5 best mobiles per bed

Wonderful carousel for the baby and his mother
Author: Yulia Shevlyakova

The question of the need for mobile in bed most of the parents decides positively. In fact, bright toys and melodious sounds will distract the little one, amuse and reassure, and even help her fall asleep while her mother does household chores. It is only necessary to choose a carousel for the bed, which does not disappoint either the mother or the baby.

Criteria for choosing the best mobile

Materials and construction

The main part of any roundabout in the crib is plastic, as well as fabric elements made of cotton and synthetics, less often - wood. Pay attention to the lack of chemical smell in the mobile. The base-arc should be strong, stiff, and the mount - to fit your bed. There are three types of fasteners: screw, clip or straps.

Work mechanism

Mobiles are mechanical or electronic. The first ones are good because they do not require replacing the batteries, however, the manual winding is enough for a short time - a maximum of 5 minutes. Mobiles on batteries work much longer: up to 20-30 minutes per switching on.


It has all the carousels, but the style, quality and number of tunes can vary significantly. To avoid disappointment, Expert Prices recommends that you always turn on the mobile and listen to the entire “repertoire” before purchasing. A significant plus of a good mobile is the presence of a silent mode.

Hanging toys

Plastic toys are good because they are inexpensive and easy to clean. Mellows have a more presentable appearance and will be useful not only for the visual, but also for the sensory development of the baby. In any case, choose a mobile model with removable toys. It is also important to arrange toys that should be “turned” towards the baby.

Additional features

These are the presence of a remote control, a projector of pictures on the ceiling, an mp3 player and a sensor that reacts to the baby’s crying, as well as various controls: volume, rotation modes, melody playing time.

Crib makers: who's better?

You can’t go wrong if you choose any well-known world-renowned manufacturer of toys on the shelf of a mobile store. The undisputed leader in quality and popularity is the Israeli company Tiny Love. Also products of excellent quality are produced by Fischer Price, Chicco, etc.

The low-cost segment is represented by Asian and Russian products. Not all of them are good in quality, but the Price Expert can also recommend good brands here: Smoby, Canpol Babies, Felice.

Top 5 best mobiles in the crib

“Price Expert” investigated the quality mobiles of various manufacturers from different price categories and chose 5 models worthy of our attention:

A placeNameRatingPrice
1Tiny Love Find me, I hid9.9 / 104 499
2Tiny Love "Island of sweet dreams"9.8 / 105 771
3Electronic Mobile Giraffe9.6 / 101 790
4Chicco Magic Stars9.5 / 104 999
5Fisher-Price Butterfly Dreams9.5 / 104 230
Tiny Love Find me, I hid
4 499
High-quality and original mobile from the well-known Israeli manufacturer. Includes three soft animal figures (removable). 15 pleasant melodies (including “white noise”), 5 buttons for choosing a musical style. The time of continuous playback of tunes - 40 minutes! There is a step sound adjustment and rotation mode without sound. The arc with toys is easily removed by pressing a single button. The highlight of the mobile is a special game mode “playing hide and seek”. When it is turned on, the contrasting petals begin to rotate around the toys, then hiding, then again opening them to the child’s gaze. If you do not need a bright night light, remote control and projector, this mobile will be the best solution to the problem of how to occupy the baby.
Main advantages:
  • affordable price;
  • high quality gear and toys;
  • long playing of melodies - 40 minutes;
  • hide-and-seek mode with double rotation;
  • Piano mode for grown-up children.
  • problems with mounting on the Russian beds;
  • weak night light.
9.9 / 10
This mobile really attracts the attention of my child, the double rotation of toys and leaves fascinates even adults. And yes, 40 minutes of pleasant music and rotation is really great!
Tiny Love "Island of sweet dreams"
5 771

All mobiles in the Tiny Love crib are very good: they are colorful, durable, have a great selection of toys and music. Among them, “The Island of Sweet Dreams” is the most popular carousel. She delights moms and kids with bright, original performance, pleasant music, the presence of a remote control and a small night lamp that can be used separately.

Main advantages:
  • high quality;
  • toys rotate not only in a circle, but also around their axis;
  • high-quality sounds (classical melodies and sounds of nature);
  • 2 volume levels + silent mode.
  • fixed toys;
  • price.
9.8 / 10
Great mobile !!! Son loves to watch him, and sometimes falls asleep. Bought in 1 month. And he already followed the toys. Music is pleasant, a small nightlight in the form of a monkey. A little noise inside when spinning, but uncritical.
Electronic Mobile Giraffe
1 790
The best low-cost electronic mobility for the bed, which contains only the really necessary functions. For a relatively low price, parents receive a simple and reliable design, bright and varied toys (a block in the shape of a giraffe's face, 4 animal figures and a mirror, all removable), 18 melodies with clear sound (cheerful music, quiet music, the sound of water). The maximum time for playing music is 20 minutes, there is a timer and volume control. Mobile easily assembled without a screwdriver and securely mounted on the bed. Buying batteries will not ruin the parents - the carousel is powered by 2 ordinary finger-type batteries.
Main advantages:
  • inexpensive;
  • bright but not flashy colors;
  • well-designed toys;
  • easy to assemble and maintain;
  • powered by two AA batteries;
  • easy, not bulky;
  • reliable fastening.
  • unsuccessfully fixed toys (hang legs to the child);
  • you can not turn on the rotation without music;
  • rustic design.
9.6 / 10
This mobile, in my opinion, perfect! Very well made, bright, beautiful, silent, pleasant sounds. Easy to assemble, disassemble, easy to clean. Do not even expect such a level for the money.
Chicco Magic Stars
4 999
In comparison with others, this carousel has the best projector. The mobile is not overloaded with toys - there are only three of them, delicate colors, removable. But the projector of this model is magnificent: the picture is transmitted clear and bright, both on a special round screen and on the ceiling. The sound sensor in the standby mode turns on the mobile with loud sounds (the baby’s cry). After removing the arc with toys, the mobile will turn into a musical nightlight projector and continue to delight the baby. Carousel runs on 2 large LR14 batteries; There is a connector for connecting a mobile network to 220V, but the power supply unit must be purchased separately. This product is available in two colors: pink and blue.
Main advantages:
  • luxury projector;
  • multistage volume control;
  • convenient remote control;
  • sound sensor.
  • bulky;
  • batteries are expensive, they sit down quickly;
  • only 2 sound modes;
  • high price.
9.5 / 10
We have been actively using the Chicco Magic Stars mobile for over a year now. I like that in one device everything that you need is harmoniously combined: a nightlight, projector, carousel, toys and soothing music!
Fisher-Price Butterfly Dreams
4 230
About Mobile Fisher-Price "Butterflies Dreams" reviews are quite contradictory, but this does not make it less popular and desirable. The fact is that it is designed specifically for relaxing and falling asleep, and everything in it - from colors to sounds, sets up the baby for a rest and sleep. Gentle design conquers at first sight: the carousel is made in pastel colors, three charming teddy bears with wings act as spinning toys. The projector gives a soft glow, it can be directed to the ceiling or wall. The manufacturer provides lulling melodies, white noise and the sounds of nature lasting 30 minutes. Music subsides smoothly. In the new version, the expensive R14 batteries are replaced with AA finger-type batteries (batteries can be used), and the screw fastening on the belt one.
Main advantages:
  • Beautiful design;
  • high quality materials;
  • reliable fastening on a belt, is suitable for any beds with laths;
  • nice melodies.
  • weak projector;
  • night light does not turn on without music;
  • the remote control needs some work;
  • price is too high.
9.5 / 10
Very thoughtful mobile, which does not overload the nervous system of the baby, everything in it is so smooth and gentle. He is for lulling, not for games. I like everything, but I would like a more efficient console and a lower price.

What kind of mobile to buy a bed?

Of course, there are so many good mobiles in the crib that it’s impossible to consider all the best models in one article. “Price expert”, as usual, advises the highest quality, popular and interesting, and you just have to make your choice. We hope that it will be successful!

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