15 best fan heaters

The warm wind blows quietly

Fan heater - one of the most popular appliances in the winter and in the off-season. It is compact, it is mobile, it is faster than other household heaters brings the indoor temperature to a comfortable one. But what you need to know about fan heaters, and which of them can be safely recognized as the best, we will consider further.

How to choose a suitable fan heater?

The criteria for choosing the best fan heater are simple:

  • Manufacturer. The quality of the materials used and the assembly plays an important role.
  • Heating power. It depends on it: how large a room can heat a fan heater? The most primitive calculation of the required value is 1 kW per 10 m² of the area served.
  • Heater Type. The main options are the electric spiral, TEN and ceramic plates. Heaters with nichrome spiral cheaper, but less safe (depending on the version). Tubular heaters (heating elements) can develop high power and are more relevant to heat guns used in unheated rooms, and not in everyday life. Ceramic heating elements are considered to be more reliable, safe and effective, but they are also more expensive.
  • Availability of additional functions. There are many options: timer, thermostat, remote control, swivel housing, display, ionization mode and others. Which of them are really needed, and which are not particularly, each determines himself.

Which fan heater manufacturer is better to prefer?

Immediately it should be noted that the vast majority of fan heaters are assembled in the vast Chinese People's Republic. However, the leading brands monitor the quality of the materials used in the production of their brand and the quality of the assembly itself more strictly and thoroughly.
With all the variety of brands worthy of manufacturers is not so much. Designer models of the Swiss company Stadler Form not only provide comfortable and safe space heating, but also delight the eye with stylish performance. The famous brand AEG is represented in the rating of fan heaters of one of the best universal models with wall mounting.
Decent quality with good functionality and reasonable price is demonstrated by the well-known heaters companies Timberk, Ballu, Rolsen and Vitek on the market. Their advantage is a wide range of fan heaters for various conditions and for any wallet.
What should be avoided is the cheap products of lesser-known brands. Often, such products are simply unsafe. Low-quality materials from which they are made, can be toxic and susceptible to fire.

Ranking of the best fan heaters in 2018

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
The best inexpensive fan heaters with a spiral heating element1Timberk TFH S20SMX9.6 / 10960
2NeoClima FH-059.5 / 10648
3Ballu BFH / S-049.4 / 10790
4Timberk TFH S10MMS9.3 / 10585
The best compact ceramic fan heaters1Polaris PCDH 18719.7 / 102 180
2Stadler Form Anna Big9.6 / 109 990
3Timberk TFH T15NTX9.5 / 101 164
4Ballu BFH / C-209.2 / 101 290
The best outdoor fan heaters with remote control1RESANTA TVK-39.7 / 103 560
2VITEK VT-21309.5 / 105 660
3Mystery MCH-10249.4 / 101 716
The best wall fan heaters1Ballu BFH / W-201L9.5 / 102 700
2Polaris PCWH 2074D9.4 / 103 270
3Timberk TFH W200.XS9.3 / 103 270
The best fan heaters with tubular heater (heater)1Teplomash KEV-4S41E9.5 / 105 207

The best inexpensive fan heaters with a spiral heating element

Timberk TFH S20SMX

The Timberk TFH S20SMX Fan Heater is an inexpensive, compact unit with a spiral-shaped nichrome wire heater. The heater body is made in a stylish author's design and, in addition to the classic white version, is also made in black (marking B) or green (G) color. Such a device will easily fit into the interior of any room (both residential and working). The model is designed for efficient heating of small rooms (up to 22 m²) and can be used for floor or table placement.

The main features of the Timberk TFH S20SMX (B / G):

  • Ability to switch between two power modes;
  • Work in the fan mode;
  • Rapid heating of the air in the room;
  • Safe operation thanks to integrated overheating protection;
  • The durable plastic case is equipped with a handle for easy carrying the device.
Main advantages:
  • Compactness;
  • Original design;
  • Affordable price.
  • Spiral heater (air dry).
9.6 / 10
Fan heater copes with its responsibilities. At the same time it is compact and interestingly decorated. What is particularly pleased, it is quite inexpensive.
NeoClima FH-05

Compact household fan heater for installation on the floor, table or shelf. Made in the original and quite nice design. Plastic quality and durable. On the case cut handle for easy carrying. Despite the external minimalism and lightness, the device has a stable base.

The heating element is a classic spiral. The capacity is enough to service the premises up to 20 m². The control system consists of two mechanical rotary knobs. There are 3 main modes available: maximum heating - 2000, half - 1000 W, ventilation. There is an adjustable thermostat that allows you to maintain the desired temperature in the room.

Main advantages:
  • Compact and light weight (0.9 kg);
  • Optimal power;
  • There is protection against overheating.
  • The spiral inevitably dries the air, burns oxygen.
9.5 / 10
For their little money, the heater is excellent. Quickly copes with a room of 18 meters, does not take a lot of place, easily moves or transported in case of need. For example, to the country.
Ballu BFH / S-04

Simple and easy to use fan heater for fast and efficient heating of medium-sized rooms. Nothing superfluous: robust plastic housing, spiral heater and fan. The maximum power of 2000 W allows to heat the room up to 22 m², and for more economical work or for installation in rooms with a smaller area, a mode of half the full power is provided - 1000 W. Fan heater from the budget segment, and therefore such an option as an adjustable thermostat is not provided. But to ensure safe operation there is an element of protection against overheating.

Main advantages:
  • Low price;
  • Good power;
  • Two heating modes.
  • Fan mode is not provided.
9.4 / 10
Very good fan heater, cool room warms quickly. After reaching the normal temperature, we usually switch to reduced power and everything is fine. It does not work as a fan, but we didn’t buy it at all.
Timberk TFH S10MMS

One of the most affordable fan heaters with a spiral element. This does not mean “the best of the worst”, because the Timberk TFH S10MMS fan heater is capable of making a real competition to the leaders of the budget segment. Is it only designed for small-sized rooms, or it may be relevant for local heating. As an option, workplace somewhere in the office.

Supported power - 1000 W, which allows you to effectively serve an area of ​​8-12 m². Placement method - table / floor. It can be used in thermal mode or as a normal fan. For safe operation, there is a safety switch in case of overheating.

Main advantages:
  • Nice design;
  • Low noise level;
  • Quality materials, low weight.
  • Average power;
  • There is no thermostat.
9.3 / 10
Convenient and easy "baby". For a small room at the time, the meter turns not much, not particularly noisy. Sometimes I put it right in front of the armchair in the hall. And comfort is guaranteed. In addition, the money is adequate.

The best compact ceramic fan heaters

Polaris PCDH 1871
2 180

Interesting in terms of housing design and design fan heater for desktop and floor placement. Outwardly, it resembles an audio speaker, but does not make loud noises, but it is easy to warm up the room efficiently and quickly with 18-20 m².

This is due to the decent power of the ceramic element - 1800 W, among the features of which is increased safety, reliability and a more sparing attitude to oxygen in the ambient air.

A pleasant “trick” is a changeable angle of tilt, so that the direction of the air flow can be adjusted vertically. Obviously a superfluous element is a two-level system of protection against overheating.

Main advantages:
  • Compact, quiet operation;
  • Two power levels and fan mode;
  • Adjustable thermostat.
  • Not quite comfortable carrying handle;
  • At first the smell of plastic is possible.
9.7 / 10
A small, nice and quiet fan heater. Used for the second season. Basically chose ceramic to maintain air quality. In general, everything suits. Pleased with the presence of a thermostat.
Stadler Form Anna Big
9 990

Among the ceramic fan heaters there are premium models. And to such, without a doubt, Stadler Form Anna Big. The Anna series of heaters includes several varieties that differ in color and power, but here the optimal performance model A-020E will be considered (there is a clone in black color A-021E).

Key advantages of a fan heater:

  • High quality ceramic heater. The element has a special silicone coating for safe use, is not subject to thermal wear, physical destruction and oxidation. This means that the operation of the device will be long, effective and safe for health (oxygen is not burned);
  • There is no yellow patina on light surfaces. Engineers of the Swiss company managed to get rid of such a common lack of ceramic heaters;
  • Efficient heating. Two power levels (2000 and 1200 W) allow you to quickly heat the room, and the built-in thermostat automatically maintains a comfortable temperature;
  • Elegant design. Stadler Form Anna is not only an effective heater, but also a stylish detail of the interior of a modern home.
Main advantages:
  • High-quality execution;
  • Original design;
  • Thermostat;
  • Tripping function when overturning.
  • High price.
9.6 / 10
Suddenly powerful heat from such a compact device. Fan heater is the best, small and very attractive in appearance. I would like to note the quiet operation, that for fan heaters the case is quite rare.
Timberk TFH T15NTX
1 164

What does not take away from the company Timberk, so it is the ability to create not only perfect in technical terms, but also beautiful household appliances. So the TFH T15NTX fan heater has a minimalist, however, rather stylish author's design without any pretentiousness. Available in 3 colors: black, silver with white insert, milky white.

The model is compact desktop. However, installation on the floor is quite permissible, but it is important not to forget about the absence of a system for protection against overturning. The power of the heating element - 1500 watts. This will cope with the heating of a room of 10-15 m² without questions, and the fact that it is made of metal-ceramic allows to minimize the negative impact on the air.

Main advantages:
  • 3 operating modes - 2 thermal levels, cold airflow;
  • Protective sensor;
  • Quick exit to working condition (no more than 30 seconds).
  • Average power;
  • No thermostat.
9.5 / 10
Bought a few for the office. Very handy thing. And in appearance it is completely out of business style. Although more importantly, it warms well. In the summer it can be used as a table fan.
Ballu BFH / C-20
1 290

Compact fan heater designed for heating small rooms (up to 15 m²). The heating element Ballu BFH / C-20 is made of special ceramic plates. This design allows for a powerful stream of hot air without burning out oxygen and not overdrying the air. The device is intended primarily for use as an additional source of heat and is able to quickly bring the indoor temperature to the optimum. Main features of the BFH / C-20:

  • Three modes of operation - ventilation, warm (850 W) and hot (1500 W) air;
  • Thermostat to maintain optimum temperature;
  • Ensuring safe operation - thermostat from overheating, thermostat from fire, shutdown when overturning.
Main advantages:
  • Reliability;
  • Low price;
  • Mobility.
  • Low power;
  • Rustic design.
9.2 / 10
The best compact fan heater for small rooms or to work as an auxiliary heater. Not bad helped for heating insulated loggia. Made with high quality, there are no complaints. Periodically off the thermostat.

The best outdoor fan heaters with remote control

3 560

Classic vertical model for floor placement from the Latvian brand. The heater is stylish, equipped with ceramic heating elements, two fans. On the back of the case prudently installed dust filter.

Control - electronic with display and indicator lights. Power modes two - 1200 and 2000 watts. Using the thermostat, you can set the desired temperature in the room from 15 to 35 ° C, set the automatic shutdown period in the range from 1 to 12 hours using a timer. Additionally, there is a function of turning the housing

The fan heater was made, like most fellows, in China. The warranty service period is standard 12 months.

Main advantages:
  • Fast heating of rooms up to 20 m²;
  • Oxygen is not burned;
  • Remote control included.
  • Somewhat noisy work (a common occurrence for vertical models);
  • No dedicated fan mode.
9.7 / 10
Normally warms the average room size. The interior does not spoil. The remote control is convenient and practical. The noise from the fans is present, but not very critical. Workmanship is quite satisfied.
5 660

Our rating continues to be the best functional and efficient electronically controlled fan heater. There is support for the remote, otherwise he would not be among the nominees of this particular category. Conveniently? Without a doubt. But in general, not a single remote control unit VITEK VT-2130 deserved a place in the rating.

Among the obvious advantages: good power - 1800 W, the possibility of installing a lower level of heating for small rooms, fan mode, automatic maintenance of the set temperature, rotating body, 8-hour timer to turn off.

Moreover, the device has the function of air humidification, for which a special tray and a tank are provided in the design. The intensity of the formation of "steam" can be adjusted.

Main advantages:
  • Multifunctionality;
  • Ceramic element;
  • Protection against overheating, overturning.
  • Noise;
  • Not quite the correct operation of the thermostat.
9.5 / 10
In operation until 1 season. At first there was the smell of plastic, but quickly passed. In terms of convenience, everything is not bad, I like the remote control. Somewhat "thermostat" thermostat. It does not matter - just need to adjust the settings.
Mystery MCH-1024
1 716

A small, neat and powerful fan heater, maybe not from the “coolest”, but rather well-known brand. The heating element is spiral. Accordingly, the problem of cold air quickly eliminates, but still it makes sense to think about additional moisture.

The control panel is electronic with a display and touch buttons. Located in the upper part of the case, the main functions are duplicated on the remote control. There are 3 operating modes: 1000, 2000 W and AUTO. In the latter case, the temperature is maintained automatically, and you can set the desired value by a thermostat in the range from 6 to 38 ° C.

A nice bonus is the auto-off timer up to 24 hours.For a more uniform heating is the function of turning the case to the right and left.

Main advantages:
  • Democratic price tag;
  • Protection against fire when overturning, overheating;
  • Convenient and compact remote control.
  • Dries the air;
  • No dust filter.
9.4 / 10
It looks good, the temperature pumps quickly. Not to say that downright silent, but not annoying. The functionality for its price is decent. When you first turned on, it smacked, then normally.

The best wall fan heaters

Ballu BFH / W-201L
2 700

Fan heater Ballu BFH / W-201L - this is the best solution to create a comfortable microclimate at home, in the country, in commercial premises. It is not only powerful - 2000/1000 W, but also stylish in appearance. Some additional charm design gives a special LED-display with a cozy illumination Cozy Light.

Ceramic plates are used as heating elements, which contributes to maintaining a healthy level of oxygen in the air. Fan heater controlled by remote control. What is available: the choice of heating modes, temperature setting - 18-45 ° C, setting the sleep timer to 8 hours.

Main advantages:
  • Adequate price;
  • Overheating protection system;
  • Warranty period from the manufacturer - 24 months.
  • There is a smell;
  • Settings only from the remote.
9.5 / 10
Chose from several similar models. I stopped at this because I liked the design and warranty better than the competition - 2 years. Heats the room quickly. Declared 25 m² - brute force. Actually cope with 15-20 m.
Polaris PCWH 2074D
3 270

Very popular model for stationary wall mounting. The design is classic for this type of device, resembling a reduced internal split-system unit. The similarity is further enhanced by the presence of a moving flap, an electronic display on the front panel and a remote control.

That's just instead of the evaporator for the refrigerant inside the Polaris PCWH 2074D there is a powerful ceramic heater. The manufacturer claims that the fan heater can effectively heat a room of up to 24 m², and in the summer period it can be used in the format of a conventional fan.

Main advantages:
  • Two levels of heating - 2 and 1 kW;
  • Sleep timer up to 7.5 hours;
  • Adjustment of the direction of an air stream.
  • The temperature is not quite accurate;
  • The smell of plastic.
9.4 / 10
Attracted design and good power. It is convenient to use, since there is a remote control. Long felt the smell of heated plastic, gradually passes. Otherwise, everything suits.
Timberk TFH W200.XS
3 270

Another good wall-mounted ceramic fan heater that warms the room quickly and does not spoil the interior. The case is made in a modern author's design, the color is milky-white. Recommended service area, declared by the manufacturer - 23-25 ​​m². For realists - 15-20.

The characteristics are almost standard: 2 power levels - 1 and 2 kW, fan mode, automatic timer off function (up to 7.5 hours in 30 min steps), there is a remote control.

It is not difficult to guess that Timberk TFH W200.XS is manufactured in China. Official manufacturer warranty - 12 months. When buying, it is advisable to check the copy. Sometimes bearings rattle, which is fraught with their subsequent destruction.

Main advantages:
  • Metal-ceramic elements;
  • Automatic cooling after turning off the device;
  • Overheating protection sensor.
  • There is no thermostat;
  • Short power cord.
9.3 / 10
It is a normal fan heater. Not very expensive, warm quickly. Like everyone else, he smacked at first. A somewhat sleek glossy case. However, it is often not necessary to touch, since there is a remote control.

The best fan heaters with tubular heater (heater)

Teplomash KEV-4S41E
5 207
Most often purchased for heating private houses or garages, since the device's power is too high for use in an apartment. During operation, it allows to maintain the temperature up to +40 degrees: the built-in thermostat is responsible for the stability of the heating. Compact enough, can work as a powerful fan, and the heating function in half power.
9.5 / 10
The design of the device is simple and inconspicuous, but its purpose Teplomash KEV-4S41E copes well

When buying a fan heater, it is important to understand that there are no truly silent models. But the remaining parameters can be selected, focusing on the area of ​​the heated room, the desired functionality and the approximate cost of household appliances.

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