10 best soldering irons for pipes

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For the sake of justice, the name “soldering iron” common for everyday use in plastic pipe welding machines is incorrect: when soldering, parts are joined by a melting compound, here they are melted and connected directly to each other. But let's not find fault with the words - the soldering iron is just like a soldering iron, another thing is more important to us: to find a reliable and functional model at no extra cost.

Fortunately, the device for soldering irons for polypropylene pipes is simple, especially when it comes to "household" diameters (devices designed to work with pipes of urban water supply networks are more complicated) - therefore such a tool can be found for little money, even for one-time work It may be more advantageous to call the wizard. If the device is bought, on the contrary, for earnings, then you should pay attention to the models of professional class, which are made stronger, more convenient and can work with a large number of pipe sizes. Reliability in any case will not be superfluous - although even Rothenberger will finish off the rough treatment, the author can recall from Vodokanal the memory of many cases in which the plumber managed to break the soldering iron of this brand in the most stupid ways (well, the official one ...).

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
The best professional machines for welding polypropylene pipes1Rothenberger Roweld P63T9.9 / 1021 300
2Dytron Polys P-4a 1200W TraceWeld Solo blue9.7 / 1015 780
3CANDAN SM-049.5 / 105 630
The best budget soldering irons for pipes1DIOLD ASPT-49.7 / 103 255
2Denzel DWP-20009.5 / 103 120
3ELITECH SPT 15009.3 / 103 100
4BISON AST-20009.2 / 102 650
5Sturm! TW72189.1 / 102 810
6Wester DWM 1000A8.8 / 104 200
7RESANTA ASPT-10008.6 / 101 580

The best professional machines for welding polypropylene pipes

Rothenberger Roweld P63T
21 300

Rothenberger is a recognized “guru” in this field. Anyway, Germans have been specializing in pipeline installation since 1949, for exactly 70 years. The professional soldering iron offered by them for mounting communications inside buildings is as simple as a hammer, but this class of instrument does not take beauty, but reliability and convenience.

Soldering iron heater - xiphoid, with a power of 800 W and a thermostat that maintains the temperature at a fixed level. Unlike the models with the “E” index, indicating the presence of an electronic regulator, this soldering iron is both simpler and cheaper, and this, in general, does not affect the functionality. It is designed to work with pipes with a diameter of 20 to 63 mm - just such a set of nozzles with Teflon coating comes in the kit. It is convenient to work with it - although it is not the most powerful heater and is rather slow when it comes to working with large-diameter pipes, but it melts the plastic neatly. In addition, since it is a question of working inside buildings, it will be necessary to carry the device often - and it weighs not only that much with the whole set of equipment, only 8 kg.

It is possible to mount the soldering iron both on the stand and on the clamp screwed to the table. Pipes and fittings are easily removed from the nozzles after heating. For the overall quality of manufacture - a separate plus in the piggy bank.

Main advantages:
  • Convenience of transportation
  • Build quality
  • Reliability
  • Convenience of work
  • High price
  • Quite slow warm-up compared to common soldering irons 1.5-2 kW
9.9 / 10
An excellent soldering iron, has already worked on many construction sites - you don’t get tired of carrying it from floor to floor, it solders efficiently.
Dytron Polys P-4a 1200W TraceWeld Solo blue
15 780

The Czech pipe welding machine looks at first glance more interesting than the German one - and the price is lower, and the mention of microprocessor temperature control will find its supporters. But there is one important nuance - “solo” in the title indicates that we are talking about a “bare” soldering iron without attachments and a case, that is, the initial cheapness compared to a fully equipped Rothenberger is not so cheap. With a suitcase and a set of nozzles, it will already cost more.

Nozzles with a Teflon coating for this device are offered with a large choice of diameters - from 16 to 125 mm. Thanks to a powerful heater with thick-walled pipes, he copes quickly. Temperature adjustment - in the range from 180 to 280 degrees. The regulator itself, however, is inconvenient - under a screwdriver. Components "solo" is minimal - the soldering iron itself, stand and hex to tighten the nozzles on the heater disk. The stand, by the way, is less convenient due to the short “legs” than the Rothenberger - so in the aggregate, the “Czech” gets only second place.

Main advantages:
  • Powerful heater
  • Accurate temperature control
  • Minimum grade
  • Inconvenient stand
9.7 / 10
Reliable and “smart” soldering iron for polypropylene pipes, by the way, does not suffer from soldering during voltage sags - it keeps the temperature clearly.
5 630

The Turkish company entered the market later eminent colleagues from Europe, but has established itself well. The CM-04 two-kilowatt soldering iron is designed to work with pipes with a diameter of 50 to 110 mm. The heater is made in two sections, with the independent inclusion of two “halves”, that is, it can also operate at a power of 1 kW if necessary.

The thermostat knob is quite convenient, it has a large knob. The temperature is kept quite stable, the device is not prone to accidental overheating or underheating of the pipes, if the heating time is kept stable by the owner. The complete stand is multifunctional - it can also be used simply on the floor, and as a clamp for mounting on a workbench. But the nozzles in the kit are only three, the rest will have to be bought.

It looks like a soldering iron, which is logical for such a price, rather rude, but in practice it showed itself with dignity. So, he quite deserved popularity - a good welder for polypropylene pipes for sane money will find a buyer.

Main advantages:
  • Two power modes
  • Universal stand
  • Low price for picking with a suitcase and three nozzles
  • Non-stick coating
  • Inconvenience of transportation
  • Only three nozzles included
9.5 / 10
Normal Turk, he worked with one hundred and tenths of pipes - heats quickly and efficiently.

The best budget soldering irons for pipes

3 255

A well-proven soldering iron with a sword-shaped 1.5-kilowatt heater and a smooth temperature adjustment is also at first glance well-equipped - you can find six nozzles for pipe diameters from 20 to 63 mm, and a pipe cutter, and even a pair of gloves with a tape measure in a metal suitcase . On the heater, you can simultaneously mount up to three pairs of nozzles, it warms up with good speed and is quite convenient for welding “at the place” where you need to pick up the sharp end of the “sword”.

We have no complaints about the soldering iron itself - it is well made, even the quality tips are pleasantly pleasing. The only advice is to check the calibration of the temperature controller with a pyrometer. But the stand disappointed - it is made of plastic, fixed weakly, then you have to conjure. Well, the complete pipe cutter can be safely thrown away: it cuts disgustingly, which, however, is a common problem with the Chinese budget instrument - it is worth putting Candan in the empty seat of the suitcase, Turkish cuts have a much better cut.

But on the whole, this soldering iron is undoubtedly worth its money, with a minimum of complaints about equipment and quality, it is convenient and efficient at work.

Main advantages:
  • Convenience of work in limited space
  • Quality nozzles
  • Fast warm up
  • Durable suitcase with well thought-out attachments "stuffing"
  • Low quality coasters
  • Complete pipe cutter is useless at work
9.7 / 10
It is convenient to assemble the pipes against the wall, the nozzles are very good - for example, many inexpensive soldering irons.
Denzel DWP-2000
3 120

Five plus for ergonomics - working on weight with this soldering iron is very convenient. The handle fits perfectly in the palm, so we can safely recommend it for work without a stand. But the stand, on the contrary, is unsuccessful - on it the soldering iron outweighs forward, and when removing the pipes and fittings from the nozzles, it tends to fall, it needs to be uniquely modified.

Nozzles themselves have high-quality Teflon coating, it is easy to remove the heated plastic. The power of the heater is already clear from the marking - two kilowatts, and the heater is not “half-hearted”, but constantly operates at full power. Immediately check the accuracy of the thermostat with a pyrometer - pipes of small diameter can quickly overheat. A set of nozzles traditional - six pairs, for diameters from 20 to 63 mm.

If it were not for the extremely unsuccessful stand, this soldering iron for polypropylene pipes could also count on a higher rating. Alas, at least in something, but still the budget tool will require the application of hands.

Main advantages:
  • Fast warm up
  • Convenience of work on weight
  • Quality nozzles
  • Stand in the form as made by the plant, rather hinders the work
9.5 / 10
I liked very much when assembling polypropylene in the bathroom and toilet, at the place of work the most. I put on the stand only for cooling, it is no longer good for anything.
3 100

A simple soldering iron for pipes with a universal clamp-stand, very reminiscent of that used on the Candan. When working on weight, it is not very convenient because of the weight and rigid handle, besides being carried far back from the heater, it is better to use it on the floor or on the workbench. The power of the heater is one and a half kilowatt, which is quite sufficient for a quick warm-up and confident work with pipes up to 63 mm.

The suitcase, unfortunately, frankly unfortunate - from too thin metal, which is quickly crumpled and warped. The pipe cutter included in the kit ... remember that we wrote above about “Diold” and do the same with this. It was amusing that even a bubble level was placed in the suitcase - but, to be honest, it would be better to make the suitcase more straightforward.

Main advantages:
  • Quite good nozzles
  • Possibility of mounting on a workbench
  • Poor quality suitcase
  • The disadvantage of working on weight
9.3 / 10
Soldering iron as a soldering iron, from this price, all that went through the store, was plus or minus the same level.
2 650

This two-kilowatt soldering iron was made extremely brutal - for example, just a piece of a square tube was used to install the stand, the body was a rectangular box, the stand was also welded from pipes. But, whatever one may say, he came out strong and cheap, and on the stand he stands much safer than the same “Diold”.

Nozzles in the complete set six pairs, on diameters from 20 to 63 mm. They have quite a decent non-stick coating, pipes and couplings are easily removed from them. Warming up with such power is naturally fast. The heater is two-piece, with the usual for a similar design independent inclusion of each "half".

Because of the constructive performance of the soldering iron, it is quite weighty, when working from the hand (for example, when laying pipes along the wall) it tires more quickly than lighter models, and the handle would be worth making it more ergonomic. But let's not find fault with such a price. But we will find fault with the build quality - even on the photographs from the official site (!), Both the switches that are not inserted into the housing, and the curvature of the housing itself are visible. Of course, it is clear that the device is almost nowhere cheaper, and it doesn’t bother working at it, but it’s still unpleasant at all.

Main advantages:
  • Heating rate
  • Soldering quality
  • Reliable welded stand
  • Decently made nozzles
  • On the assembly, frankly, more like a homemade
9.2 / 10
The usual working soldering iron "for inexpensive." It solves normally, but what else can you demand from it?
Sturm! TW7218
2 810

Cylindrical soldering iron Sturm is designed for small pipe diameters - from 16 to 32 mm, all tips for this range are included in the kit. At the same time, despite its small dimensions, it has a very solid power - 1.8 kW, so it warms up to the working temperature very quickly.

Naturally, for cheapness (and this for a case set with nozzles) you have to pay something. First of all, a rough temperature controller - in an amicable way, it is worth checking the real heating in different positions with a pyrometer. In addition, the manufacturer has saved on the stand, and on the "leg" sticking down the plate there is an unstable soldering iron. So you will have to make the stand yourself, and at the same time modify the suitcase - the nozzles are not fixed in it, the anti-stick coating eventually gets scratched.

On the other hand, there is nothing deadly in the “do it yourself” list, for the Chinese instrument it is quite tolerable. A low price, you see, can be an important factor when choosing.

Main advantages:
  • Low weight
  • Warm up fast
  • No stand
  • Rough Temperature Controller
  • Works only with small pipe diameters
9.1 / 10
I bought a soldering iron for assembling water supply at home - the price is small, but I did everything with my own hands. Heats up quickly, polypropylene pipes solder well.
Wester DWM 1000A
4 200

Hm, and what would it look like? That's right, on the “E” series of the Rothenberger xiphoid soldering irons. Even in the stand, the case is mounted similarly, and in the same way, the aluminum radiator of the electronic thermostat sticks out in the lower part. But at the same time, for a “suitcase” package with six nozzles from 20 to 63 mm, we are asked six times less (or five, when compared with “Rothenberger” without electronics).

Kilowatt heater is not bad for the speed of heating, they can easily solder the pipes. But then why buy a Rothenberger if there is a Wester? Alas, cheapness, even taking into account the absence of a possible “overpayment for the brand,” is not taken from nowhere. A painful place in a soldering iron is expected in electronics - there are complaints about the work of the regulator. In principle, under warranty, it can be repaired, and if you have repair skills, you can “revive” yourself, but professional use, of course, is out of the question: a soldering iron is definitely “amateur”.

Main advantages:
  • Decent soldering quality
  • Digital temperature display
  • Six baits included
  • Problem electronics
8.8 / 10
Sometimes, for some reason, it complains of overheating, although it solders normally. It can be seen that something is unfinished. And so it is completely soldered, for infrequent works it is quite suitable.
1 580

One of the cheapest soldering irons for pipes in our market is clumsy, so much so that, perhaps, it is worth apologizing to the Bison. But “Resant” can be bought literally a couple of times and then put aside on the mezzanine - and, in general, it copes with its task of soldering pipes.

Despite the fact that the xiphoid heater has three holes for the installation of nozzles, at the same time fixing several pairs will not work: the holes are too close to each other. Power - 1 kilowatt, not so much for a quick warm-up, but acceptable, given the price of the device. In general, the soldering iron proved to be quite reliable, but the author, to be honest, would prefer to buy a better-assembled model.

Main advantages:
  • Low price
  • He, oddly enough, good solders
  • One involuntarily recalls the classic phrase about labor lessons in Chinese schools - “Resanta” looks like this
  • The inability to simultaneously install multiple nozzles
8.6 / 10
I bought a soldering iron for repairing the house, I paid for my money, now I don’t mind putting it aside. And so - let him lie, maybe more useful.

How to choose a soldering iron for welding pipes?

For a socket soldering iron is important quality nozzles - they must be massive (the temperature will jump less), not cling to the molten plastic (thanks to the inventors of Teflon) and, of course, ensure that the diameters in the coupling and on the pipe coincide, otherwise it will be inconvenient to assemble them.Nozzles of small diameters are best used with xiphoid heaters - if you attach the nozzle at the very end, you can warm up the pipes running almost close to the wall or corner, this is a very useful feature of this design. Disk heaters are less convenient in this regard, they are usually used for welding pipes of relatively large diameters.

Soldering power - the thing is not useless, but the smaller the diameter of the pipes with which you will work, the more attention you need quality temperature controlotherwise a powerful soldering iron will easily overheat the plastic. And, of course, don't forget about convenience - from work on weight to reliable fixation of a complete stand, this will greatly affect the speed and quality of the welding of pipes and fittings.

Have a good shopping!

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