14 best multi-cooker pressure cookers

The most popular brands of multi-cookers, pressure cookers

The multi-cooker-pressure cooker is a 2-in-1 device. Multicooker manufacturers already known to our consumers have added a pressure cooking function. Increasing the pressure allows you to increase the cooking temperature (above 100 °), and most importantly - reduce the time several times, hence the name. The multi-cooker-pressure cooker has 2 valves - one for operating pressure, the second for safety. If you do not use the pressure mode, the device works as a multi-cooker.

The multi-cooker-pressure cooker becomes indispensable as soon as you try to cook it. jelly, homemade stew, bean dishes. The difference in time and taste is very noticeable! It turns out well in an improved slow cooker broth.

Which multi-cooker pressure cookers are most popular with Russian buyers? When compiling the rating, we took into account sales figures in major online stores in Russia in 2017 and the beginning of 2018, customer reviews and user opinions left on specialized websites (such as multivarka.ru).

Rating of the most popular pressure cooker in Russia in 2018

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
The best cheap multi-cooker pressure cookers1Vitesse VS-30039.9 / 103 110
2VES SK-A189.5 / 104 290
3Lumme LU-14509.3 / 102 735
4BRAND 60519.2 / 105 189
The best multi-cookers, pressure cookers of the middle class1REDMOND RMC-PM5039.8 / 107 151
2Moulinex CE 500E329.6 / 108 890
3REDMOND RMC-P3509.5 / 109 700
4Steba DD29.5 / 109 800
5Steba DD2 BASIC9.4 / 107 151
The best multi-cookers, pressure cookers for a large family1Redmond RMC-PM3809.8 / 108 399
2UNIT USP-1210S9.4 / 106 990
Best premium induction multicookers with pressure cooking1Bosch MUC88B689.9 / 1026 650
2Cuckoo CMC-HE1055F9.5 / 1039 850
3Cuckoo CMC-CHSS1004F9.3 / 1056 990

The best cheap multi-cooker pressure cookers

Vitesse VS-3003
3 110
The 900W multi-cooker pressure cooker has a 5 l bowl. The control is electronic, there are 8 modes and 24 automatic cooking programs. Voice guidance notifies you when food is ready, after which auto heating is turned on. You can use delayed start. The set includes: a detailed recipe book, plastic containers with colored lids, a measuring cup, a spatula and a ladle.
Main advantages:
  • 8 modes and 24 programs;
  • quick cooking;
  • nice design.
  • no steaming function;
  • no soup making program.
9.9 / 10
Meals are very tasty, especially porridge, does not compare with cooking on the stove. It is sad that you can not cook soup and compote, as well as cook for a couple. Otherwise, the best low-cost multicooker - pressure cooker, very much helps us out.
4 290

The 900-watt multi-cooker pressure cooker with a 5-liter bowl is suitable for a family of 3-5 people. According to the manufacturer, replaces such kitchen appliances as an oven, electric frying pan, steamer, electric pan, fryer, yogurt maker, pressure cooker. In the device, you can quickly cook pilaf, porridge, aspic, etc., as well as use for baking, baby and diet food. An intuitive touch panel is used for control, it shows the time until the end of cooking the dish and the selected mode. Two separate covers are included in the package: for the “multicooker” function and the “pressure cooker” function, as well as the steaming grid, a spoon and a measuring cup. Manufacturer - China, warranty - 24 months.

Main advantages:
  • Multifunctional multicooker with the possibility of accelerated cooking under pressure and microprocessor electronic control.
  • Cooking time adjustment.
  • The ability to delay the start of cooking and maintain the temperature of the already prepared dish.
  • 9 types of user protection against burns and overheating devices.
  • Acceptable price for multi-cooker pressure cookers.
  • The device can not be used in cooking mode, only extinguishing.
  • Multicooker pan can not be washed in the dishwasher (according to the passport).
  • No protection from children.
9.5 / 10
The multi-cooker-pressure cooker copes with high-speed cooking when guests are on the doorstep. The only thing is: I do not use a regular spoon for stirring (it seemed harsh to me), the bowl cover the bank.
Lumme LU-1450
2 735

The 900W multifunctional device with a super low price has 20 programs (6 of them are automatic), and also the pressure cooker function on the modes “porridge”, “quenching”, “soup”, “pilaf”, “chef” (with the possibility of adjusting the basic modes). Excessive cooking pressure is released through the valve. Capacity for cooking - 5 liters. Homeland brand - the United Kingdom. Manufacturer - China. Warranty - six months.

Main advantages:
  • Multi-cooker pressure cooker with ample opportunities for lovers of diversity.
  • You can change the cooking time, and in the “multi-cook”, “frying”, “yogurt” modes there is a temperature adjustment.
  • There is a delayed start function (0.5 ... 24 hours) and heating, which can be turned on / off at any time during the cooking process.
  • Food warming up mode available (t = 60 ° C).
  • When buying from the official website of the manufacturer may be profitable offers and promotions.
  • There are no classic frying and baking modes.
  • The slow cooker is not equipped with a steam cooking tank.
  • Small operational period - 2 years.
  • Little informative instruction.
9.3 / 10
The choice fell on this model of multicooker because of the price and function of the pressure cooker. Of the disadvantages - with a small amount of water in the bowl, food can burn, you need to follow this. The rest is inexpensive and functional device.
BRAND 6051
5 189

An important advantage of this model is the presence of a special “children's menu”. Pressure can be adjusted manually. The temperature during manual adjustment varies quite accurately - in increments of 5 °. Automatic heating after the completion of the cooking process can be turned off.

Main advantages:
  • quick pressure relief;
  • automatic heating can be turned off;
  • intuitive, user-friendly menu;
  • many cooking modes;
  • no spray from the valve;
  • convenient to wash.
  • when you open the lid condensate drips not only in the container, but also on the table;
  • cooking time in the instructions and in reality does not match;
  • it is difficult to find a new sealing ring;
  • no yogurt cups included;
  • does not save the program when turning off the electricity.
9.2 / 10
With young children - generally indispensable assistant. On the "baby food" mode I make fruit puree to my daughter. I even cook pasta in it, without fear that they will be overcooked or burned. This thing has become a necessity, like a washing machine.

The best multi-cookers, pressure cookers of the middle class

7 151

A relatively inexpensive multi-cooker-pressure cooker (900 W) from a manufacturer that has been recognized by customers. A 5-liter non-stick cooking bowl allows you to feed the entire family with dinner, and even leave it for later to warm up and serve. It prepares not only under pressure, but also in vacuum, for this purpose, the ingredients are sealed tightly with the help of a vacuum sealer (optional). Pressure cooker modes: “steamed” (container and stand for steaming are included in the package), “pilaf”, “soup”, “porridge”, “aspic”, “stewing”. In the multicooker mode, you can cook almost anything: from baking to yogurt. A book with 120 recipes is attached to the model, and in the “Cooking with REDMOND” mobile application you can find a lot of solutions for proper and varied nutrition. Manufacturer - China. Warranty period - 2 years. The service life declared by the manufacturer is 5 years.

Main advantages:
  • Multifunctional device with 15 automatic programs.
  • Starting the device can be delayed until the desired time (up to 12 hours), the food can be cooked according to your own recipe with a change in time and temperature (Master-Scheme mode), and then reheated if necessary.
  • Indication of all modes, time and temperature, security indication.
  • Removable cover, convenient to wash.
  • There is a control lock (from children).
  • Four-level protection against burns during cooking and overheating of the device.
  • Long warranty period.
  • Basket for deep-frying and yogurt jars are purchased separately.
  • No function frying with a golden crust.
9.8 / 10
Chose the best pressure cooker on the reviews on the forums. I liked the laconic design in combination with a rich information panel. Already adjusted to the slow cooker, I know how to adjust the process to make it quick and tasty: the temperature changes in 1 ° C steps. The beep can be turned off.
Moulinex CE 500E32
8 890

The multi-cooker pressure cooker from a well-known European brand in a metal case and with a decent power of 1000 watts. The internal bowl with a volume of 5 liters has a four-layer ceramic coating, and precise temperature control is provided by two special sensors.

For the preparation of various dishes, under pressure and without, 21 automatic programs are provided, and a branded brochure with popular recipes will help you quickly master the slow cooker. For the most comfortable operation, the model provides for the function of maintaining the temperature and delaying the launch (in both cases up to 24 hours).

To ensure safe operation of the pressure cooker in the device, an overpressure protection system is used, and to accelerate the release of steam after use, simply turn the safety valve manually.

Main advantages:
  • 21 programs;
  • cooks fast;
  • multiplayer mode;
  • high-quality assembly;
  • ceramic coating capacity.
  • double boiler is installed on the bottom and has a small diameter;
  • scanty recipe book;
  • the cover is heated.
9.6 / 10
Very good pressure cooker, cooks well, fries until golden brown, pastries, cereals, stews - everything is fine. The minus that the silicone seal absorbs all odors helps only often rinse with water with lemon.
9 700

Stylish and modern model 2 in 1, which combines the universal qualities of a high-grade multicooker and ultra-fast features that are characteristic of the best pressure cookers. And what is remarkable, all this is implemented in an incredibly elegant and ergonomic case.

Redmond RMC-P350 comes with a high-quality and spacious 5-liter non-stick bowl from the Japanese company Daikin. 14 automatic programs are responsible for the preparation process, among which there are such popular ones as “Yogurt / Dough”, “Bread”, “Frying / Deep-Frying” and “Baby Food”.

From the auxiliary functions and additional settings there are: delayed start timer up to 24 hours, warming up and automatic heating with pre-shutdown. You can not ignore the presence of non-volatile memory, the ability to adjust the pressure and a convenient rotary joystick.

Main advantages:
  • Good power - 900 W;
  • The book "200 recipes" in the set;
  • 24 month warranty.
  • high price;
  • no manual settings;
  • Silicone cover sealer absorbs odors.
9.5 / 10
The design is simply gorgeous. A great bowl, in which nothing has ever burnt. The device menu is convenient and understandable, the programs are quite diverse. And, most importantly, the multicooker cooks quickly and tasty, to which the family is incredibly pleased.
Steba DD2
9 800

A stylish device that combines a pressure cooker and a slow cooker with a stainless steel 5 liter bowl and a capacity of 900 watts. It has an unusual cubic shape for the multicooker. There are 9 automatic cooking programs, including stewing, frying, steaming, baking, cereal and yogurt. There are functions of delayed start and temperature maintenance. The kit includes a metal grill for steaming with a holder, a measuring cup, a spatula, a lid for a bowl, 4 ceramic glasses with lids for making yogurt and a book of recipes.

Main advantages:
  • iron grill for steaming;
  • ceramic cups with lids that are installed inside the bowl;
  • lid for the bowl;
  • stainless steel bowl;
  • flexible cooking settings.
  • scanty recipe book.
9.5 / 10
Very pleased with the equipment. Conveniently, you can take out the bowl with food, close the lid and put it in the fridge. The pressure cooker is the best, albeit not cheap - it cooks quickly, it can cook food, a convenient grill for steaming.
7 151

The original design, as a man strictly geometrical multi-cooker-900 W pressure cooker will be indispensable in the kitchen of a bachelor's apartment, and in close family circle. The list of work programs is also lonomic — only everything necessary for healthy nutrition, nothing superfluous. The display informs about the selected mode, the remaining time and the current cooking temperature. The kit includes a steel mesh for steam processing, 4 ceramic cups, a measuring cup, a spoon, a spatula, and a plastic lid for the container. Homeland brand - Germany. Warranty - a year.

Main advantages:
  • Device with 12 basic cooking programs.
  • The accuracy of setting the time and temperature of cooking is 1 minute / 1 degree.
  • Durable 5l stainless steel bowl, non-stick coating. It is possible to additionally purchase a cooking tank with a protective coating.
  • Removable, convenient for washing a cover.
  • The function “Maintain temperature” cannot be switched off previously, only at the end of cooking, manually.
  • No function of frying with a crust and cooking in deep fat, the model is clearly designed for supporters of proper nutrition.
  • A stainless steel container is capricious, for example, for making porridge: a dish can burn.
9.4 / 10
Multicooker pressure cooker received as a gift for the holiday. To prevent the products from burning, I fry them only with the lid closed. When cooking porridge it is necessary to monitor the amount of water in the bowl. A plastic lid can not cover hot dishes, because of this it is deformed.

Best Multivarki-pressure cookers for a large family

Redmond RMC-PM380
8 399

Redmond RMC-PM380 is a truly universal and effective 2 in 1 device, the capabilities of which allow you to cook delicious dishes both in normal mode and under pressure. So, twice as fast and better retaining vitamins and nutrients. In addition, the pressure cooker boasts a decent power of 1000 W, as well as a comfortable and roomy 6-liter bowl with non-stick coating.

Do not let us down and functionality:

  • 14 automatic programs;
  • MASTERSHEF LITE function to adjust the time and temperature directly during the execution of the program;
  • Pressure adjustment in pressure cooker mode;
  • Automatic maintenance of temperature up to 12 hours with the ability to pre-disable;
  • Warming up mode of ready meals;
  • Timer delay start up to 24 hours;
  • Disable sound.
Main advantages:
  • Big bowl;
  • Quick cooking;
  • Excellent set of programs.
  • Great weight.
9.8 / 10
A good roomy multi-cooker - a pressure cooker for a large family. Meals are really tasty, and the pressure cooker function allows you to cook much faster. A little confused instruction, but a good book with 120 recipes.
6 990

UNIT USP-1210S is a versatile device popular in the domestic market that combines the functions of a multicooker, pressure cooker and smokehouse. This is a fairly roomy model of 6 liters with a decent power (1100 W), which has 12 different automatic programs. In it, you can easily cook porridge, jellied meat, soup, fry vegetables, fish or meat, cook for a couple. The functions of delayed start (up to 24 hours) and heat maintenance are supported.

The slow cooker is equipped with two ceramic coated bowls at once: for main courses and for smoking. The latter can be easily distinguished by the presence inside a special nozzle for installing a container with chips, a package with which, by the way, the manufacturer did not hesitate to put inside.There is a choice between cold and hot smoked.

Included are also two separate silicone seals that differ in color. They should not be considered interchangeable, since the dark one is intended only for smoking, so that the smell absorbed in it does not affect the dishes prepared in the multicooker mode.

Main advantages:
  • Universality;
  • Good spaciousness;
  • 2 years warranty.
  • Bad instruction.
9.4 / 10
In terms of work - a great model. And as a multi-cooker, pressure cooker, and as a smokehouse - not bad. The only thing that depresses is the disgusting description in the enclosed booklet. I had to figure it out on my own

Best premium induction multicookers with pressure cooking

Bosch MUC88B68
26 650

Induction multi-cooker-pressure cooker (1200 W) is the best option for those who can not imagine life without a variety of food, but do not want to spend a lot of time on its preparation. Bosch says that it’s enough to put products in the bowl, press the desired button and forget about the device before the dish is ready. However, if the cooking process takes place in several stages (for example, the ingredient must be added later), the beep and the control panel indicator will remind you of this. In the “pressure cooker” mode, two pressure levels can be set - cooking at t = 105 ° C or at t = 115 ° C. The "My mode" function allows you to turn on the steam pressure mode, as well as change the cooking time and temperature. Capacity for pniya (4 liters) has a teflon coating. There are standard modes for all multicookers: heating and delayed start. All removable parts are washed in the dishwasher. Brand's homeland is Germany, country of manufacture is China, warranty is 1 year.

Main advantages:
  • Multifunctional device with 50 cooking programs for various dishes. You can create your own recipes and add them to the multicooker memory.
  • Uniform heating of products using induction heating.
  • Guaranteed safety: no bisphenol A in plastic parts of the case.
  • The set includes: a frying grill and a two-level container for steam processing.
  • Thermal insulation of the device: you can touch in the process.
  • There is protection from children.
  • A book with 100 recipes - to help.
  • The need for painstaking study of voluminous instructions.
  • The high price, which, however, is fully justified.
9.9 / 10
They would never have bought such an expensive pressure cooker themselves - they got it as a gift, which they are very happy about: it cooks almost everything, the food does not burn, the saucepan is well washed. The only drawback is the control panel on the lid and, when cooking with the lid open, the panel is inaccessible.
Cuckoo CMC-HE1055F
39 850

Among the premium multi-cookers, the Cuckoo CMC-HE1055F is a top-selling model. In addition to the usual functions, it replaces a steamer and an oven, in it you can cook yogurts, rice for sushi, pilaf. Indeed, kukulet at the end of cooking.

Main advantages:
  • there is a voice guide;
  • clear instruction, a good book of recipes;
  • a large number of functions (including slow cooker, yogurt, multi pair);
  • steam cleaning;
  • easy to care for;
  • 3D heating (incl. Induction) to optimize cooking conditions;
  • display backlight;
  • manual adjustment of temperature;
  • marbled bowl;
  • there is a soft steam release system;
  • there is a program "Russian stove" (languor products under pressure);
  • A good set of accessories.
  • high price;
  • sharp, unexpected opening of the lid;
  • small inscriptions on the display, closely spaced, difficult for a person with poor eyesight to read;
  • The manual does not have a detailed explanation for the "multi-cook" and "manual" modes.
9.5 / 10
The variety of functions allows you to prepare a dish of any level of complexity (yoghurt, cereals, whatever your heart desires). I used to cook my wife, now I myself don’t mind cooking! Induction heater allows you to control the temperature with an accuracy of 1 °! The bowl is not killed, the marble coating is very resistant.
Cuckoo CMC-CHSS1004F
56 990

The high-tech induction multi-cooker-pressure cooker CMC-CHSS1004F is positioned by the Korean brand as much as a robot-cook with artificial intelligence. The model is made in a strict and stylish modern design and in every detail is clearly visible premium level of performance.

Enumerate all the features and characteristics of the CMC-CHSS1004F for a long time, and therefore here are just the main ones:

  • Spacious bowl on 5 liters from eco steel Kindell with multilayered covering XWall AirBuble (patent Cuckoo);
  • Dual-circuit 3D heating system - induction inverter element and heating elements in the walls and the top cover;
  • 28 automatic programs;
  • PP program, simulating cooking in a Russian stove;
  • Damper for smooth opening of the cover;
  • Voice guide with a choice between female and male voices, automatic decrease in volume in the night mode;
  • Light-sensitive sensor Energy Eye to optimize energy saving depending on lighting;
  • Turbo mode for the fastest possible cooking.
Main advantages:
  • High quality workmanship;
  • Wide functionality;
  • Intellectual management;
  • Production - South Korea.
  • High price.
9.3 / 10
This is really the best premium pressure cooker. Multi-functional and easy to use at the same time. A huge number of programs that work absolutely correctly. Great book on 317 recipes included.

Let's sum up. Which cooker-pressure cooker is better to buy?

Which crock-pot pressure cooker is better? Before contacting the store, decide which types of dishes cook in your family. Often with such devices fewer programs than conventional multicookers. Therefore, if you love creativity in the kitchen, look for a device with a multi-cook function. Steam cooking and the possibility of making yoghurts is not available on all models. And the soup is better to cook on a special program. Therefore, carefully consider the set of functions. Especially if you have already had a slow cooker.

As can be seen from our rating of multi-cookers, pressure cookers, collections of recipes turned out to be a disadvantage (more precisely, an inconvenience) of even very good models: they are either completely absent or made up so that it is impossible to cook something from the first time. Fortunately, the hostess helps out the Internet. Here is a list of the most popular sites where you will find many recipes for multi-cookers, pressure cookers:

  • www.multivarka.ru
  • skorovarka-multivarka.ru
  • www.multi-recepty.ru
  • skorovarka.com

Recipes for cooking dishes in a multi-cooker-pressure cooker can be found in the literature:

  • D. Kostin "Miracle-recipes from a pressure cooker, multivarki, aerogrill";
  • L. Nevolaynen "Tasty and healthy food from the multi-cooker-pressure cooker";
  • E. Tovkun “Cooking in a pressure cooker-cooker”.

An important detail. Multicooker with the pressure cooker function - the device is not just technically sophisticated. Her work is associated with high blood pressure. It is much more difficult to master it than working with a conventional multicooker. Keep this in mind if you want to buy a device for an elderly person, for a family with children, or you don’t like to deal with equipment yourself.