10 best shaving machines

Choosing a reliable razor for a real man

A clean, well-groomed face is traditionally a sign of tidiness, respectability of a modern man, and in some services, organizations are directly prescribed by a strict dress code. Even principled bearded men more often carry at all not ample “shovels” and no less followers of the “smooth” style need to remove excess vegetation.

The most popular attribute for effective and comfortable wet shaving are manual machines. Just for the sake of determining the best representatives of this class of personal hygiene items, our rating of shaving machines was created. And in order to make it easier to navigate, the list of contestants is divided into several relevant categories.

Types of razors

There are not so many of them:


Low-cost razors that do not require blade replacement. A good road trip option, but can be used on an ongoing basis. The principle of "one-time" is rather arbitrary. Each machine is enough for at least several applications. However, the complaints of some users that the cheap device at a price (in terms of unit) from 20 to 120 rubles. serves not as long as expensive, naive and unjustified.


The most common and convenient format, the essence of which is in preserving the base in the form of a handle with a fastening mechanism, to which new shaving heads are periodically acquired. However, due to the incredible appetites of some manufacturers, and, possibly, trade organizations, it is sometimes easier to take the whole machine assembly than the “dopa” to it.

As a rule, in replaceable cassettes blades are of higher quality, sharp, “long-playing”, but also more expensive. Plus, auxiliary elements are used to soften the skin, floating suspension system.


The lot of conservatives. Often in relation to the T-shaped razors use the term "Retro", which is not quite true. Classics are used not only by gentlemen of solid age who are accustomed to them, but also by quite modern men who appreciate the shave style that is absolutely pure and smooth to shine.

In addition, many like the lack of binding to the standard blades, status, even the premium of such razors. Just do not try to assess the charm of their use to the owners of too sensitive skin, you need to be able to use, and the “ritual” of facial treatment does not tolerate fuss.

Top Shaving Machine Rankings - Top 10

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
Top disposable razors1Gillette blue 39.4 / 10339
2Dorco Pace 6 (disposable)9.3 / 10420
3Bic 3 Sensitive9.2 / 10170
The best reusable shaving razors for everyday use.1Gillette Mach 39.7 / 10485
2Bic Flex 3 Hybrid9.6 / 10416
3Dorco Pace 79.5 / 10832
Top quality cassette razors for sensitive skin1Gillette Fusion Proshield Chill9.9 / 10776
2Gillette fusion9.8 / 10733
The best classic men's shaving machines1Merkur Solingen 90230019.9 / 104 066
2Feather hi-stainless popular (Double Edge)9.8 / 101 155

Top disposable razors

Gillette blue 3
339 (pack of 3 pieces)

Cute and comfortable men's shaving machine from a well-known brand. Outwardly, it resembles the super-popular and honored Gillette Mach 3, only the performance of a lower-cost and interchangeable cassettes in the design is not provided. From the word at all. A waste product must be mercilessly sent to scrap.

Nevertheless, the shaving head, in spite of the fact that it is non-removable, has a movable mount and is able to adapt well to the contours of the face. For getting rid of the bristles are responsible immediately 3 sharp blades. The logical result is noticeably cleaner, more comfortable and safer than using shaving systems with 1-2 cutting elements, less likely to cause irritations.

The situation is aggravated by the presence of a lubricating strip, which provides the best glide along the skin surface, with a special soft micro-ridge for effective protection against cuts.

Main advantages:
  • Worthy inexpensive alternative to reusable razors;
  • Proven manufacturer for years;
  • The optimal distance between the blades, facilitating the cleaning process;
  • Ergonomic non-slip handle with rubberized surface.
  • A smaller resource in comparison with cassette versions;
  • Strips sometimes come unstuck.
9.4 / 10
Convenient and not so expensive. Like a pen. In the hand lies well, does not slip. Manufactured machines in Poland. I do not use it all the time, but I keep it for the time when there are no Fusion cassettes, which I try to buy with good discounts.
Dorco Pace 6 (disposable)
420 (packing 3 + 1 pieces)

An advanced and non-standard solution from a well-known manufacturer from South Korea. Immediately it is necessary to stipulate that with the designation Pace 6, the Dorco company manufactures both razor systems with replaceable cartridges and disposable machines. In this case, it refers to the latter.

What is unusual? Actually, this is the original format of the head with 6 sharp and thin blades, designed in one motion to remove the stubble immediately clean. Moreover, the fastening system is floating. So, it is better to adapt to the curves of the face, more accurately and safely hair removal occurs in problem areas.

Other elements of comfort are not forgotten: the softening strip makes gliding more soft and non-irritating, the rubber micro-comb lifts hairs and protects from scratches, the rubberized handle in the hand lies comfortably, does not slip.

Main advantages:
  • Universal version, suitable for both temporary and permanent use;
  • Brutal design;
  • Open shaving unit (easier to clean);
  • Low weight.
  • Not the most affordable price tag for disposable products;
  • Densely located blades quickly become clogged.
9.3 / 10
Good shaving machines, but in my opinion, the price is a bit high. I bought on a business trip, forgetting the usual machine at home. The expectations were completely justified, the quality of shaving arranged. Slightly uncomfortable large head with blades.
Bic 3 Sensitive
170 (pack of 4 pieces)
The new laureate of our rating is the Bic razor. Passes as "The best economical razor." Economical means cheap but not at all of poor quality.

The inventor of the disposable razor, Marcel Beech, was called the king of disposable items. Bic's victories began with the release of well-known disposable pens, then Bic lighters appeared. Disposable shaving machines are the company's third triumph. First produced in 1975, Bic looms the unbeatable Gillette around the world. On average, the price of one machine varies around 30-40 rubles, but the quality is decent. 3 sharp stainless steel blades with chrome-polymer coating, comfortable ribbed handle, shaves gently - a good solution for unforeseen situations. Moreover, according to the manufacturer, the razor is suitable for sensitive skin.

Main advantages:
  • One of the best options in terms of price-quality ratio;
  • The presence of a moisturizing strip with aloe vera;
  • Packages with 2, 4 machines or a large hanging block of 24 pcs are available.
  • Quickly blunt (but for 30 rubles - she otbrivaet ")
  • Often fake
9.2 / 10
Bic machines shave skin well. Low cost with good quality. Even my weekly stubble is effectively removed.

The best reusable shaving razors for everyday use.

Gillette Mach 3
485 (2 cassettes)
Gillette Mach 3 machines are manufactured by the eponymous company that is part of Procter & Gamble holding. Originally, Gillette was founded in 1901 by King Camp Gillette and positioned itself as a manufacture for the manufacture of safety razors. Large corporations tried to swallow it up as many as three times, and in 2005 Gillette passed under the wing of Procter & Gamble.

Interestingly, the company Procter & Gamble was founded in 1837 by a simple candlestick William Procter and soapmaker James Gamble. Today, the company is the world leader in the production of consumer goods.

The very same machine began to produce in 1998. After lengthy and expensive research (they spent $ 750 million), the idea came to use 3 blades in a razor. Due to this amount of skin less irritated, experiencing less pressure, and the process of shaving is quite pleasant compared with other razors.

Main advantages:
  • Clean and safe shave;
  • Minimum irritation on the skin after shaving;
  • Anti-friction blades for less shaving resistance;
  • The razor is equipped with a unique indicator strip that signals the need to replace the blade with a new one;
  • Machine with a "floating" head: adapts to all movements of the hand.
  • Dear blades.
9.7 / 10
Shaving with such a machine is a pleasure! Blade floating, very comfortable shave. After shaving the skin is not irritated (as after disposable machines). I will say one thing: this is the best shaving machine that I have ever had.
Bic Flex 3 Hybrid
416 (1 machine + 4 extra cassettes)

Gillette shaving systems are undoubtedly good, but using them constantly for many is simply expensive. And you need to shave often, even if Peter I, who was insecurely chopping his beards with an ax, rested long ago. In this case, there is a reason to turn to the Flex 3 Hybrid from Bic, which somehow inexplicably managed to combine accessibility, European quality and versatility in its machine tool.

Historical references have already been enough, so we turn to the practical side of the issue. Unlike the low-end Flex 3 line, here we see a more ergonomic handle with a ribbed surface, a replaceable head with a movable mount. The latter has 3 stainless steel blades with a chrome-polymer coating. As a supplement there are: a moisturizing strip with aloe vera and vitamin E, a wide protective comb made of rubber.

Main advantages:
  • Razor with replaceable cartridges for the price of disposable machines;
  • European production;
  • Cheap cassettes;
  • Floating blade technology.
  • Missing storage rack;
  • Simple plastic handle.
9.6 / 10
The main criterion for choosing a machine for shaving was an adequate price. To the surprise and quality of shaving turned out to be on top. My skin is not very sensitive, there is practically no irritation. By weight the machine is very light, you need to get used to.
Dorco Pace 7
832 (2 cassettes)

The Korean company decided to improve the quality of shaving according to the principle “more - better”: the Asians supplied their new reusable shaving machine with a head with 7 blades. At the same time, Dorco Pace 7 is positioned from the position of a more affordable competitor for expensive products of a well-known leading brand.

From theory to practice: the prices of replaceable cassettes are really profitable, the duration of effective work is significantly higher than that of disposable machines, the cutting elements are sharp and able to quickly remove the bristles in one pass. Here are just the ease and softness of the slip, like in Gillette, still not, on the skin you can clearly feel the scrubbing effect.

Conclusion: the razor is a worthy choice in order to save, copes well with short vegetation on a daily basis, works well for normal skin, for particularly sensitive skin - the use is doubtful.

Main advantages:
  • Comfortable shape rubberized handle;
  • Lubricating strip with antioxidants based on calendula extract, argan oil;
  • Wide and soft protective microcrest;
  • Universal mounting system compatible with all branded cassettes (3, 4, 6, 7 blades).
  • Tightly suspended knives quickly become clogged;
  • Dimensional shaving head makes it difficult to handle some areas of the face (for example, under the nose).
9.5 / 10
I switched to this machine recently because of the attractive price against the background of quite adequate quality. Shaving harshly, but quite bearable. Cassettes are now slightly up in price, but if you catch a share, it's ok. It seems, Koreans are going to make more and 8 blades.

Top quality cassette razors for sensitive skin

Gillette Fusion Proshield Chill
776 (1 cassette)

Objectively, the best machine for shaving - not only in a separate category, but also the rating as a whole. The only thing that can be reproached is the high price of both the base product itself and consumables. But Fusion 5 Proshield Chill out of competition in terms of efficiency, comfort, delicacy of shaving, regardless of the length, stiffness and density of the bristles.

A number of factors contribute to this:

  • 5 ultra thin sharp blades with anti-friction coating;
  • Lubricating strips on both sides, protecting and cooling the skin;
  • Technology FlexBall, giving the floating head even greater maneuverability;
  • The trimmer on the back side, helping to solve the problem of residual hair in hard to reach places, trim the lines of the temples, mustaches, beards.

It should be noted also the stylish thought-out design, optimum weight and the general high quality of production.

Main advantages:
  • Shave without irritation;
  • Cooling technology;
  • "Long-playing" blades (one cartridge is enough for a month);
  • Compatible with all Fusion 5 cassettes.
  • High cost.
9.9 / 10
The best machine of those who had to use. Very expensive, but with the tendency of the skin to irritation is better not to find. It's funny when someone quite seriously talks about the delicate effect of electric razors - this is really a working version.
Gillette fusion
733 (1 cassette)
Again “Gillette” and again “Procter & Gamble”. The Gillette Fusion razor began in 2006. Its distinctive feature is 5 blades located close to each other. Due to this arrangement of the blades, the skin does not feel much pressure and shaving does not cause irritation. In addition, "Gillette Fusion" has a sixth blade-trimmer on the back of the razor - an excellent device for the temples, mustache, and just for "pointing beauty" in the final stage of shaving.
Main advantages:
  • Clean, neat and careful shaving;
  • 5 + 1 blades: cope with any bristles;
  • The blades on the razor are equipped with a lubricating strip: it moisturizes the skin during shaving and serves as an indicator of the usefulness of the blades;
  • Floating head: repeats the contour of the face;
  • No irritation on the face.
  • Dear blades.
9.8 / 10
Shaves very gently and cleanly any stubble (even a week ago)! After shaving there are no cuts or irritation. You can buy in almost any store. I use the machine for the past three years, during this time there are no comments!

The best classic men's shaving machines

Merkur Solingen 9023001
4 066

Premium chrome T-shaped machine from a subsidiary of the legendary DOVO, whose history goes back more than 110 years. This does not mean that the quality of materials and workmanship somehow differs by brand, it’s just that the main one focuses more on razors and Merkur on more secure ones. Production is located in Solingen (Germany).

The specific version is chrome-plated with an extended metal handle, comb. The cut is a classic straight. Head width - 41 mm. An ideal choice for stylish and solid conservatives who perceive shaving as a real male ritual.

It is only important to understand that for complete comfort a certain preliminary preparation, skill and competent selection of replaceable blades are necessary depending on the individual properties of the skin of the face.

Main advantages:
  • Premium design;
  • Excellent quality materials and workmanship;
  • Perfect shave even problem areas;
  • The ability to use both in everyday life and in the professional field.
  • High price tag;
  • In the hands of inexperienced users can cause minor cuts.
9.9 / 10
Steep machine, which I would not trade for modern, sorry for the pun, massive plastic. True, I had to buy a stand and a good shaving brush. A suite in the bathroom habitually causes envious admiration of guests who have visited it.
Feather hi-stainless popular (Double Edge)
1 155

The Japanese razor of a classical type at the democratic price.With regard to materials, the manufacturer has managed to create a successful inexpensive combination of ultra-reliable stainless steel, from which the head is made, and lightweight, but durable, high-tech plastic (10 cm handle).

The classic wet shave with Feather Double Edge is easy, comfortable and efficient. The cleaning and blade replacement process is extremely simplified thanks to the butterfly opening system.

Cutting elements - standard double-edged. By default, the kit already contains 2 branded stainless steel with a platinum coating, accurate sharpening at the optimum angle.

Main advantages:
  • Excellent quality at a reasonable price;
  • Incredibly sharp blades;
  • Storage rack;
  • The country of origin is Japan.
  • The presence of plastic.
9.8 / 10
A great option for a manual razor, even for beginners. Cutting is almost impossible, and shaving is clean and easy. The blades from Feather are very good, I immediately bought a pack of yellow color made in Japan. Presence in the kit case and low weight are relevant on the road.

What kind of shaving machine is better to choose?

A good razor - a pledge of excellent appearance. A person with cuts and irritations does not cause delight, so you should not save on a good machine.

Today, the market has more than fifty razors for every taste and budget. You can pick up something from the world leaders, you can stop at the domestic ones. If there is a tendency to the appearance of thick and stiff bristles and the desire to have a smooth-shaven face, then it makes sense to buy a razor with 5 blades. If shaving is more regarded as a hygienic "ritual" before work, then you can buy a good razor with 3 blades. Well, the packaging of disposable Bic is good to have in reserve, even if there is a different machine or electric shaver and is completely satisfied. The razor broke or sat down a battery, occasional guests, an unexpected trip - in all these situations a disposable machine will help out, especially since there are mere pennies.

And the most important thing is for the razor to fit your skin, your bristles! Then shaving will be a pleasure!