonometers with standard functionality1Omron classic 29.5 / 103 600
The best automatic tonometers with an additional set of functions1Omron m3 Excel9.8 / 104 050
2A & D UA-11009.7 / 103 560
3B.Well WA-559.6 / 103 350
4AnD UA-777 AC9.5 / 102 997
The best mechanical tonometers1CS Medica CS 1059.4 / 10854
2Little Doctor LD-71A9.0 / 10750

The best cheap automatic blood pressure monitors

Omron M2 Basic
2 250

Automatic blood pressure monitor for measuring blood pressure on the shoulder. The kit may include a comfortable cuff with a length of 22 - 32 cm, as well as an adapter for connecting the device to the mains. Also the tonometer can work on batteries or batteries. The front panel has a large LCD display, which shows the numbers of systolic and diastolic blood pressure, as well as the value of the pulse. Below is one button, which makes the use of the device convenient for the elderly. There is a signal indicating an incorrect measurement, as well as an instrument auto-shutdown function.

Main advantages:
  • low price;
  • ease of use;
  • measurement accuracy;
  • the ability to connect to the mains;
  • warranty period of 5 years.
  • lack of memory measurements;
  • arrhythmia signal;
  • dubbing data.
9.7 / 10
Bought a tonometer for mom. She is 64 years old, she lives alone and has to measure blood pressure twice a day. The device turned out to be very simple and convenient - you plug in the net, put on a cuff, press the button - and it's ready. The display of large numbers, which is also important.
B.Well WA-33
1 866

Automatic tonometer with a cuff of 22 - 42 cm for measuring blood pressure on the shoulder. The kit may include a network adapter. A simple device that reflects on a large display the level of systolic and arterial blood pressure, pulse rate, the presence of arrhythmia. There is an indicator of battery discharge, a beep when rhythm disturbances occur. The tonometer automatically determines the individual level of blood pressure, adjusting the degree of inflation of the cuff. On the side of the display there is a color scale, which allows to determine the compliance of the measured blood pressure with the norm. It is controlled by one button with backlight, has a memory for one dimension. After measuring blood pressure in a minute, the device automatically turns off. 3 year warranty.

Main advantages:
  • low price;
  • ease of use;
  • information about rhythm disturbances;
  • memory availability;
  • battery discharge indicator;
  • scales of blood pressure level;
  • individual level of air inflation.
  • No dubbing data.
9.7 / 10
I chose from reviews a good blood pressure monitor for my father, and the definition of arrhythmia was important. He has an extrasystole, while simple blood pressure monitors give an error when measuring. I liked the big display and the big numbers, the beep about the rhythm disturbance - there is no need to peer into the screen.

The best automatic tonometers with standard functionality

Omron classic 2
3 600

Automatic blood pressure monitor to measure blood pressure on the shoulder. Unlike the Omron M2 Basic model, it has a memory for 30 measurements. Equipped with a cuff of 22 - 32 cm, the kit can include a universal cuff for people with a large shoulder girth, as well as a power adapter. The device has an arrhythmia indicator, and also reports measurement errors. One control button, a large display and no additional information on the screen make the device very easy to use. The device is very light, which allows you to comfortably take it on trips and trips.

Main advantages:
  • small weight;
  • indication of arrhythmia;
  • ease of use;
  • memory for 30 measurements;
  • the possibility of using a universal cuff;
  • 5 years warranty.
  • no data voiced;
  • battery discharge indicator;
  • the lack of individual determination of the degree of inflation of air in the cuff;
  • backlight button and display.
9.5 / 10
I chose a good tonometer for myself - I often go on business trips, sometimes it jumps up pressure. I chose the simplest one, but with memory, in order to show the cardiologist after returning home. Satisfied.

The best automatic tonometers with an additional set of functions

Omron m3 Excel
4 050

A tonometer that reacts to irregular pulsations and decides for itself whether the indicator is correct, that is, acceptable, or if there is a need for a new dimension. When the rhythm is broken, a special indicator appears on the screen. There is also a view of previous results stored in the memory of the device. For correct fixation of the cuff, a separate indicator is displayed on the display, which informs about its position, which ensures precise fixation of the pressure level. Intellectual technology allows you to always be aware of the state of blood pressure.

9.8 / 10
Good old model in a slightly modern version. My parents for more than 5 years, almost the same M3 Expert. There is everything you need, and almost nothing unnecessary. Contrasting display, large numbers, universal size cuff.
A & D UA-1100
3 560

UA-1100 is a digital automatic tonometer with a special hypoallergenic cuff with a diameter of 23-37 cm. The device remembers 90 last measurements, calculates the average pressure, determines the arrhythmia. There is a date and time position indicator cuff. Works from the network and from the batteries (4 pieces). Warranty on the main unit - 10 years. The tonometer is easy to use, intuitive. It is convenient to use it even for an elderly person: the numbers on the display are large, the power button is large. If the cuff is not properly dressed, or the patient has moved during the measurement, the tonometer will show this on the display, as this may affect the measurement result.

9.7 / 10
I think the tonometer is the best. It was useful to me during pregnancy, and for an elderly person it is always needed, certainly it will not be superfluous.
B.Well WA-55
3 350

Automatic tonometer with a cuff of 22 - 42 cm for measuring blood pressure on the shoulder. Controls the level of systolic and diastolic blood pressure, heart rate, the presence of arrhythmia (there is an indicator on the display and a sound signal). There is a low battery indicator. The kit may include an adapter for mains supply. The peculiarity of the device is the ability to record in memory the data of the last 60 measurements for two people (120 memory cells). The instrument also calculates the average pressure. There is an auto-off feature. Useful for people who do not keep a diary of blood pressure, but regularly visit the doctor for the selection of antihypertensive drugs. After measurement, the display is painted in one of three colors, depending on the level of blood pressure. Sound data is not available. 3 year warranty.

Main advantages:
  • the ability to memorize 120 measurements, including 60 for two people;
  • calculation of average blood pressure;
  • ease of use;
  • indicator of arrhythmia and battery discharge;
  • coloring of the display depending on the results.
9.6 / 10
My parents use such a tonometer. Very convenient: you only need to choose one of two people, measure blood pressure and look at the color of the screen, you do not even need to record anything. Once a month a local doctor comes and determines whether the pressure pills are chosen correctly.
AnD UA-777 AC
2 997

Sophisticated ergonomic design, small size, light weight - that's all AnD UA-777 AC. All functions are automatic. There is an adapter. The device is controlled with just one button. It contains a three-line liquid crystal display, which displays the level of pressure, the rate of arrhythmias and an indicator of the degree of fullness of the cuff. The tonometer remembers the average level of pressure, as well as the indicators of the last 90 measurements. In the production of the cuff used technology SlimFit.

  • The device is not designed for a hand with a large circle.
  • It does not always give an accurate measurement of the pulse due to its excessive sensitivity or because of the irregularity of the pulse.
9.5 / 10
Good portable blood pressure monitor. And most importantly - "smart". It determines my pressure and pulse. Very satisfied, I recommend.

The best mechanical tonometers

CS Medica CS 105

The built-in stethoscope of an improved design allows you to use the device yourself at home. A rugged metal manometer and a pear with a metal screw make the tonometer almost eternal. In the improved cuff, a metal bracket is used, which allows for self-fastening it on the arm. Special compaction prevents skewing, and the mesh filter on the pear does not allow dust to enter.

  • The device is not designed for a hand with a circumference greater than 40 cm.
9.4 / 10
Good mechanical tonometer on the house and on the road. I have to drive, and the pressure is high. There were a lot of devices and everything quickly broke down. In the summary read that the tonometer is designed for long use. This turned out to be true, the tonometer serves for a long time and does not break.
Little Doctor LD-71A

Classic mechanical tonometer designed specifically for self-testing of blood pressure outside a medical facility. The kit includes aneroid manometer made of metal, a cuff of sturdy nylon, pneumatic chamber without seams, an air needle valve, a metal stethoscope, a vinyl bag. The fixing ring is provided. The whole set weighs about 340 grams. Error - no more than +/- 4 mm. mercury column.

  • The device is designed only for an adult.
9.0 / 10
It is very convenient in use, the cuff is not torn, pulse is well heard. Easy to use, I liked the tonometer

Which tonometer is better to buy?

Before buying, it is best to consult with a cardiologist or therapist. The doctor will take into account your age, individual characteristics, your preferences, the nature of the disease and the tasks that you need to assign to the tonometer.

Both mechanical, and automatic, and semi-automatic devices, tonometers with cuffs on the shoulder, wrist, finger, do well with their main goal - to give an exact result of your blood pressure. But keep in mind that a high-quality instrument for measuring pressure can not be too cheap! Tonometers must be manufactured by renowned manufacturers of medical equipment. Acquisition of pressure measuring devices should be only in specialized stores.