7 best mono-wheels

Limit of transport minimalism

It is difficult to imagine some inventions that have outgrown from amusing engineering incidents into something practical. And among them, first of all, are the monocolos: indeed, it is problematic to find practicality in the device, whose very principle of operation looks odd. However, as an entertainment transport, they are interesting precisely because of their uniqueness, unwittingly causing association with circus tricks.

In essence, the monowheel is a hoverboard that has been reduced to minimalism: if the presence of two wheels in a hoverboard allows you to limit the stabilization to one plane, then the owner will have to work himself, maintaining the position in the transverse plane. Turns are no longer selectively slowing down one of the wheels, but rolls, so constructively and programmatically the monowheel is even simpler than a hoverboard. And even Chinese models have now reached x level of reliability - cases of serious failures on the move by the Russian owners of monococks are literally boxed by the best models, basically the electric control circuit of the electric motor, which attempts to keep the balance at a low speed and uneven road, cannot be overloaded, and cracks from axis overload (do not forget about the maximum load in the instructions!).

So which monowheel to choose, so as not to face problems? Let's see what will be the hit of the summer tracks in 2019.

Top best monokolis 2019

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
Top entry level monocolos1KingSong KS-14B9.7 / 1022 990
2Airwheel Q3 340WH9.3 / 1022 990
3HOVERBOT S-3BL9.1 / 1024 000
4Ninebot One S28.6 / 1030 570
Top monokolis top level1Gotway MSUPER V3 8209.8 / 1030 570
2InMotion V89.3 / 1052 900
3KingSong KS18A 680Wh8.9 / 1055 990

Top entry level monocolos

KingSong KS-14B
22 990
Brand KingSong at one time became one of the pioneers of the domestic market monococks and, to the credit of the manufacturer, does not shun the work on mistakes: taking into account the complaints about the strength of the axles, the Chinese increased their diameter by 2 millimeters, at the same time replacing the bearings with more powerful ones. Against the background of current models, diligently mimicking the entourage of science fiction films, KS-14B looks outdated, but it does not interfere with driving.

Inexpensive monowheel of 14-inch diameter is great in order to master this type of transport and understand whether to ride it at all. We note in particular that the battery here is not built-in, but quick-detachable - the side-mounted Panasonic lithium-ion battery pack can be quickly replaced with a spare one, or a larger capacity unit can be installed if there is not enough power reserve with the standard one.

The power of the monowheel is 500 W, and it can accelerate a rider of medium dimensions up to 25 km / h. Note that the Russian community of KingSong owners has already figured out how the speed limiter is removed, although this is more relevant for more powerful models.

Despite the fact that the 14-inch monowheel is the cheapest in its lineup, it, like the top models, has built-in Bluetooth and support for mobile applications.

Note that this monowheel still belongs to the initial level, and you should not overload it. Then it will last a long time.

Main advantages:
  • Quick release battery
  • Sufficient ease of learning
  • The controller does not like overload
  • Limited power reserve on a regular battery
9.7 / 10
My first monowheel. There were no problems, just changed to a more powerful one. As the first and now would take.
Airwheel Q3 340WH
22 990
In fact, this monowheel is not at all “mono”: it has two wheels fixed on the same axis, which, although it increased the mass, made the acquisition of balancing skills easier. The 450-watt motor here allows you to develop no more than 18 km / h, which is not terrible for training, but the dimensions of the case allowed to place the battery assembly for as much as 340 watt-hours: the monowheel on full charge can go up to 40 kilometers, and this is one of best performance in class!

The manufacturer did not forget about the enclosure sealing (it was a stone in the Ninebot garden, see below), although in the lower part it is rather weak. Nevertheless, the sudden rain to the monowheel is not terrible. Plastic is quite durable, so the inevitable drops in a monolice product line will not be spoiled immediately.

Main advantages:
  • Easy balancing
  • Capacious battery
  • Mobile Application Support
  • Limited maximum speed
9.3 / 10
The best monowheel for a novice rider. I never fell, although with other models everything turned out much worse for me.
24 000
Of course, by design, this model cannot be called successful: earlier, the author clearly worked only out of view of Chinese toys from the category of “all for 49”. Especially terrifying scattering of buttons, which, it seems, came up with some kind of homemade product.

But for not the largest amount we are offered a 350-watt motor (peak power - 800 W), a power reserve of 25 km and good water protection. The battery is small in capacity, so even with the speed limit of 18 km / h, the power reserve is only 25 km. But the monowheel weighs only 10 kg, and a full charge takes no more than an hour. For training and leisurely short trips are not the worst choice.

From the built-in "music" you should not expect much, it rather complements the image of a cheap Chinese toy when it plays. Honestly, it would be better to put a headlamp instead, it is more useful.

Main advantages:
  • Good water protection, which is nice for an inexpensive monowire
  • Low weight
  • No design
  • Low engine power
9.1 / 10
For a child, a good version of a monowheel, for an adult, power is already too small. Well, but the price is quite lifting.
Ninebot One S2
30 570
For heavy or tall riders, this 14-inch monowheel will be difficult to master: it will be difficult to find the right foot setting first. We also note the extremely minimalist equipment - there is no handle, no safety belt, only the monowheel itself and charging.

Motor power - 500 W, maximum speed - 24 km / h. Virtually indistinguishable from competitors in terms of range, Ninebot takes only the more well-known brand and attractive design. There are no problems with accessories either, especially we will recommend to install bumpers: it will be necessary to fall during the training anyway, and the plastic is fragile.

However, it must be admitted that the quality of the Ninebot monowheels does not reach the level of the same-brand hoverboards. The experience of repairing controllers and battery assemblies in past years has already been accumulated by the owners of these monowheels. And the problem is, in general, in the little things: there is simply no waterproofing of the case. Since no one is immune from the rain, and you still need to wash the monowheel, you should immediately perform a simple revision on the advice from the forums. This will affect the reliability of the monowheel in the best way.

Main advantages:
  • The possibility of flashing and removing the speed limit
  • It is highly desirable to eliminate the manufacturer’s shortcomings.
8.6 / 10
The monowheel is pretty, and the brand seems to be well known. Rides well, difficulties are not noticed in the development. Handle and bumpers bought, it would be better to include them immediately in the kit.

Top monokolis top level

Gotway MSUPER V3 820
30 570
Not the most powerful monowheel in the Gotway lineup from our point of view can be considered the best in terms of price / quality ratio. Of course, you can buy the older model in the line with a 1800-watt engine, but it will also cost twice as much! Here we will lose only 300 watts of power and, believe me, one and a half kilowatts is also excellent enough for pokatushek.

The manufacturer declared a maximum speed of 40 km / h with a power reserve of 82 km: no need to travel around the outlet, and the speed capabilities by the standards of electric vehicles are excellent. This is due to the battery with a capacity of 820 watt-hours, which is also reflected in the name of the model.

When weighing under 20 kg, the monowheel involuntarily resembles a small suitcase on wheels, and this association is unwittingly strengthened when the built-in handle is laid out. By the way, she has a good supply of length: enough for a tall rider.

On the go, Gotway leaves the most pleasant sensations: the gyroscope works perfectly, the acceleration goes smoothly from the very minimum speed. Due to the large capacity of the battery, you can ride for a long time, the powerful motor confidently pulls in the climbs. So the first place in the ranking is not in vain.

Main advantages:
  • Powerful motor
  • Capacious battery
  • Long charge
  • Solid weight
9.8 / 10
Definitely the best monowheel for sane money. Excellent acceleration, large battery, convenient transportation. Cheap models in comparison with him just about anything.
InMotion V8
52 900
Judging by the design, the creators of the V8 were inspired by the old films of Steven Spielberg. When the LEDs on the sides light up, the sensation only intensifies: as if the flying saucer stood on its side.

It is driven, however, not by a quantum engine on antimatter, but by a quite terrestrial 800-watt electric motor of nominal power. The wheel has a fairly large overall width - this is due to the fact that on one side a telescopic handle is built into the body, and on the other, a 480 watt-hour battery is hidden. Good capacity: monowheel can travel up to 50 kilometers, accelerating to 30 km / h. And this is with an acceptable weight for transportation of 13.5 kg.

The developers have not forgotten about the headlamp, although it is quite controversial in design: it shines brightly, but it illuminates the road "for C grade". But this is better than no light at all. In the box you can find special soft lining on the sides of the case, and we strongly recommend not to be too lazy to put them: because of the width of the monocole, the legs unpleasantly rest against hard plastic, with the lining riding much more comfortable.

Interesting features are provided by the mobile application: in addition to the standard definition of the speed and remaining battery charge (however, the built-in indicator is bright and easy to read even in bright sun), here you can find out the controller temperature (an important thing when driving actively), troubleshoot and in the spirit of time Search routes for other InMotion owners nearby. Yes, upload photos and measure your runs too.

Main advantages:
  • Easy firmware update
  • Decent range
  • Good dynamics
  • Convenient shipping handle
  • Large housing width
  • Incomprehensible light distribution from the headlamp
9.3 / 10
Stylish and well-assembled monowheel. Girls are attracted. And you thought I just ride here?
KingSong KS18A 680Wh
55 990
Oh, those Chinese watts! That's KingSong in the best traditions of the Middle Kingdom loudly declares in the characteristics of as much as 3 kilowatts of power, however, peak: in the nominal only 1.2 kW. But even that is not bad at all: the monowheel accelerates with confidence, it is able to overcome rises without noticeable interference. "Maximum speed" is limited to 25 km / h, which, however, can be easily eliminated if desired. Power reserve - 40 km, although from the 18-pound apparatus you unwittingly wait for a larger power reserve. Yes, in this regard, KingSong will not argue with GotWay.

Note good ergonomics, although a high center of gravity will take some time to get used to. But on the move, thanks to the 18-inch wheel, this monowheel is much more comfortable than models with wheels 14-16 inches.

Main advantages:
  • Convenience
  • Sufficient engine power
  • Acceptable power reserve
  • Good build quality
  • High center of gravity
8.9 / 10
From the "Kingsong" is the best model of monowheel: motor power, wheel diameter. My 80 kilograms are taken out confidently, not tupit, as models with motors of 500 watts.

How to choose a monowheel?

Let's start with power. Based on your weight, you need to choose the best: if you have more than 70 kilograms, then the 500-watt models are unlikely to suit you, and the load on them will be great - and this is an overheating of the power circuits on the control board and the possibility of failure. Here the power reserve will never be over.

However, note that manufacturers can indicate instead of the rated power at which the engine can operate for a long time, the peak power: it is about two or two and a half times higher and looks much more attractive. But, buying a 800-watt monowheel, then you can find out that there is really no 400 watt in it, and it will barely accelerate under your weight.

Wheel diameter you should choose more: the wheel will shake less on uneven roads, a high center of gravity will make the control sharper. But even with small diameter monowheels, there is a “right to life”: they are more convenient for beginners, it is easier to jump off of them in case of something (it’s better to damage plastic than legs!), And, finally, they are cheaper.

But in any case, the monowheel should be high-quality sealing and advanced cooling of the controller. Without this, it’s not worth talking about a resource, and the sudden failure of a controller flooded with water can be simply dangerous: the wheel “stands up” at speed, losing the ability to maintain balance. Do I need to remind you that without equipment you shouldn’t ride anyway?

Have a good shopping!