Top 10 smartphones in 2019

The rating of the best innovations of smartphones in 2019 - according to reviews of experts and buyers.

The main part of the already announced innovations of smartphones in 2019 appeared in retail, and it is time to sum up the interim results.

Firstly, the interest of the main producers to the price segments they previously ignored is obvious. I am glad that expansion in the category of budget smartphones in 2019 is carried out not by deteriorating the quality of the latter, but by using the light version of Android. We see another global trend in the desire of companies from the top five to increase profitability by dividing into sub-brands. Following Xiaomi, Huawei decided to follow OPPO with its RealMe line. It remains to wait for this initiative to support Samsung and Apple.

As for the technical mode, it is impossible not to note the beginning of the mass introduction of subscreen fingerprint scanners, the end of the “bangs” era and the further complication of the main cameras. We consider the first to be somewhat premature, as far as ultrasonic-type fingerprints are still noticeably inferior to their capacitive relatives in accuracy and speed of work. Drop-shaped cuts and “holes” in the screens are also not ideal for various reasons. And really high-quality universal photo capabilities in a smartphone are not required for everyone, and similar devices cannot be available in principle.

So, we understand which phone is better to buy in 2019.

Ranking of the best innovations of smartphones in 2019

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
Best budget smartphones in 20191Redmi Go 1 / 8GB9.0 / 104 990
2Honor 8A9.0 / 109 990
The best new smartphones in 2019 mid-budget class1Samsung Galaxy A509.5 / 1019 990
2Redmi note 79.5 / 1015 990
3Motorola Moto G7 Power8.0 / 1017 990
The best new smartphones in 2019 middle class1Sony Xperia 10 Plus Dual7.0 / 1024 990
The best new smartphones in 2019 high-end1Xiaomi mi99.5 / 1038 990
2Honor View 209.0 / 1037 990
Best flagship smartphones in 20191Samsung Galaxy S10e9.3 / 1056 990
2HUAWEI P30 Pro9.0 / 1069 990

Best budget smartphones in 2019

Redmi Go 1 / 8GB
4 990

Xiaomi company never ceases to amaze and delight us. The manufacturer of ultra-popular smartphones intends to seize an even greater market share, and helping him with the implementation of ambitious plans will be to separate the Redmi family into a separate brand and develop an ultra-budget price category. Apparently, the example of Huawei and Honor seemed to the leadership of Xiaomi so convincing that it decided to surpass it (do not forget about the Pocophone). As for the price expansion - the company did not try to reduce the price of the corresponding novelty of 2019 due to less high-quality components and other tricks, but went the way of using the lightweight version of Android, as the name of the smartphone eloquently shows.

As you know, an unpleasant feature of such devices is that many "ordinary" applications work for them with difficulty, and some do not want to start at all due to lack of system resources. By the way, the latter will also manifest itself by limiting the functionality of the wrist smart electronics.

Main advantages:
  • good performance;
  • good screen;
  • the memory card has a separate slot.
  • Android Go involves the use of optimized applications;
  • limited functionality of watches / bracelets;
  • mediocre cameras.
9.0 / 10
People, if you are looking for a phone for children from 9, like mine, and up to 11 - that's enough for the eyes! The smartphone is good for those who need a minimum and for reasonable money.
Honor 8A
9 990

The implementation of mass support for contactless payment technology in available smartphones was just a matter of time and, with the next update of the Honor family, one more step was taken in this direction. The company did not deprive the model 8A (the junior representative of the budget line) with the functionality of NFC and I would like to hope that its initiative in 2019 will be supported by other manufacturers. It is also noteworthy that the novelty has received a simplified version of the corporate design with a vertical stripe on the back panel and a still fashionable drip cut on the screen. The quality of the latter does not cause any complaints, which is not surprising by today's standards, the power of the phone stuffing is enough for the simultaneous operation of five to six applications and the launch of demanding toys at least at the minimum settings. But the obvious artificial restriction of the potential capabilities of the chamber part of the Honor 8A is distressing.

Main advantages:
  • fresh Android;
  • NFC module;
  • high-quality screen;
  • quite good performance;
  • triple tray for cards;
  • nice back design.
  • single-band Wi-Fi;
  • the main camera is able to shoot much better;
  • large "chin" with the logo.
9.0 / 10
Good phone, only the camera is not pleased, to be honest. Pictures are more or less obtained in bright daylight. A lot of noise, I can not believe that aperture 1.8.

The best new smartphones in 2019 mid-budget class

Samsung Galaxy A50
19,990 (for a model with 4 / 64GB memory)

A rare case when the smartphone mid-budget class from Samsung pleasantly surprised. Unlike the established opinion about the key features of the Galaxy A line, the novelty of this year’s family is pleased with the availability of a productive hardware platform and truly excellent autonomy. At the same time, good talents in terms of shooting a photo / video have not gone away. Naturally, with the installation of a normal camera software, Samsung is in no hurry to create competition for its flagships. Just look at the "wealth" of the manual mode settings in the Galaxy A50. At a minimum, it makes sense to turn off AI.

Among other features of the brand's new smartphones, it is worth noting the fingerprint scanner integrated into the display (not the smartest in the world), as well as the emergence of a new self-learning shell with interesting features.

Main advantages:
  • high-quality AMOLED display;
  • good performance;
  • excellent autonomy;
  • decent cameras;
  • interesting features of the new shell;
  • there is an NFC module;
  • separate slot for memory card.
  • leisurely fingerprint scanner;
  • very few camera settings in manual mode;
  • disappeared image component.
9.5 / 10
The screen and battery are excellent. Finally, a balanced product from Samsung for reasonable money. I did not even think that the Koreans would dare to get into the Chinese price category without cutting the phone in anything.
Redmi note 7
15,990 (for a model with 4 / 64GB memory)

The firstborn of any brand simply does not have the right to be mediocrity, and in Xiaomi such things are well understood. And as far as the powerful stuffing and stylish appearance of the smartphone for the conventional 15 thousand are not surprised anyone now, the company decided to make the main bet on the camera news. Indeed, 48 megapixels with a 1/2 inch physical size of a photomatrix is ​​a serious potential, even if it is squeezed into an affordable price range. In fact, the owners of Redmi Note 7 are simply pushed to experiment with alternative camera software, although in the katabatic state, this smartphone allows you to get very decent pictures. Unfortunately, with regard to the support of NFC technology, the policy of the “party” remains unchanged, so the novelty is unsuitable for contactless payment. Another unpleasant feature of this phone is noticeable throttling, previously completely unusual for Redmi smartphones.

Main advantages:
  • very promising main camera;
  • powerful hardware platform;
  • spectacular appearance.
  • "Drop" can not be hidden;
  • noticeable drop in performance under load;
  • no NFC module;
  • hybrid card slot.
9.5 / 10
Design awesome, especially in blue, cool iridescent gradient. When you hold it in your hand, it does not leave the feeling that it costs much more than its price. The screen is juicy, all colors are in place, the brightness margin is excellent.
Motorola Moto G7 Power
17 990

The long-suffering brand Motorola also presented another update to its mid-budget line, and expanded the range of the corresponding model lineup to four positions, with an eye to various requests from potential buyers. Of course, the most interesting is the “plus” version of the Moto G7, the camera part of which has an optical stabilization system. Unfortunately, finding it in domestic retail is still problematic, and of the remaining variations, Power seems to be more practical. The manufacturer promises up to three days of battery life with a moderate load, and the latest TurboPower technology support allows you to recharge the battery extremely quickly. Yes, there are plenty of smartphones with a capacious battery on the market now, but how many of them can boast of having an NFC module? In addition, we remind that fans of the brand, these devices are valued for the abundance of convenient, and sometimes unique software chips.

Main advantages:
  • high autonomy and very fast charging;
  • NFC technology support;
  • convenient extended gesture system;
  • interesting software chips.
  • original design;
  • overcharge.
8.0 / 10
Motofishki - extremely convenient, I recommend! Design and brand stands out among the faceless-glossy huavei. In general, a very good phone if the camera is not important for you.

The best new smartphones in 2019 middle class

Sony Xperia 10 Plus Dual
24,990 (for a model with 6 / 64GB memory)

If you like to watch movies on your smartphone, but you are constantly annoyed by the black bars around the edges of the screen, pay attention to the new products of 2019 from Sony. The Japanese manufacturer and is positioning its tenth series as devices that allow the most accurate transfer of the emotional component of the film. It is not clear why this concept does not include stereo sound. It is noteworthy that the company even preoccupied with the camera's ability to shoot in the classic “cinema” format of 21: 9, but here everything is not so clear. The fact is that for the main Xperia 10 Plus photomatrix, the sides are related as 4: 3, i.e. the necessary picture stands out for her banal cutting all the "extra". Naturally, with some loss of detail. Nevertheless, the new Sony smartphones clearly show positive changes in the quality of post-processing of images. As for the relatively low assessment of this model, it is due to the frankly overpriced price, which does not correspond to the level of the Snapdragon 636 platform.

Main advantages:
  • excellent screen quality;
  • cinematic aspect ratio;
  • good sound through headphones;
  • separate slots for cards.
  • problem fingerprint scanner;
  • no stereo speakers;
  • no camera button;
  • there is no gyroscope;
  • overcharge.
7.0 / 10
There is no such thing as Sony usually suffers - a sort of watercolor / soap, which has been observed since Z1. In fact, the camera lacks only 4K HDR.

The best new smartphones in 2019 high-end

Xiaomi mi9
38,990 (for a model with 6 / 128GB memory)

The new flagship Xiaomi in 2019 once again proves that a smartphone with a top-end filling does not have to shock with its price tag. In fairness, we note that the Mi9 itself is only the Snapdragon 855 single-chip system, and everything else, though insignificantly, is inferior to the hardware, which stands in the flagship devices of more eminent manufacturers. For example, its display does not support DCI-P3 and HDR10 +, the rear camera has no optical stabilization, etc. Moreover, the very fact of using the same basic sensors for smartphones for 35 and 15 thousand rubles depresses (the Redmi Note 7). And I would also like a more secure face recognition system, since the fashion for fingerprint scanners under the screen is somewhat ahead of the quality of such fingerprints. Well, the error-free firmware at the start of sales of older models of the Mi line can rarely boast.

Main advantages:
  • top filling;
  • efficient cooling system;
  • honest 2x optical zoom;
  • ultra wide-angle autofocus camera;
  • noticeably improved video shooting quality;
  • fast wireless charging
  • Raw software;
  • officially does not have moisture protection;
  • memory card does not support.
9.5 / 10
Makes great shots, like the speed of work. In general, the phone is very pleasant to hold in your hand, it is like a seashell with mother of pearl, very pleasant in all respects.
Honor View 20
37,990 (for a model with 6 / 128GB memory)

This smartphone is one of the first new products of 2019 with a “hole” under the front camera in the screen. Fortunately, the manufacturer resisted the temptation to translate the current view of the ideal smartphone into View 20 and saved the classic fingerprint scanner. No less pleasant is the fact that in the phone case there was a place for the good old audio jack. It is a pity that this can not be said about the tray for a memory card. Another cause for regret gives the main camera. It is built on the only, though promising, 48-megapixel IMX586 matrix (the same is in the Xiaomi smartphones discussed above), and from the second lens, the so-called ToF camera specializes in building three-dimensional models. In terms of conventional shooting, it serves to accurately determine the distance to the object, and whether you need a 3D layout as a bonus - decide for yourself.

Main advantages:
  • excellent performance;
  • Infinity-O fullscreen design;
  • good quality shooting;
  • decent autonomy.
  • constructive limitations of shooting modes;
  • does not have moisture protection;
  • memory card does not support.
9.0 / 10
Really, cool autonomy. In normal use (calls, messengers, surfing neta) for 2-3 days is enough and still remains. The clock is also connected to the pipe.

Best flagship smartphones in 2019

Samsung Galaxy S10e
56,990 (for a model with 6 / 128GB memory)

To give preference to the youngest version of the flagship Samsung model, we were forced at once by several considerations. Firstly, the “flat” display almost an order of magnitude reduces the number of false positives caused by high sensitivity of the sensory layer and curved edges of older S10e relatives. Secondly, the capriciousness and unhurriedness of the subscreen ultrasound scanner could have been forgiven if the anniversary Galaxy S had not lost its eye-iris recognition system. The reason for the latter is clear - a “perforated” front-facing camera is a compromise solution, and an additional sensor on the front panel will aggravate the situation even more. Finally, we just like compact smartphones, if you can say so about a device with a diagonal of 5.8 inches.

Main advantages:
  • screen without bends;
  • the most advanced versions of wireless interfaces;
  • two-way wireless charging (can charge itself);
  • excellent chamber part;
  • conditionally compact sizes.
  • no recognition by iris;
  • the younger version does not have a telephoto (and optical zoom);
  • The fingerprint scanner is inconvenient for left-handers.
9.3 / 10
One of the best phones that have been released all the time is compact, extremely powerful, uncompromising and simply very high quality.
69 990

The new photoflug Huawei causes controversial feelings. On the one hand, it is good that the company is trying to find non-standard opportunities for improving the results of shooting in difficult conditions. On the other hand, the concept of such a fundamental change in the chamber part of the P30 Pro does not seem to be fully thought out. First of all, we mean replacing the classic RGB module with RYYB (with yellow pixels instead of green). Many experts believe that the transition to a non-standard color space will inevitably entail a partial loss of information in some parts of the spectrum. The same pink tint discussed in the reviews and on specialized forums, due to this factor. Even if color connoisseurs are mistaken, business will not do without a few adjustments to the post-processing algorithms.

The second ambiguous moment is the rejection of the monochrome sensor.Analogies are always conditional, but this is like a loss of “tube” sound for audiophiles. As for the appearance of a periscopic camera with a 5-fold zoom, there is still very little reliable analytics for an objective assessment of its modern performance.

Main advantages:
  • takes well in conditions with a lack of light;
  • optimal wide-angle module;
  • perspective periscopic camera;
  • innovative ToF camera;
  • reversible wireless charging.
  • there are problems with the correct transfer of some shades;
  • far from the flagship level in video recording;
  • specific location and type of sound dynamics;
  • simplified facial recognition system.
9.0 / 10
My first smartphone, which in auto mode was able to shoot the stars.

Most likely, there will be many more smartphones worthy of your attention in 2019, and we will definitely supplement this review of the best new products later. But even among those models that managed to get to the windows of cellular stores, a sufficient number of interesting options to buy, and for every taste.

Have a good choice!

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