20 best freezers for home

Keeping the best!

Why do you need a freezer? After all, the absolute majority of modern refrigerators are equipped with freezers. But for many, it is very necessary and even desperately needed. A separate wardrobe or chest will help summer residents, rural residents to preserve their own products for a long time, and to stock the purchased gifts of gardens, gardens, farms and agroholdings for the inhabitants of the “stone jungle”.

Of course, markets and shops operate year round. However, for example, in winter, prices for vegetables, some types of fruits and berries, to put it mildly, are far from adequate, and meat and poultry are much more profitable to buy in bulk with large weights. It is here that involuntarily think about the benefits of purchasing a freezer. Options do not count. There are serious models for real large volume, and average capacitythey do not take up much space, but they are very helpful, especially during the period of seasonal harvesting. Often buy a freezer for cottages. In this case, the best choice is inexpensive compact model with protection against voltage drops.

Which firm freezers are better?

Good freezers are produced by both foreign and domestic manufacturers. Of the Western manufacturers stands out German company Liebherr. Models of this company are quite expensive (among freezers of a similar volume). But they are distinguished by reliability, product quality, and they also have many interesting features. For example, the cold preservation system (Frost-safe), temperature control, self-diagnosis of faults, etc. In the elite class, the company also positions itself Bosch. These models use the latest technology (for example, anti-bacterial protection). However, repairing a Bosch freezer can cost you a lot (due to the cost and availability of spare parts).

The middle price class includes freezers firms Samsung, Zanussi Indesit. These models can be found in all stores of the Russian Federation, in case of problems, any service center will be taken for repairs, and the cost of repairs is quite affordable.

Low-cost models - domestic production (Biryusa, Saratov), Belarusian Atlant. They are reliable enough, and finding a service center and getting advice on these models is very simple. Separately worth noting freezers Pozis (manufactures plant in Kazan). They do not so often "shine" in the ratings, but buyers are satisfied with the quality of this technology.

What is best for you depends on individual needs, family composition and many other factors. It is for this reason that our rating is divided into relevant categories, in which the best freezers of 2018-2019 are presented. - different types, sizes, price categories - according to experts and current owners.

Rating of the most popular in Russia freezers for home

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
Top compact freezers1Liebherr GP 14769.8 / 1025 500
2ATLANT M 7402-1009.6 / 1010 500
3Pozis FV-1089.4 / 1013 400
4Biryusa 149.3 / 1011 290
Top cheap freezers1ATLANT M 7184-0039.7 / 1016 489
2DON R 1059.6 / 1013 200
3Biryusa 1169.5 / 1013 590
4Pozis FVD-2579.4 / 1019 500
5Saratov 153 (MKSH-135)9.2 / 1013 133
Top Freezers with No Frost1Liebherr GNP 435510 / 1069 890
2Samsung RZ-32 M7110SA9.9 / 1049 500
3Gorenje FN 6192 PW9.8 / 1040 000
4BEKO RFNK 290E23 W9.7 / 1023 600
5Vestfrost VF 391 WGNF9.6 / 1039 990
The best roomy manual freezer cabinets1Liebherr G 40139.9 / 1052 500
2Gorenje F 6181 AW9.8 / 1027 713
3Vestfrost VF 390 W9.6 / 1039 990
Top recessed freezers1Liebherr IGN 16649.9 / 1053 600
2Liebherr SIGN 35569.9 / 1086 400
3Electrolux EUN 1100 FOW9.7 / 1038 800
Top freezers1Gorenje FH 40 IAW9.9 / 1025 900
2Hansa FS150.39.8 / 1015 006
3Candy CCFE 300/1 RU9.8 / 1020 430

Top compact freezers

Liebherr GP 1476
25 500

Small in size freezer class Premium from the famous German brand. Designed for high-quality freezing and long-term storage of various products without losing the main beneficial properties of vitamins. The model is made in white color, has a volume of 103 liters (total 106 liters). Thanks to the use of frontal ventilation, it can be placed close to the wall. The control panel is equipped with a LCD display with a digital display of temperature.

4 FrostSafe retractable containers located in the working chamber are closed on all sides and transparent in front. This facilitates the search for products and allows you to open only the desired box, without raising the temperature inside the rest. If it is necessary to place large pieces of meat or overall packaging in the freezer, the box and the shelf are easily removed (VarioSpace system).

One of the main advantages of the Liebherr GP 1476 freezer is the ultra low power consumption corresponding to class A ++ (152 kWh / year). At the same time high freezing capacity is provided - 11 kg / day. Excellent insulating properties of the camera and the presence of two cold accumulators provide autonomous preservation of sub-zero temperatures for up to 30 hours.

Main advantages:
  • SuperFrost mode for quick freezing of fresh products;
  • The use of technology SmartFrost (less frost);
  • Climatic class - SN-T (from +10 to + 43 ° С).
  • High price.
9.8 / 10
Very good, comfortable, compact and quiet freezer. With a height of 85 cm easily entered under the countertop. It freezes well and quickly, consumes very little energy. You need to defrost manually, but quite rarely.
ATLANT M 7402-100
10 500

In this case, Atlanta is not a mythical ancient giant, but a small, but distant hero of our time, as a representative of the best examples of large household appliances in the class of compact freezers. Design - classic white. Dimensions (HxWxD) - 85x48x52 cm, that is, the case is low and narrow, which provides more installation options even in small rooms.

The useful volume of the camera - 60 l. Working temperature - minus 18 ° С. Inside 3 boxes (transparent) for different types of products. The control is simple mechanical, which is traditionally famous for high reliability. The defrosting principle is standard manual. The recommended frequency is at least 2 times a year. In the lower compartment there are special holes for the flow of melt water. Claimed noise - up to 42 dB.

Main advantages:
  • Increased energy efficiency class A +;
  • Maintaining low temperature (up to -9 ° C) with no power supply - 8 hours;
  • Warranty period is 3 years.
  • No frost.
9.6 / 10
Good, and what is especially pleasantly convenient freezer. A great addition to the main fridge. Put in the hallway, a lot did not take place. It works not so silently, but quite quietly. Do not sleep well near her.
Pozis FV-108
13 400

The smallest (54x55x85 cm) lightweight and inexpensive freezer is among the leaders. Quite a large amount for such a price and size (useful - 62 l). Able to freeze up to 9 kg per day, which is enough for an ordinary family. Reliable, accurate assembly, strong plastic. You can hear the compressor, but if it is not in your bedroom, you will not notice it.

Main advantages:
  • affordable price
  • compactness
  • comfortable temperature controller
  • turbo-freezing mode for large batches
  • despite the declared low noise level (less than 40 dB), many complain of loud sounds from the compressor
9.4 / 10
It works properly, it freezes well. Convenient temperature control lever - no need to pry with a screwdriver. Noise, of course. But I am glad that it is not always, but only when Freon chases.
Biryusa 14
11 290

Inexpensive freezer of domestic production with modest dimensions with the declared volume of 110 dm³. A simple mechanical control, given its traditional reliability, should be attributed to the merits. But the noise level specified by the manufacturer - up to 42 dB - is doubtful, since the compressor operation cannot be called quiet.

With other characteristics, the situation is much better:

  • Maintained storage temperature - not higher than -18 ° C;
  • Rated freezing capacity - 12 kg / day;
  • In the event of a power cut, the temperature rise in the chamber from -18 ° C to -9 ° C occurs no less than 10 hours;
  • Class A energy consumption is a decent figure for a domestic product.

The color of the body of the freezer is white. The door with integrated handle can be re-hung to the other side. The model is adapted to differences in the electrical network and is equipped with a light alarm for increasing the temperature.

Main advantages:
  • Low price;
  • Reliability;
  • Manufacturer's warranty - 3 years.
  • Not very comfortable thermostat;
  • Noisy work.
9.3 / 10
Best inexpensive freezer. Its purpose - to freeze and store food - the cabinet performs perfectly. The motor runs a bit loud, but do not sleep well near it. The main thing is to be reliable.

Top cheap freezers

ATLANT M 7184-003
16 489

Affordable, roomy and fairly nice-looking freezer from the Republic of Belarus. As for the design, we specified the base white version (003), but the manufacturer provides the consumer with the opportunity to show personal design fantasies by choosing the color of the case: 030 - ruby, 060 - wet asphalt, 080 - silver.

The width and depth of the cabinet is quite standard (60x63), the average height is 150 cm. The volume (useful) is 220 liters. Interior “decoration” - 6 solid transparent boxes. Additional elements: special tray for berries, semi-finished products, ice tray. The control is a simple and clear mechanical one with a rotary knob and a key for switching on the superfreeze mode.

At power off the low temperature necessary for storage of products is maintained within 14 hours. The ATLANT company provides a guarantee for a period of 3 years. Energy consumption corresponds to class A.

Main advantages:
  • Freezing capacity - up to 20 kg / day;
  • Climatic class - SN-T (from +10 to 43 ° С);
  • Reversible door.
  • Need maintenance twice a year.
9.7 / 10
Relatively small freezer with decent capacity. It looks fine (the interior does not spoil). Not silent, but not rumbling. In general, it copes with its duties regularly. What else do you need?
DON R 105
13 200

A bit more compact than the above Atlant, a freezer from the Russian enterprise LLC Don. It is rather pleasant that the factory in the Tula region is not shy to use imported components in the manufacture of its own products. For example, in the model in question, a SECOP compressor is installed. And not Slovak, but truly high-quality Austrian (it is better to check, sometimes Belarusian engines come across).

Cabinet dimensions: height - 122, width - 57.4, depth - 61 cm. On sale you can find versions of two colors - white classic (R-105 B) and “sparkling metallic” (R-105 MI). The space inside is divided between 5 drawers with transparent facades. Total volume of the camera - 180, useful - 170 l. Productivity of freezing products - at least 14 kg / day.

Control - electromechanical with rotary regulator. The door is equipped with a hidden "recessed" handle that can be hung to the other side. Manufacturer's warranty - 2 years. There is a similar larger model DON R 106 (208 l, 6 boxes, height 142 cm).

Main advantages:
  • Adequate price tag;
  • Good capacity;
  • Class A power consumption.
  • Noise - 45 dB;
  • Manual defrost.
9.6 / 10
The freezer works perfectly, they placed the summer harvest of vegetables and berries, and there is still room for meat. Some flaws of the Russian assembly are present, but this does not affect the reliability and efficiency of freezing. And the price is low.
Biryusa 116
13 590

Non-standard version of the Krasnoyarsk plant of refrigerators, which can be very popular among summer residents, owners of small apartments. The fact is that this inexpensive freezer with a height of 145 is rather narrow - only 48 cm. By the way, even with enough free space for installation, it is quite realistic to combine this model with a single-chamber Biryus refrigerator of the same dimensions to create such a domestic version of Side-by -Side.

Main characteristics: volume (full) - 175 l, manual defrosting, operating temperature - minus 18 ° С (in the absence of power, the rise time to -9 ° С - 10 hours). Inside the chamber 6 transparent drawers are installed. The mechanical control is driven out. The hinges of the door opening to the right can be transferred to the other side, since the universal handle is integrated.

Alternative models: Biryusa 114 (height 122.5 cm, volume - 130 l, 5 boxes), Biryusa 146 (width - 60 cm, 230 l, 7 compartments).

Main advantages:
  • Affordable price, warranty - 3 years;
  • Quick freeze function;
  • Energy efficiency A class.
  • Noisy pumping refrigerant;
  • No backlight.
9.5 / 10
Good domestic freezer. Making noise And not so much the compressor, how many freon in the system makes loud sounds. Such are the properties of isobutane R600a. However, at a low price - not such a critical drawback.
Pozis FVD-257
19 500

A very unusual freezer cabinet from a well-known Russian manufacturer is a two-chamber. Moreover, and two compressors, as a result, independent control for each of the branches, differing only in location - top-to-bottom. The term is usually applicable to washing machines - half load. The unused part can be turned off, and with a periodic or seasonal increase in the number of products, re-activate.

The dimensions of Pozis FVD-257 W are quite ordinary: width - 60, height - 168 cm. In addition to the usual white color of the case, beige, graphite, silver, black, red and silver metal plastic can be available. For both doors, it is possible to change the opening direction. Declared total volume - 260, nominal - 204 l. Power consumption - A class.

Main advantages:
  • 3 baskets in each compartment;
  • Freezing capacity - from 18 kg / day;
  • Good 3 year warranty.
  • Manual defrosting system;
  • Noise background - 45 dBA.
9.4 / 10
Conveniently. We bought meat, slaughtered to capacity. When the cabinet is empty, one camera is turned off. You can simply divide the products by type. In operation, the freezer is not particularly quiet, but quite tolerable. The main thing is that it performs its functions properly.
Saratov 153 (MKSH-135)
13 133

The narrowest among the medium and large volume freezers in our rating. A useful volume of 135 liters. Freezes up to 10 kg per day. Class B. 6 offices. The size is 48/59 /114.5 cm, weight is 40 kg. The best model for a small kitchen.

Main advantages:
  • affordable price;
  • the smallest width;
  • spaciousness;
  • quiet work;
  • simple operation
  • not very strong plastic boxes;
  • according to reviews, quite noisy;
  • long lowers the temperature to the desired level.
9.2 / 10
A long time getting cold. Up to -24 ° C went down about 2 days. A big difference in temperature at the top and bottom. Downstairs it freezes quickly, up slowly. But these are not disadvantages, but simply features that must be taken into account.

Top Freezers with No Frost

Liebherr GNP 4355
69 890

What distinguishes a high-end freezer from the usual average? For example, the fact that it was made by a serious German company, and even directly in Germany, is beautiful, highly efficient, very economical, and works incredibly quietly. It is also roomy, equipped with No Frost automatic defrosting system, convenient in placing a variety of products, very prudently equipped with LED backlighting.

It's all about Liebherr GNP 4355 and its implemented technology BluPerformance. With a height of 185 and standard 60 cm in width, the total volume is 315 liters, useful 270. Inside 8 individual containers, there is a system of rollers for easy extension. The shelves are made of heavy-duty tempered glass. Supported performance - 18 kg / day, without electricity, products are stored for up to 20 hours.

Energy efficiency of the freezer - A ++, noise level - 38 dB. Even SmartDevice remote control technology is supported, but an additional module is required.

Main advantages:
  • Inverter type compressor;
  • Electronic control with touch screen, child protection, optical and audio alarm when the door is closed, malfunctions;
  • Automatic superfreezing mode;
  • Door sealer with antibacterial coating;
  • Handle with integrated pusher.
  • Bonus status - the corresponding price.
10 / 10
Beautiful freezer on all sides. Quiet, convenient to care, energy consumption is very economical. If necessary, the boxes are easily removed. The cabinet itself moves easily. Fully satisfied.
Samsung RZ-32 M7110SA
49 500

Very stylish freezer from the Korean brand, which can be used both separately and as a constituent element of the proprietary Side-by-Side kit. Incredibly capacious - 315 useful liters, while the dimensions of the Cabinet Fit case (height - 185.3, width - 59.5 cm) do not create difficulties for placement in the most ordinary kitchen.

The color of the facade - Metal Grafite. Electronic control is external, there is a child lock function, an alarm system with a long (from 1 minute) open door. Inside 6 shelves, 4 drawers, a pair of door pockets and a compact ice maker. By the way, there is a top LED lighting. The principle of freezing is the automatic No Frost with a multi-stream All-around Cooling cooling system.

Performance indicator - 21 kg / day. The background noise level is 40 dB. If the device is initially noisy, you should check with the recommendations in the user manual. Energy class - A +.

Main advantages:
  • Compressor - digital inverter with a 10-year warranty period;
  • Powerful (shock) freezing mode;
  • Optional support for Smart adapter;
  • Easy-open door handle;
  • The ability to transfer door hinges.
  • On the territory of the Russian Federation only 1 year of warranty service.
9.9 / 10
Solid and beautiful freezer cabinet. The color is very nice, the boxes are comfortable. Ice generator is generally a beauty! It is not noisy, it freezes quickly and evenly. I don’t know whether or not I’ll order a Wi-Fi adapter.
Gorenje FN 6192 PW
40 000

Not the most affordable, but one of the best in terms of price-quality freezer decent volume - 277 liters (useful - 243). The design is not bad, especially in comparison with Belarusian and Russian products. Three color options: W - white, B - black, X - silver. The width of the case is the usual 60 cm, height - 185. In the model range of the manufacturer there is a refrigerating chamber with similar external data to create a set.

Management - electronic external. Interior equipment: 6 glass shelves, 6 drawers, 1 compartment with a hinged lid. There is a block of LED lighting. Special service, except sometimes to wash, is not required, because thanks to the No Frost system, thawing occurs automatically without user intervention.

Noise Gorenje FN 6192 P is not much - 42 dB, but in terms of energy savings at all at a height - class A ++. In case of not closing the door, an audible warning is provided

Main advantages:
  • Ergonomic push handle;
  • Quick freeze mode;
  • Capacity per day - 18 kg, autonomous operation time - 15 hours;
  • Warranty obligations Gorenje - 1 + 1 year, production - Serbia.
  • No cold batteries;
  • There is no tray for semi-finished products.
9.8 / 10
Worthy version as opposed to expensive German freezers. Looks great, works like a clock. The handle is really comfortable. The black display on the door is clear without instructions. For the winter literally scored to the eyeballs. All is well.
23 600

Large and relatively inexpensive model from the Turkish brand. It is produced at the Russian plant and stands out in terms of design and accuracy of assembly against the background of traditional refrigerators of the same origin. And the characteristics are such that it is quite possible to draw a parallel with the much more expensive freezer cabinets of famous European companies.

In our review, a version of the classic white color, but there is a silver analogue of the RFNK 290E23 S. The height of the case is 171.4, the width is 60, the depth is 65 cm. The total volume of the camera is 290 liters, the useful one is 255. What's inside: 2 compartments with covers for fast frost, 5 drawers with locks from falling out. Glass shelves are removable, so that with the loading of whole large products is not a problem.

Responsible for managing the electronic (external) LCD display. Available functions: temperature setting, indication of its increase, failure alert. The freezer does not like power failures. After the power is restored, the compressor turns on, but an error message appears. You can eliminate it according to the instructions or by calling the support service.

Main advantages:
  • No Frost system against the backdrop of affordable prices;
  • The handle facilitates opening (with a pusher), LED illumination;
  • Fast freeze mode with automatic shutdown;
  • Energy consumption - class A +;
  • Working noise - 40 dB.
  • Sensitive electronics (it is highly desirable to turn on the power through a voltage stabilizer);
  • Fragile covers.
9.7 / 10
Good inexpensive freezer. It interferes a lot, looks good, the handle is comfortable. Seizes products very quickly, No Frost. When the light is turned off, a question mark appears on the screen. Removed confused, but once figured out, then not difficult.
Vestfrost VF 391 WGNF
39 990

Convenient white metallic metallic freezer. The use of No Frost technology ensures comfortable operation without the need for regular defrosting. Management - electronic with display of temperature on the digital display.

The internal space of 251 liters is divided into 7 compartments, of which 2 are shelves with hinged transparent lids, and the remaining 5 are also transparent drawers (4 standard and 1 large).

This cabinet has the ability to freeze up to 22 kg of food per day and maintain autonomous cold preservation for up to 18 hours. On the temperature rise inside notifies sound and light alarm. Energy class - A.

The model has analogues in silver and stainless steel, as well as an alternative option with a smaller volume of 255 liters - VF 321 WGNF.

Main advantages:
  • Quick freeze mode;
  • Ergonomic handle pusher;
  • 2 years warranty.
  • High price.
9.6 / 10
Good freezer with no frost. Beautifully and qualitatively decorated inside and out, the space is properly distributed in the drawers, a good convenient handle on the door. Management is simple and straightforward.

The best roomy manual freezer cabinets

Liebherr G 4013
52 500

One of the "most-most" freezers in our ranking! High growth - 195 cm, the largest net volume - 406 liters. At the same time, it can freeze up to 26 kg of vegetables, meat, etc. a day. It maintains the cold autonomously for the longest time - almost two days (45 hours). Now you can not worry about the safety of blanks, even if you need to leave for a couple of days and turn off the electricity. The most silent (according to buyers, it is not audible at all). The easiest to clean is that frost frostiness is reduced thanks to the SmartFrost system. With all these advantages, its price is not the highest among Liebherr products.

There are smaller versions: G 3513 175 cm high with a useful volume of 350 liters, G 3013 - 155 cm, 300 liters.

Main advantages:
  • roomy (406 liters of useful volume)
  • convenient containers with handles
  • the VarioSpace system allows you to store products larger than usual
  • long keeps the cold when the power is turned off (2 cold batteries)
  • freezing capacity 26 kg / day
  • SuperFrost mode (rapid temperature reduction to -32 ° ensures maximum preservation of nutrients in products)
  • easy care
  • convenient control with HomeDialog system (display)
  • considerable dimensions (width 70 cm, depth - 75)
9.9 / 10
The huge volume. Convenient shelves. Get all the fruits, purchased and garden. Quiet. Only pleasant impressions. Would re-buy without thinking.
Gorenje F 6181 AW
27 713

This freezer cabinet is not only roomy, but also stylish. It is produced in Serbia, has thick-walled insulation and meets the climate classes of SN-T (10-43 ° C). In the absence of electricity, it is able to maintain a low temperature for up to 28 hours. The package includes 2 battery cold.

The working chamber with a useful volume of 261 liters consists of 8 sections:

  • 2 shelves with hinged lids;
  • 5 drawers;
  • 1 compartment designed for quick freezing of small packages.

In addition, Gorenje F 6181 AW has a serious performance - 25 kg / day. And also boasts energy efficiency class A +. The noise level in the process is quite comfortable - 42 dB. An excessively high temperature inside will be signaled by a red light.

Main advantages:
  • There is a quick freeze mode;
  • Reversible door;
  • Transparent boxes.
  • Simple operation without display;
  • Manual defrost.
9.8 / 10
Freezer bought specifically for storing blanks. Loaded with berries, vegetables, meat, fish, poultry. Everything froze quickly and without problems, there were power outages - it keeps the temperature perfectly. Enea freezes a little.
Vestfrost VF 390 W
39 990

An excellent freezer in classic white color with a width of 59.5 and a height of 144 cm. With standard dimensions, the model has a decent usable volume of 254 liters and a well-equipped interior space.

In stock:

  • 2 regular shelves with hinged lids;
  • 4 pull-out plus 1 big big box transparent plastic box;
  • Form for ice.

In the event of a power outage, the thermally insulated case is able to keep the cold for 18 hours. Energy class - A, the noise level in the process does not exceed 40 dB. Vestfrost VF 390 W is produced in Turkey.

Main advantages:
  • Comfortable dimensions;
  • High-quality assembly;
  • Convenient handle with pusher;
  • Warranty - 2 years.
  • overpriced for the now Turkish, and not the Danish freezer price.
9.6 / 10
Good freezer, the past two seasons, "plowed" flawlessly when fully loaded. In the service staff, excellent, no icy ice coat. The boxes are comfortable and strong, there is no plastic smell. Absolutely comfortable quiet operation.

Top recessed freezers

Liebherr IGN 1664
53 600

Next in our ranking of the best freezers - again Liebherr and the newly native German assembly. The small model (87.2x54x54.4 cm) is suitable for embedding under a high table top (900 mm) or in a cabinet. Designed for a hard way to fasten door-on-door. By default, the door opens to the right, but there is a possibility of transfer. The compressor is an inverter, which is reflected in the energy consumption indicators (class A ++) and the noise level - up to 38 dB.

Capacity - 84 l (usable volume), filling - 4 fully transparent FrostSafe baskets. Shelves - removable tempered glass. The system VarioSpace is supported, which assumes modeling of the internal space for overall products. And the main thing: no manual defrosting, here “reigns” No Frost.

Control - electronic push-button with a MagicEye LCD display. Available: fast mode SuperFrost, temperature display, sound and optical signal when the door is open, malfunctions. The manufacturer has set a warranty period of 2 years. There is a more compact version of IGN 1064, 71.4 cm tall and 63 liters in volume.

Main advantages:
  • Production - Germany, class - Premium;
  • SoftSystem closing shock absorber;
  • Freezing fresh food - up to 12 kg / day;
  • Complete with a tray for making ice, a pair of cold batteries.
  • Expensive;
  • No backlight.
9.9 / 10
Chic German freezer with normal, unlike some brands, compatriots, loops. There are simply no competitors, since No Frost in this size is offered only by Liebherr. How it works almost inaudible.
Liebherr SIGN 3556
86 400

Premium freezer from Germany, designed for embedding in the column. With a height of 177 cm and a width of 55.9 cm, the freezer cabinet has a decent usable volume of 213 liters. Defrosting is automatic, thanks to No Frost technology.

There are 8 transparent containers in the chamber, of which 6 are on telescopic guides. The containers are closed on all sides (FrostSafe system) and, if necessary, can be easily removed along with shelves of tempered glass to accommodate large-scale food packages, large pieces of meat or whole bird carcasses. Freezing capacity - 18 kg / day.

Temperature control - electronic with MagicEye LCD display. Sound alarm is provided when the door is open, as well as light and acoustic in case of malfunction. Thanks to the use of an inverter compressor, the freezer works with a very low noise level of 38 dB and low energy consumption of class A ++.

The fastening system of the furniture facade is door-on-door (hard), the door is equipped with a SoftSystem door closer and opens at 115 °.

Main advantages:
  • LED backlight camera;
  • Super freeze mode with automatic shutdown;
  • Storage time in the absence of power - 16 hours, complete with a bath under the ice, cold accumulators;
  • Furniture ventilation system.
  • The price is not available to everyone.
9.9 / 10
This cabinet is quite simply built into the headset, the work is almost silent. Only sometimes you can hear how the water flows during autofrost. Made very high quality, conveniently controlled. The volume is enough.
Electrolux EUN 1100 FOW
38 800

Compact cabinet of the usual size for the installation (815x560x550 mm), optimized for installation under the tabletop. The price tag is considerable, but for this type of device - it is quite common. In addition, the brand is known, the assembly is not some kind of Chinese, but quite a European one - Hungary.

Energy consumption - class A +. Useful volume - 95 liters. Equipment - 4 wide transparent drawers. The control unit is brought out adjacent to the ventilation system. Despite its modest dimensions, the model has a decent freezing capacity - 18 kg / day. Autonomous maintenance of sub-zero temperature - up to 18 hours.

The principle of cooling is static. In other words, as the accumulation of frost thickness of 3-5 mm requires manual maintenance, which can be combined with the washing of internal surfaces. It is recommended to clean the ventilation grill once a year.

Main advantages:
  • Intensive freezing mode with auto power off;
  • Light and acoustic notification of an unplanned temperature increase;
  • Noise level no more than 40 dB.
  • Non inverter compressor;
  • Price.
9.7 / 10
He does the main thing - it freezes well Quick cooling works with a bang. There was no problem with embedding. Some noise is present, but somehow unobtrusively and without much discomfort.

Top freezers

Gorenje FH 40 IAW
25 900

Very high quality assembled and roomy chest freezer from one of the leaders in the production of refrigeration equipment. The usable chamber volume is 380 l, the freezing capacity is 26 kg / day.

Control system - electronic with digital display. The climate class is SN-T, which makes it possible to use the freezer not only at home, but also, for example, at a dacha in conditions of high ambient temperatures. There is a function of fast freezing FastFreeze, standard lighting on the ceiling. Included - 1 internal partition and 2 baskets. Safety is maintained by means of light and sound alarms on overtemperature.

This freezer has an alternative cheaper - FH 40 BW. With similar characteristics, this option has a higher energy consumption class B and mechanical control.

Main advantages:
  • Autonomous preservation of low temperature - up to 38 hours;
  • Energy efficiency class - A;
  • Low noise load - up to 43 dB.
  • Manual defrost.
9.9 / 10
We have been operating the freezer for quite a long time and are completely satisfied with it. We store berries, vegetables, meat. There was enough space for everything. When you open the cover turns on the lighting. The freezer perfectly keeps the temperature in the absence of electricity.
Hansa FS150.3
15 006

Compact freezer chest, which can be a good acquisition for a small or medium-sized family. Model of white color in classical design with a volume up to 146 l.

The inner surface of the chamber has an antibacterial coating, the control is simple mechanical, defrosting is done manually. Autonomous cold storage in the absence of power supply is maintained for 30 hours. Freezing capacity up to 7.5 kg / day.

The key performance features of the Hansa FS 150.3 are economical energy consumption (class A +) and low noise (up to 40 dB), which is rare for freezers with such an affordable price.

Main advantages:
  • Compact size;
  • Worthy characteristics;
  • High-quality execution.
  • Branded warranty only 1 year.
9.8 / 10
Having already had experience of using the freezer at home, I thought that it would work loudly. But it turned out - not at all. It is almost not audible. Spaciousness quite arranged, the temperature is gaining quickly. I like everything, a good inexpensive freezer.
Candy CCFE 300/1 RU
20 430

A large and roomy inexpensive white horizontal freezer designed for long-term storage of meat, fish, berries, vegetables and various convenience foods. The maximum amount of loaded products - 295 liters. Supported performance - 14 kg / day.

The inner chamber is one large section with the addition of a hanging basket. The temperature setting is carried out using a mechanical rotary switch. The design used 1 compressor that works with a comfortable noise level not exceeding 43 dB.

Candy CCFE 300 maintains a high class of energy consumption - A +, it functions confidently in climatic conditions with an ambient temperature of 18 to 43 ° C. The model under consideration should not be confused with the older version CCFE 300 RU (also present in sales), whose capacity is 12 liters less and the noise level is higher (48 dB).

Main advantages:
  • Decent usable volume;
  • Lockable door;
  • Simple and reliable design.
  • No 4-hour fast freezing shock mode;
  • Only 1 basket.
9.8 / 10
Initially, the idea was to purchase a freezer chest with energy consumption class A ++. Only the price, including the brand, is almost double. The difference, if it pays off, then in about 20 years. They took this inexpensive freezer and are quite satisfied.

What freezer is better to buy?

When choosing a freezer you need to take into account several important criteria. One of the main - correct volume. Here every “blacksmith of his own happiness,” because the planned amount of food for storage is best known to the one who, in fact, will freeze them and later use them for food. It is desirable to find the notorious "middle ground". After all, it will be a shame if not everything manages to fit in, but only emptying a partially filled freezer is also not the best option to idle.

Of course, the choice price. It largely depends on the manufacturer. The products of domestic, Belarusian brands are more affordable, but in aesthetic terms, the quality of plastic, components, and indeed, it is no secret, the assembly is inferior to foreign competitors. However, as a counterweight, you can judge in the style of the cat Matroskin: why the refrigerator - so that it produces frost!

Principle of freezing. The automatic system No Frost is the maximum comfort, the lack of frost, as a result, there is no need for manual maintenance, better preservation of the properties of the products after thawing. The static method implies a lower price, a larger volume, but frost inevitably forms on the walls of the chamber, which should be removed from time to time.

Control type. It has long been known that more reliable "Mechanics". Here you can forget about the accuracy of settings and additional functions. The superfreeze mode is either absent (only the box selection), or is there, but you need to turn it off yourself. If you forget, the threshing compressor without prodichu can "suddenly die."

Electronics more conveniently, visually displays information, notifies you of problems and malfunctions. Fast mode is usually automatic with shutdown. True, displays and sensors do not like voltage surges. It is better to spend some money on the stabilizer, the benefit is enough version with the support of 250-500 watts. Expensive that will not do, in contrast to the repair or replacement of failed "brains".

Let our rating help you evaluate the best models and make a decision!

Watch the video: Freezer Buying Guide Interactive Video. Consumer Reports (January 2020).