7 best breathalyzers

With them - even in the traffic police, at least to visit the mother-in-law

Perhaps the main motivation to buy a breathalyzer for personal use is the desire to avoid problems with the traffic police after a feast (well, or in between, it depends on the person). According to current norms of the Administrative Code, the rights to time will be forgiven if there is alcohol in the exhaled air in a concentration of more than 0.16 mg per liter. Despite the fact that the blood test is more accurate (here the established rate is not more than 0.3 g per liter), the “purge” still remains the most convenient way to check, therefore, breathalyzers are acquired - you can quickly figure out what the “tube” will give inspectors.

However, not all breathalyzers, and especially inexpensive ones, give out information that is somehow comparable to the real one. And, if the device that overestimates the testimony, it is rather likely to insure it, then the lowering one, on the contrary, will provide an opportunity to "fly" thoroughly along the road and for the next year and a half drive exclusively by buses and taxis. So it pays to figure out which purchase will be justified and which will not.

Top Breathalyzer of 2018

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
Best Cheap Breathalyzer1Infrakar AT-1019.9 / 107 990
2Alcogran AG-1009.5 / 105 800
3Inspector AT6009.3 / 103 650
4Ritmix RAT-7409.0 / 104 790
The best professional breathalyzers1Dingo E-2009.8 / 1025 500
2Drager Alcotest 6820 with printer9.7 / 1090 900
3Drager Alcotest 55109.6 / 1037 900

Best Cheap Breathalyzer

Infrakar AT-101
7 990

Despite the high price, this breathalyzer will probably be the best choice in its class. For "amateur" (hmm, it was ambiguous) devices, it is as accurate as possible and does not suffer from temperature drift. Therefore, its testimony can be trusted with all the bases: a high-quality electrochemical sensor that needs to be calibrated once a year or every 1000 measurements, in combination with a well-adjusted thermal compensation, works at a more than sufficient level. It is also convenient that the device has two display modes - and everyone knows ppm, and milligrams per liter, which is more convenient for comparison with the letter of the law.

The AT-101 works quite quickly: it’s enough to wait only 10 seconds from switching on before starting the measurement. The device's memory is designed to store up to 48 measurement results, although this is not the most necessary thing in personal use. But an approximate calculator, which by voice notification gives the time after which you can get behind the wheel, will obviously come in handy much more often.

In general, Infrakar AT-101 definitely gets the first place in today's ranking of the best breathalyzers for personal use. But at least one tenth point for a high price, we still remove.

Main advantages:
  • Fast start
  • Excellent accuracy for a “household” appliance that does not have certification for use in certification, low temperature drift of readings
  • "Calculator" time of sobering
  • The measurement time can be delayed up to 30 seconds in some cases, which is inconvenient
9.9 / 10
A normal device turns on quickly, the readings are sufficiently suited for my weight and the amount of the received one (but such a calculation is in itself rude, I will note).
Alcogran AG-100
5 800

Here, an electrochemical sensor is also used - in fact, we included only such breathalyzers into our today's rating, since the accuracy of the vast majority of semiconductor meters cannot be called satisfactory. Moreover, the manufacturer promises measurement accuracy up to 0.005 ppm (the output of the result is also available in mg / l). But high sensitivity has clear disadvantages: Alcogran is quite gentle, doesn’t like low temperatures, and most importantly, it has a strictly limited limit of measurements per day, no more than 7. It is overwhelmed when the alcohol content is more than 1 ppm. This, however, is enough: the current 0.16 mg / l corresponds to about 0.3 ppm, so there is a reserve for a threefold "reload".

Since it may only be a very persistent and impatient lover of the green serpent, “blown” seven times a day, we will not consider the limitation a serious disadvantage of this device. In the end, we are talking about domestic use, and not about checking discordant rows of fleet workers in the morning?

Main advantages:
  • Ease of use
  • Fast start
  • Decent accuracy
  • Calibration frequency is higher than that of the same Infrakar AT-101, twice
9.5 / 10
If you blow a few times with a pause of a couple of minutes, the readings coincide almost perfectly (well, considering that you yourself expel a little during this time).
Inspector AT600
3 650

Well, in a particular case, the brand name fits just right. Indeed, it is better to insure communication with the pocket "Inspector" than to run into the present.

The device gives the measurement result immediately in milligrams per liter, and it is convenient - you do not need to remember how ppm is converted into the requirements of the law. The maximum displayed reading is 1 mg / l with an accuracy of 0.03 mg / l. If the measurement reveals an ethanol vapor concentration above 0.25 mg / l, the Inspector gives an alarm. But let us note that it’s already beating the alarm late: such concentration will already lead to deprivation of rights. Another thing is that he is still inclined to overestimate the testimony, "reinsuring."

Breathalyzer starts quickly enough in about 15 seconds. The pause between the individual measurements must be at least a minute. The measurement results are stored in memory with 5 cells.

Main advantages:
  • Satisfactory measurement accuracy
  • Fast start
  • 9-volt battery quickly sits down
  • Calibration every 500 measurements
9.3 / 10
I use it for a long time, it suits me perfectly. If he is lying, then in plus - on the GAI showed less.
Ritmix RAT-740
4 790

This breathalyzer from Korea is warming up not very fast (up to half a minute), but its electrochemical sensor shows itself well in operation. Since it is unlikely that anyone will use a personal Alcotester in the winter outside or in the summer in the sun itself, a noticeable drift in the results is not a fundamental drawback - in the temperature range around the room you can trust his testimony, the repeatability of the measurement results is decent.

The measurement range is up to 2 mg / l with a stated accuracy of ± 0.025 mg / l. It is necessary to treat this with a clear degree of skepticism. The main claim to the cheapest alcotester is that the manufacturer does not indicate anywhere the maximum number of measurements per day, nor the frequency of calibrations of the device.

Main advantages:
  • Satisfactory accuracy
  • 5 interchangeable mouthpieces included
  • Tangible loss of accuracy in cold and at elevated temperatures
  • Little information from the manufacturer about the important characteristics
9.0 / 10
Well, it works for itself, the readings from measurement to measurement change little (for cheap ones, they can even swim per ppm).

The best professional breathalyzers

Dingo E-200
25 500

This Korean breathalyzer keeps a more or less low price, which is important with current exchange rates. At the same time, he himself came out quite successful and, most importantly, has the necessary certification, that is, his measurement results have legal weight, and not just serve for your own peace of mind.

The maximum measured alcohol concentration in the air is 1.5 mg / l. However, only true masters of faceted glass and hardened fanfury with such a concentration will not be noticeable without any breathalyzer. Accuracy, confirmed by the certificate, is ± 0.050 mg / l in the most important range up to 0.5 mg / l: it is here that you can talk about “you can go - you cannot go”, otherwise the ten percent accuracy does not make the weather, the wheel in any case it is impossible. Breathalyzer can connect to a PC or mobile printer to print the result.

A very interesting feature of the model is an easily replaceable sensor. To remove and install it, you do not need to return the device to a service center.

Main advantages:
  • Replaceable sensor
  • Decent sensor failure time
  • Expiratory force control
  • Limited Warranty (1 year)
9.8 / 10
Now it is one of the most affordable breathalyzer with a certificate, so the choice is obvious to many.
Drager Alcotest 6820 with printer
90 900

The Drager company (however, if you already write without a-umlaut, then according to the new German spelling rules, Draeger will be correct) doesn’t need much introduction - we will hope that (unlike the author, alas) you won’t get acquainted with the products of this brand : do not fall under artificial respirators or general anesthesia for a good life, so take my word for it.

As for the Alcotester, their presence in the product line of the company is even amusing - it began its activity more than a hundred years ago with the production of beer supply systems under the pressure of carbon dioxide. Therefore, if you have already gone too far in the contents of the beer keg, and then got to be examined, you can safely assume that Johan Dreger has twice been guilty of depriving you of rights.

But back to the breathalyzer. Naturally, he, as befits the old German mark, is not cheap at all - even if you remove the printer from the package bundle, it will be twice as expensive as the Korean competitor. On the other hand, it maintains accuracy even at small negative temperatures, which has always been a serious test for electrochemical sensors (they are usually used only for positive ones). Alcotest 6820 is ready for use already 2 seconds after switching on, fast and data processing: the test takes no more than 10 seconds.

For power supply, two AA batteries or two nickel batteries of the same size are used. The built-in USB port can also be used to charge batteries without interrupting use - a great solution!

But, anyway, the price of this undoubtedly high-class device will often be the main reason to choose a different model. Therefore, the rating of this breathalyzer, we are forced to put less than it could be.

Main advantages:
  • Accuracy and measurement speed
  • Performance up to minus 5 degrees Celsius
  • High price (including the cost of service from the officials)
9.7 / 10
We have been working with Drager equipment for a long time, so there is no doubt about the quality.
Drager Alcotest 5510
37 900

Now in the line of Drager breathalyzers, presented on the official website of the Russian representative office, there are only two models. So the Drager Alcotest 5510 is the most affordable option offered in our country.

As a portable, it is more convenient than the Model 6820 due to its compactness and lower weight. Printer connectivity is not: if the Alcotest 6820 is more suitable for medical hospitals, then this model will best show itself in the arsenal of a road inspector. The sensor is exactly the same here, so all the advantages of the Alcotest 6820 can be repeated for 5510.

The difference is in less autonomy and the absence of built-in charging for batteries; there is no optical connection to a branded printer. The memory of tests is also reduced - only 10 cells are available.

Main advantages:
  • High measurement accuracy
  • Compactness
  • Limited memory
9.6 / 10
Do not lie in the cold, it works very quickly. It justifies its price unequivocally.

Which breathalyzer is better to buy?

We note right away: if the breathalyzer, no matter how much it costs, is not certified as a medical device and is not approved as a measurement tool, its testimony has the same power for the court and the traffic police as the "measurements" with comic apps on the smartphone. Therefore, breathalyzers for personal use, not having certification, can only be used as a safety net before leaving, but there’s no way to appeal to them in disputes.

The basis of any breathalyzer is its sensor. Cheap semiconductor sensorsthat change resistance due to the penetration of ethanol vapor into them do not have any accuracy: they will have exactly the same reaction even to hydrogen sulfide. Due to low selectivity and pronounced temperature drift (that is, changes in readings depending on temperature, all other things being equal), such a purchase will, in fact, be a waste of money.

Spectrometric sensors have absolute selectivity to ethanol, but are the most expensive and slow to work. Therefore, they are used only on professional equipment, and then in medical institutions: only science fiction writers can imagine a pocket spectrograph now.

Therefore, the best choice is breathalyzer with electrochemical sensor. Such sensors have a long service life (the catalyst in the measuring cell is not consumed with time), and the selectivity is high, they have good accuracy without the need for particularly frequent calibrations. Such sensors are now used in certified equipment, and in fairly affordable household models.

On calibration frequency Pay special attention: an uncalibrated breathalyzer can show at least the weather on Mars. Taking into account the fact that the device itself cannot be calibrated, even for yourself (that is, with not very frequent use) you should choose a more “long-playing” model.

And finally: if you really doubt whether it is worth getting behind the wheel, isn't it better to call a taxi?

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