7 best grinding machines

Blunt? It's time to fix it! Choose a good sharpened.

The best knife sooner or later will stop cutting normally, and the best drill bit will be drilled. If, however, to undertake to list everything that can only become blunt at home, the list will be both impressive and heterogeneous. And, while the knife can be sharpened manually on a bar or with a simple sharpener with Aliexpress, if desired, such a number will not easily work with scissors. If you have a gasoline or electric saw, then you probably already thought about a device for sharpening its chains.

That is why the range of sharpening machines includes not only sharpening ones that have been used since school lessons, but also a lot of specialized tools. Of course, a master with many years of experience on ordinary sandpaper will be able to sharpen almost anything, but the convenience of equipment designed for a specific task is foolish to deny. How much time do you spend, for example, on editing the cutting edges and occipital surfaces of a conventional drill (not to mention the quality)? A special machine will do it on its own and monotonous. Therefore, today we will consider not only the best universal grinding machines, but also a number of specialized ones - each of them will have its own application at home.

Rating of the best grinding machines

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
The best universal grinding machines1ELITECH CT600C9.6 / 107 300
2Kraton BG 560/2009.4 / 103 350
3CALIBER TE-175/4009.0 / 102 700
4SWIRL TS-4008.4 / 103 390
The best machines for sharpening drills, knives and scissors1Diold MZS-029.1 / 102 900
2Sturm BG6010S8.8 / 102 390
The best chain sharpening machines1Whirlwind СЗЦ-2009.6 / 102 000

The best universal grinding machines

7 300

With a power of 600 watts, this whetstone is able to withstand good loads when working with 200-millimeter circles (fit - 32 mm). True, you shouldn't be zealous: the engine heats up when overloaded quickly. The equipment is also good - there is a backlight (although this is not always a plus - it is often charged so much that you can hang several good LED lamps above the workbench), a magnifying glass over one of the circles (when sharpening small drills is exactly a plus), the capacity for coolant. True, this container is so “symbolic” that you will probably instead use the classic cut plastic bottle next to it.

With the weight in the collection of 12 kg, the new emery does not vibrate at working speeds - it means that the manufacturer did not save on balancing the rotor, landing adapters and adapters themselves on circles machined coaxially, and the circles are uniform in density. This inspires confidence, but you can’t call sharpening itself cheap - the “Russian-Chinese” that are not inferior in power are cheaper in two times.

Main advantages:
  • Workmanship
  • Equipment
  • Enough fast engine heating
9.6 / 10
Excellent sharpened - a good and powerful emery, it is very convenient in work. Supports with amplifiers, and not just bent from the tin.
Kraton BG 560/200
3 350
Sharpener has a fairly decent power of 560 W, which allowed the manufacturer to apply 200-millimeter circles with a fit of 32 mm. The emery shaft itself is 16 mm, so if you wish, you can remove adapters for 32 mm and place circles with a different fit.

A lot of weight and weight - 13 kg, it is never superfluous for sandpaper: vibrations at work are inevitable, even if new circles are perfectly balanced. An imbalance will still occur as the wheels wear out, and here a heavier sharpening machine will have an advantage even without attachment to a rigid frame on rubber dampers.

The main problem of grinding machines, in which the circles are coaxial with the electric motor is the poor cooling of the motor itself. If there was forced ventilation in it, it would inevitably drag the abrasive dust into itself. "Kraton" when working noticeably heats up somewhere in 15-20 minutes, which is exactly acceptable for sharpening. Of course, it’s impossible to customize the details of a construction for half an hour, but this is not industrial sandpaper. If we take into account the price, the machine only receives benefits to the interest.

Main advantages:
  • Heavy and durable case
  • Good torque on the shaft
  • Weak handcuffs, curved from the sheet
9.4 / 10
An excellent grinding machine - after a 150-watt sharpener is another matter - it doesn't shut up if you press the chisel closer to the circle. Shakes moderately, and this with 200 circles.
CALIBER TE-175/400
2 700

By weight, the grinding machine “Caliber” is inferior to the “Kraton” (10.3 kg against 13), so it is worthwhile to fix it on the workbench more reliably. Less than 160 watts and power, but this is not so noticeable - here wheels with a diameter of 175 mm are used, because of this, the load on the electric motor when sharpening with an equal pressing force is less. Landing circles - 32 mm on the adapter, the diameter of the shaft 12.7 mm.

The advantages of "Caliber" immediately enumerate the prevalence: the technology of this brand is, probably, in any store power tools. The quality of the Chinese for the money they offer is quite decent, the benefit of the construction of sandpaper is easier than you can imagine.

However, it is traditionally worth complaining about handcuffs - the flimsy bent corners of low carbon steel, if accidentally jamming the tool being sharpened under the circle, are likely to be bent.

Main advantages:
  • Profitable price
  • Good power
  • Oversized vibrations on staff circles
9.0 / 10
For the home - good sharpened. For "sometimes sharpen" it suffices, but for this purpose I see no reason to take expensive sandpaper.
3 390

In our today's ranking of the best grinding machines, this is the most low-power universal grinding machine, which is especially well felt given the fact that the plant has installed 200-millimeter circles (and with a fit of 16 mm, consider when choosing!). But at 400 watts of power there is a plus - the machine heats up noticeably slower than the more powerful models with a comparable amount of “cast iron” (“Vortex” weighs 9.2 kg). So it will be possible to work with him even up to half an hour, having made a small smoke break for 5 minutes in the middle of work, but not forgetting that it is impossible to press the tool too hard to the circle.

For the sake of fairness, we note that the author is inevitably biased - the former experience of working with DIP-500 and sharpening tools of the appropriate dimensions affects, after that, any desktop emery will seem thin.

The manufacturer installed the illumination on the machine, but, frankly, it is very rough - a primitive ceiling lamp leaves half of the lamp open, so it has to be tilted low to avoid the "illumination" of its eyes. The probability of breaking the lamp increases. True, there is also a complete set with LEDs - this option is much better than with an ordinary incandescent lamp.

Main advantages:
  • Minimum vibrations with regular circles
  • Low price for backlit sandpaper
  • For 200-mm circles the motor is rather weak
  • No adapters for 32 mm fit
8.4 / 10
Emery as emery, inexpensive, there are lights. For the garage is a normal choice.

The best machines for sharpening drills, knives and scissors

Diold MZS-02
2 900

The 200-watt machine is compact, lightweight (weight - 1.9 kg) and very versatile: the manufacturer provided the opportunity to grind not only drills, but also knives, scissors and even thin axes.

The engine is applied collector, high-speed, because of this, the noise level at work is decent. But this is offset by high torque on the working surfaces of the circles, as they are connected to the motor through a reduction gear on a noiseless toothed belt. In addition, the removal of the motor away from the abrasive allowed the impeller to be placed on its rotor.

So ... how to use it? The easiest way to deal with the vertical slot on the left is yes, knives are really inserted into it. In the horizontal slot to the left of it - scissors. Here it is enough to practice a couple of times to continue to sharpen the whole tool calmly. But with drills "at random" will not work - the shank is clamped into the side collet (this is the same incomprehensible black knob), the drill itself is pressed by two "legs" (they are controlled by a lever similar to the petal) and focusing until the desired departure ... And the sharpening itself takes place in a completely different direction, so take out the collet and insert it into the inclined port with a hinged lid. In words it looks incomprehensible, but in practice it’s really quick and convenient.

Then what was buried "but"? It must necessarily be - and, alas, it really is. All grinding wheels installed inside the machine are non-standard, both in size and in fit.

Main advantages:
  • Convenience and speed of work
  • Does not require adjustments and adjustments, except those that are made to install the drill in the collet
  • High noise due to collector motor
  • Custom circles
9.1 / 10
The best sharpened for the home - almost all needs for sharpening covers one machine, and allows you to work without any special skills!
Sturm BG6010S
2 390

Sturm BG6010S

Main advantages:
  • Sharpening chisels with an arbitrary cutting angle
  • Adjustment of angles of sharpening of drills
  • Low power and performance
8.8 / 10
Interesting sharpened, and at the same time cheap enough to buy as an experiment.

The best chain sharpening machines

Vortex SZTs-200
2 000

Inexpensive and at the same time a good and practical grinding machine with a 200 W motor. It uses a 100-millimeter circle, which spins up to 6000 rpm, so you can count on a good sharpening speed.

The bed is wide and durable, it facilitates the work in comparison with low-power light machine tools such as Champion C2000, which look at him from the table when lowering the head. In addition, at its edges there are holes for a rigid attachment to the workbench.

The circle is equipped with a protective semi-jacket and adjustable glass, so you can not be afraid of flying sparks in their direction when working. The machine is equipped with an adjustable stop of the circle, which does not allow it to crash into the body of the chain link, and the fastening of the chain can reliably fix it with the desired angle of rotation.

It is easy to work - the engine power is enough to sharpen a tooth in one tilt, so it will take longer to twist the link lock, advancing the chain in a circle. True, the noise at work is decent - affects the use of the collector engine.

Main advantages:
  • Performance
  • Reasonable design
  • High noise level
9.6 / 10
The machine is cheap enough to buy chains for itself and from time to time. It works quickly, sharpens well.

How to choose a good sharpening machine?

If we talk about the usual sharpening, officially - about the "universal sharpening machine", here, first of all, the diameter of the wheels and the power of the electric motor are important to us. This is due to the fact that in desktop models the design is essentially the same - circles are placed on the rotor of an asynchronous motor, which is relatively slow and does not differ in torque. Therefore, on small diameter circles, the cutting speed (the linear speed with which the surface of the wheel moves relative to the tool edge) will be small, and when you try to increase the pressure, the low-powered engine will start to lose momentum.

For specialized machines, ergonomics and functionality are just as important (if you sharpened “everything for one person”, then there are many design options). It is necessary to get acquainted with the opinions of people who have already bought the machine of interest - so you can best find out what it is in business.

Have a good shopping!

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