3 best car TVs

With them, any traffic jam - in joy

A car television, which is part of a multifunctional head unit, usually does not allow passengers to comfortably view video programs. In this regard, more practical separate portable devices, as well as overhead or embedded monitors.

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
Top Car Ceiling TVs1Alpine PKG-2100P9.5 / 1037 930
Top Standard Car TVs1Eplutus EP-10198.9 / 105 990
Top Embedded Monitors1Intro CDH-939.5 / 1021 700

Top Car Ceiling TVs

Alpine PKG-2100P
37 930
Hanging kit for organizing high-end multimedia entertainment system with a 10-inch screen and a resolution of 800 by 480 pixels. The monitor is equipped with three AV connectors, one of which is equipped with a control input, and the other two - outputs. This allows you to use the PKG-2100P car TV as a link and control all components with a single remote control, including a compatible head unit. In addition to the built-in multi-zone DVD player, which provides video playback with DTS sound support both in traditional format and compressed using DivX technology, an external player, camcorder, TV or DVB-T tuner, game console, iPod and others can be connected to the monitor signal sources. The sound from the PKG-2100P is integrated into the standard audio system using the built-in FM modulator, and the connection is made to break the antenna cable of the head unit, so that interference to other radio devices is minimized
Main advantages:
  • High-quality audio, the increase in bitrate is clearly visible
  • Correct color rendition
  • Two gradations for black and white
  • Two LED ceiling lights
  • Wireless headphones included
  • Only for passengers in the rear seats
  • No built-in TV tuner
  • High price
9.5 / 10

Top Standard Car TVs

Eplutus EP-1019
5 990
Richmond International's portable car television with autonomous power. The built-in tuner works in the frequency range from 48 to 863 MHz and is capable of receiving any of the meter and 2 decimeter channels. Sensitivity is average, complete with removable telescopic antenna. Eplutus EP-1019 is equipped with an inexpensive TFT-matrix with a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels, small viewing angles and mediocre color reproduction. In addition to the TV tuner, the sources of the demonstrated content can be flash drives, memory cards of most of the current formats and external drives. The big advantage of the model is the presence of HDMI-connector. With it, a video camera, game console or PC system unit can be connected to the device. Another advantage of this car TV is the presence of a built-in battery that can support battery life for four hours. The device has the function of emulating a surround video series and is equipped with 3D glasses.
Main advantages:
  • Can be connected to a game console via HDMI
  • Supports external hard drives via USB
  • Small viewing angles
  • Does not play video in MKV format
  • No indication of residual battery charge
8.9 / 10
For your money the best car TV. At the time of the choice there was not a single device with such a diagonal and resolution that would support USB and memory cards.

Top Embedded Monitors

Intro CDH-93
21 700
Multimedia set of two 9-inch touch-screen monitors with a resolution of 800x480 pixels, built-in headrests of the front seats. The Intro CDH-93 car TV functions under Android and is capable of reproducing TV pictures received from the head unit or a separate TV tuner, as well as audio, video and graphic content recorded on DVDs, SD memory cards and storage media connected to USB connector. The built-in game emulator will not let your child get bored - the remote control can be used as a joystick. Sound support is implemented using the built-in speaker and dual IR transmitter for headphones. In addition, the device is equipped with an FM transmitter, with which the signal can be transmitted to the head unit for playback by the car audio system.
Main advantages:
  • Monitors unclip from head restraints
  • Independent tincture of work
  • No built-in TV tuner
  • No self-powered
  • The functionality of the head restraints is reduced.
9.5 / 10
These devices themselves are full-fledged head restraints, it is not necessary to “gut” the regular head restraints and figure out how to place monitors in them.

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