16 best screwdrivers

Review of the best screwdrivers for work and home, based on customer reviews

Screwdrivers - one of the most popular types of power tools in construction. Its main purpose is to quickly and conveniently twist / unscrew the fasteners. Manually this operation takes a huge amount of time. So, for example, when performing work associated with drywall, you will need thousands of screws, working with which without a tool is simply impossible.

When choosing the best screwdriver for home or work, you should know in advance about the advantages and, more importantly, the disadvantages of the model you are interested in, its capabilities. Focusing on the opinions of practicing users, you can draw the most objective conclusions, so we tried to rank the best screwdrivers according to customer reviews. It is these models that cause the most lively discussion on the Internet in specialized forums, and have earned a positive assessment of the masters. Therefore, these screwdrivers can be considered the best. The following review of the advantages and disadvantages of models for greater objectivity are only those that have been repeatedly noted by different users.

Rating the best screwdrivers 2018 - 2019

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
The best screwdrivers with batteries up to 10.8 V1Bosch GSR 10,8 V-EC 2.0Ah x2 L-BOXX9.6 / 1014 390
2Metabo PowerMaxx BS Quick Basic 2.0Ah x2 Case9.5 / 109 610
3Interskol SHA-6 / 10,8M39.4 / 104 260
Top 12 Volt Screwdrivers1Milwaukee M12 CDD-202C9.6 / 106 577
2BOSCH GSR 120-LI 1.5Ah x2 Case9.2 / 105 885
3Hitachi DS12DVF39.2 / 106 577
Top Screwdrivers with 14.4 V battery1Bison ZDA-14.4-2 KIN209.4 / 105 260
2Bosch GSR 1440-Li9.1 / 107 041
The best screwdrivers with power from 18 V1DeWALT DCD991P29.8 / 1025 410
2Makita DHP481RTE9.7 / 1029 609
3Metabo BS 18 LT BL 09.5 / 1010 299
4Black & Decker BDCHD18KB9.2 / 106 201
Top net screwdrivers1DeWALT DW269K9.7 / 1017 174
2Metabo DWSE 6.39.3 / 1022 685
3Makita TD01019.2 / 105 124
4Enkor DSHE-2 350ER / 109.1 / 102 272

The best screwdrivers with batteries up to 10.8 V

Bosch GSR 10,8 V-EC 2.0Ah x2 L-BOXX
14 390

Opens our ranking of best Bosch GSR 10.8 V-EC cordless screwdrivers. Despite the rather modest torque, this screwdriver copes with its responsibilities. The tool allows you to work with fasteners up to 100 mm in diameter and 6 mm. The feature of the model is a brushless motor, thanks to which the tool uses less battery power in comparison with traditional constructions, the efficiency of screwdriving increases by 15-20%. Recommended equipment includes 2 batteries and a branded L-BOXX system case.

Main advantages:
  • energy efficient brushless motor;
  • batteries of optimal capacity.
  • when using short bits, the backlight does not capture the work area;
  • unsuccessful fastening for carrying on a belt.
9.6 / 10
I got a shurik Bosch GSR 10,8 V-EC - a nice machine, it's comfortable in the hand, one charge is enough for a long time. Without straining, I twisted a couple of hundred 4x64 screws into the wood.
Metabo PowerMaxx BS Quick Basic 2.0Ah x2 Case
9 610
High-quality compact drill screwdriver, complete with lithium-ion batteries of optimal capacity. The tool is interesting removable cartridge, and balancing is better in this particular application. Bits are installed in a special stock. It is quite convenient if you first need to drill, and then screw in the screw and repeat this sequence many times. There is a version of Pro, the package which includes a quick corner nozzle. Power surely enough for screwing 100 mm screws in pine timber with one approach.
Main advantages:
  • battery with optimal capacity;
  • use bits without cartridge;
  • quick-release chuck.
  • the handle may seem thick for medium-sized brushes;
  • stock just with a magnet, without a lock;
  • big case, and there is no free space in it.
9.5 / 10
Screwdriver balanced just perfect. Torque is adjustable with clear switching positions. During the day of moderate operation, the battery does not fully land.
Interskol SHA-6 / 10,8M3
4 260

One of the best inexpensive screwdrivers in its class from the successful line M3 of the Russian company Interskol. The tool is slightly larger than its direct competitors, but at the expense of a successful weight distribution it does not bother the hand at all during long work. It is equipped with lithium-ion batteries, has impressive speed performance. The design of the coupling provides a wide range of torque adjustments. Masters will love the small, complete case of this screwdriver.

Main advantages:
  • good ergonomics;
  • "Wide" clutch;
  • compact case.
  • considering the price - no.
9.4 / 10
If you need the best screwdriver for the house that can "survive" in any conditions, it will serve for a long time and reliably with minimal investment, Interskol SHA-6/10 will be an excellent choice.

Top 12 Volt Screwdrivers

Milwaukee M12 CDD-202C
6 577
Expensive, but very high-quality and convenient screw-driver of a professional class, analog of model 2403 for the American market. The manufacturer promises a tenfold increase in the resource of a new brushless motor, as well as an increase in efficiency by half compared to traditional collector designs. The drive and battery overload protection is provided here by a proprietary intelligent electronic system. By the way, the batteries are unified for the entire M12 line and remain operable at sufficiently low temperatures, down to -20 ° C.
Main advantages:
  • brushless motor;
  • electronic security system;
  • metal cartridge;
  • excellent power and speed performance.
  • high price.
9.6 / 10
It is a pleasure to work with this tool, before that a lot of others worked, there is something to compare. So, this is the best professional screwdriver that allows you to operate it continuously, seven days a week.
BOSCH GSR 120-LI 1.5Ah x2 Case
5 885

This compact screwdriver will be convenient in the first place when working in “narrow” places because of its small dimensions and weight, but this also immediately indicates the use of a small capacity battery here. Indeed, the screwdriver is able to “eat” fast enough for a battery of one and a half ampere-hour.

Nevertheless, the Bosch screwdriver, though small, was deleted. A two-speed gearbox allows, if necessary, drilling at speeds up to 1,300 r / min, while at “lowered” torque is provided up to 30 newton meters. A small battery capacity pays off their fast charging. True, the kit does not have enough fastening on the belt - for installers, often working at height, this accessory will definitely not be superfluous.

Main advantages:
  • Compact, light weight
  • Electronic Stabilization
  • No battery charge indicator
9.2 / 10
Took in a pair of full-size screwdriver, with whom you will not always work at height. Lightweight GSR 120-LI is just the best screwdriver here, hands get tired at times less.
Hitachi DS12DVF3
6 577

A good inexpensive professional screwdriver of sufficient power, which is characterized by high durability and fast battery charging, which will allow you to work without downtime in intensive mode. One of the best inexpensive cordless screwdrivers. Characteristics: Speed ​​up to 300/1200 rpm (without load), maximum drilling diameter of 12 mm for steel and 21 mm for wood, maximum torque of 26 N * m, cartridge 1-10 mm. Screwdriver weight - 1.7 kg.

Main advantages:
  • The speed is controlled by electronics.
  • There is a second battery.
  • Availability of electronic speed control.
  • Very high torque.
  • Torque can be adjusted in 22 positions.
  • Ergonomic (very comfortable grip, carrying hook, holder for attachments).
  • Fast battery charging.
  • Durability and reliability.
  • A nickel-cadmium battery can fail within 1-1.5 years, but this largely depends on how correct the operation was.
9.2 / 10
A good workhorse that fully justifies its price. I work with this shur on the street all year round and in the slush, and in cold weather down to -20 ° C.

Top Screwdrivers with 14.4 V battery

Bison ZDA-14.4-2 KIN20
5 260

Our Bison screwdriver ZDA-14.4-2 KIN20 continues our ranking of the best screwdrivers. Great "budget" for home craftsmen. It is rarely used in professional activity, although nickel-cadmium batteries make it possible to use this tool in hard frost. The screwdriver has a good weight distribution and thoughtful design. The working area is adequately illuminated, which is convenient in the dark or in hard to reach places. The manufacturer even provided a special hand strap, which products and more famous companies cannot boast of. As a good bonus for the buyer stands a five-year warranty on the device.

Main advantages:
  • hand strap;
  • comfortable lighting;
  • electronic brake;
  • affordable price;
  • 5 years warranty;
  • good ergonomics.
  • nickel-cadmium battery with memory;
  • low speed motor, not all materials are convenient to drill.
9.4 / 10
A good inexpensive screwdriver for the home. I use more than half a year, while I like everything. It lies comfortably in your hand, the brake works instantly, the working area is highlighted with a clear spot.
Bosch GSR 1440-Li
7 041
This model is a bright representative of the Bosch blue legion, which are distinguished by high reliability, power, excellent features, fast charging and ease of operation. In this case, the user receives all the qualities that are always important for equipment intended for professional use, at a fairly low price. Characteristics: Speed ​​up to 420/1400 rpm (without load), maximum drilling diameter 10 mm for steel and 25 mm for wood, cartridge 10 mm.
Main advantages:
  • Recharge in 30 minutes.
  • Replaceable battery.
  • Overload protection.
  • Two speed steps (25 adjustment steps).
  • Large torque (maximum 30 N * m).
  • Electronic speed control.
  • Durability, reliability.
  • Compactness.
  • Low weight (1.3 kg).
  • Comfortable rubber grip.
  • It works very quietly.
  • No backlight.
  • Large minimum torque.
9.1 / 10
It works without complaints - screws 150 into wood wraps without problems. While it was not possible to stop it - either the head is cut off or a bit. Batteries charge for a long time, though they work for a long time.

The best screwdrivers with power from 18 V

25 410

Serious professional tool capable of producing up to 95 newton meters of torque. In the 18 Volt DeWALT range, this model uses the most powerful (820 W) brushless motor, so the complete battery should match its capacity: here the manufacturer offers top-end lithium-ion XR series batteries for 5 amp-hours with integrated charge indicators. By the way, they are charged from a universal charger - having several DeWALT tools, you can use one charging station that supports work with all types of batteries with an operating voltage from 10.8 to 18 V.

Gearbox - three speed, in a sturdy case. Strong noise when working on all bands, it does not publish, and the operation of the torque limiter is clear and convenient blind. In short, the screwdriver is really very good - but, alas, the quality also corresponds to the price.

Main advantages:
  • High capacity and fast charging batteries
  • Good torque
  • Modern brushless motor
  • Solid weight
9.8 / 10
The best screwdriver of those who have ever worked. He has already experienced two seasons of GVL installation without the slightest criticism.
Makita DHP481RTE
29 609

Severity is good, heaviness is reliable. Yeah, Boris Razor would definitely approve of Makita engineers, whose screwdriver “got fat” right up to 2.7 kg.

But at the same time Makita is able to work with concrete (shock mode was added to the gearbox), and gives out a record torque of 115 newton meters. Lithium-ion batteries can not be called light, but with a capacity of 5 ampere-hours, they are able to fully charge "from scratch" in less than an hour. So the creators of the screwdriver clearly hoped for a long work with large loads, which in itself would require some physical training.

As befits a modern screwdriver, DHP481RTE has an electronic speed controller, overheating protection system. Engine - brushless, with good efficiency and resource.

Main advantages:
  • Impact mode
  • Excellent torque reserve
  • Very large weight for the screwdriver
9.7 / 10
A good drill screwdriver, a great combination of torque and economy, the battery lasts a long time.
Metabo BS 18 LT BL 0
10 299

Ergonomic hammerless drill-screwdriver, which is well suited for most installation work. A battery capacity of 2 ampere hours is a reasonable compromise between the weight of the assembled screwdriver and its autonomy, while it is capable of developing up to 60 newton meters of torque. Gearbox - the usual two-stage, with the development of the ring torque limiter also will not be problems.

Where often it is necessary not only to tighten the screws, but also to drill holes of small diameter, this drill screwdriver will show itself in the best possible way - the spindle is able to unwind up to 2100 rpm. The brushless electric motor is equipped with an electronic speed stabilizer, so the screwdriver practically does not respond to a change in the pressing force, as happens with low-power models without stabilization.

Plus and at the same time a minus of the model is an LED backlight: of course, it shines brightly and where it is necessary, but it does not turn off. But it is not always needed, so why waste a battery?

Main advantages:
  • Build quality, weight balance
  • Stabilization of turns
  • Battery and charger will have to buy more
9.5 / 10
Excellent screwdriver, full-fledged professional. It works well, does not overheat, there is protection against overloads.
Black & Decker BDCHD18KB
6 201

If you need a relatively inexpensive "wagon", then this drill-screwdriver will be worthy of attention. Here, the gearbox is supplemented with a shock mode, so that with clear reservations (though this is not a perforator), BLACK + DECKER BDCHD18KB will be able to cope with concrete.

Screwdriver quality assembled and fits well in the hand. The delivery package is minimal (two batteries and a charger), but enough to get started. Well, and a torque of 40 N * m is enough for most cases.

Main advantages:
  • Good price / quality ratio
  • Decent ergonomics
  • Noisy Limiter
9.2 / 10
For your money a good choice, the power of the screwdriver is enough and well assembled. Well, the shock mode is not so necessary, but it will not be superfluous.

Top net screwdrivers

17 174

If the screwdriver is required to “turn” first of all, and drilling holes is not a major task, then acquiring a model with a bit socket will be a reasonable step. In the model DW269K DeWALT uses a 540-watt motor with a proprietary torque control system, the maximum tightening torque here is 42 N * m. The weight of the screwdriver is only 1.3 kg.

Comfortable rubber grip fits well in the hand, the vibration level is minimal. The only complaint to ergonomics is the trigger lock button in the on position: on the vast majority of tools of this format, it is customary to press it from the side, but here it is in front of the handle under the little finger. This can not be called a minus, but will have to get used to.

Main advantages:
  • Good torque with low weight
  • Convenient bit lock
  • Specific inclusion lock
9.7 / 10
Even with long work, the screwdriver does not overheat, cooling is done well. At the same time, the tightening torque is decent, and by weight it definitely wins over the battery ones.
Metabo DWSE 6.3
22 685

This screwdriver is useful where you need to tighten a lot of self-tapping screws - this is indicated by the cartridge for the bits, and the low maximum torque of 18 N * m.But the 550-watt motor allows you to work very quickly - the screws will start to fly into the designated places literally one after the other.

The design of the power section is the same as that of the majority of Metabo drills - first of all, the side turning engine of the reverse catches the eye. And in terms of ergonomics, the screwdriver practically does not differ from the drills of this brand, which can also be considered a plus if you have already purchased the Metabo tool. With regard to the reliability of the motor and gearbox, then they do not complain - the developer did not regret the "meat" to create an adequate margin of safety. True, the weight of the screwdriver because of this pulled under 2 kilograms.

Main advantages:
  • Great for large volumes of work, where you do not need a strong tightening
  • Excess weight in comparison with competitors
9.3 / 10
Often I take this screwdriver instead of the battery one with me - the cord does not hinder much, but the speed of work grows noticeably.
Makita TD0101
5 124
Chic, but rather narrowly specialized tool. In its favor speak compact size and huge torque. The first allows for a long time to hold the screwdriver in any position on the weight and not get tired at the same time. And the second is to work with very large fasteners. Unfortunately, the manufacturer did not consider it necessary to supply the instrument with a restrictive clutch, therefore it is impossible to adjust the torque. In addition, given the relatively high speed - I would like to be able to change their number by switching speeds, and not just by the trigger.
Main advantages:
  • very easy tool;
  • high torque
  • no restrictive coupling;
  • just one speed.
9.2 / 10
Shurik is just great - he spins everything until he comes right through. The only thing that is better to use it for large fasteners.
Enkor DSHE-2 350ER / 10
2 272
The most practical option for infrequent home use is considered to be not a cordless but a power tool. A good example here can be the recommended model of an inexpensive but good-quality drill-screwdriver Enkor DSHE-2 350ER / 10. The device has a maximum torque sufficient for tightening powerful fasteners and a relatively large number of idling turns, which makes it possible to drill various materials with it comfortably. The weight distribution is not bad, but still with a slight margin ahead due to the heavy gearbox and cartridge.
Main advantages:
  • low price;
  • wide range of applications.
  • no backlight;
  • no electronic brake;
  • shortish cord
  • unstable quality, a lot of marriage.
9.1 / 10
Periodically use for about two years - no complaints about the tool. Twists everything that I give him, even if it is not provided for by regular possibilities.

What is better to buy a screwdriver?

Professional application involves the selection of tools for the types of work performed. The requirements may be different, but for an adequate classification it is necessary to proceed from the power of the screwdriver. Indirectly, it is characterized by the maximum value of torque, battery capacity and its rated voltage. A typical set of a specialist wide profile consists of three screwdrivers:

  • with a capacious battery of 10.8 V and torque up to 30 Nm - for light work and small fasteners;
  • 12 or 14.4 V and KM of the order of 40-50 N · m - for solving problems of intermediate complexity;
  • powerful 18-volt screwdriver with a high torque value - for complex power work.

Irregular work allow the use of fewer tools and require greater versatility. If the use of a screwdriver is assumed to be rare, it makes sense to pay attention to the network models. At the very least, consider them as an option for one of the tools. Another solution to the problem of the degradation of batteries can be the use of professional lines with universal batteries, for example, the company Hilti.

Finally, for occasional housework especially powerful devices are not needed, and the range of tasks solved at home usually does not exceed the limits of the capabilities of 10-12-volt models. In terms of maximum torque, the most versatile will be screwdrivers for 20-30 N · m. The optimum battery capacity is about 1.5 Ah.

As can be seen from our review, good quality screwdrivers are made by different companies. Models of domestic brands, such as Interskol, Bison or Enkor, are reliable and inexpensive at the same time, are suitable for occasional use for home, garage and cottages. For professional work, it is better to purchase an instrument on the basis of its financial capabilities and expected loads.

It is worth noting once again that in this rating we have included the most popular models that cause the greatest interest and are most often discussed on specialized network resources when choosing the right power tool for different tasks. The review presents the best screwdrivers for domestic use, which are easy to find in the trading network. If you use a similar tool in your professional activity, and in intensive mode - pay attention to manufacturers such as Festool, Fein or Milwaukee (for example, models Festool C12, Fein ASCM 18 and Milwaukee HD28 PD). True, these screwdrivers will have to search or order in online stores.

We hope that our review will be useful to you - and we wish you a happy shopping!

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