12 best Samsung TVs

2019 rating: the best Samsung TVs according to customers and experts.

The list of manufacturers of the most popular modern TVs is not so wide. In domestic retail, you can safely identify the three undisputed leaders, which rightfully includes the South Korean brand Samsung.

Samsung TVs, both low-cost and premium, are very widely represented in almost all major electronics stores, which, on the one hand, is easily explained by the presence of a branded factory in the Kaluga region, on the other hand, the popularity of the brand is a global phenomenon, scale.

The range is huge. In the model range of a variety of televisions from the most simple and affordable to high-tech and status, that afford not everyone. However, in places of massive sales, usually specialists of credit organizations do not sleep.

What to stop? How much does a suitable device cost, is it worth paying more? Where is she this "golden mean"? With answers to these and other questions you can decide after reading our current rating of the best TVs from Samsung.

What to look for when choosing a TV?

Diagonal. Compact models 22-32ʺ ideal for the kitchen. Panels 40-50ʺ fit perfectly into the interior of an average-sized apartment. 55 inches is now the universal standard for a large home TV. The largest devices from 65ʺ and more are expensive, the size of the room is appropriate, but a home theater based on them is just a fairy tale!

Display resolution. HD-Ready (720p) in a sense, not even yesterday, the day before yesterday. However, for compact TVs it will completely come off. Full HD - still alive "smoking room"! But otherwise, if the TV channels in SD and HD are the most, and film content is still mostly distributed in 1080p format. UHD 4K is great clarity. There were broadcasts from some satellite, cable providers. I am glad that buying media or downloading premium content in 4K is no longer an issue. It only weighs a lot of files. Televisions and monitors 8K - a lot of favorites because of the very high prices. In the pure form of the video is not yet found, but the format of the future. And it is just around the corner.

HDR support. Rejecting 3D, TV manufacturers, including Samsung, switched to technology that allows you to broadcast content shot in a wider than standard dynamic range, with maximum detail. Especially noticeable in dark and light areas of the picture. What was previously impossible to see in the shadows or on a bright background, now becomes visible. A certain analogy: a visually impaired person always saw the world as vague, first put on his glasses and - Wow!

QLED technology. The principle of operation in simple terms: between the classical LCD or in another way the LCD matrix and the LED backlight unit, an intermediate filter film is installed, consisting of a huge number of quantum dots (nanocrystals). Each of the particles passes light through itself, making it from white color. As a result, the screen displays the widest palette with more than a billion shades. QLED panels are as close as possible to OLED displays in terms of black depth, contrast, and are superior in peak brightness, and are not subject to fading.

Rating the best Samsung TV 2018 - the beginning of 2019

CategoryA placeNameRatingPrice
Best Compact HD (720p) Samsung TVs1Samsung UE32N4510AU9.4 / 1019 300
2Samsung UE24H4070AU9.2 / 1012 540
Best Full HD (1080p) Samsung TVs1Samsung UE43N5500AU9.5 / 1029 326
2Samsung UE43N5000AU9.4 / 1024 250
3Samsung T32E310EX9.3 / 1016 990
Top Samsung 4K UHD LED TVs1Samsung UE55NU8000U9.8 / 1063 200
2Samsung UE49NU7500U9.7 / 1049 776
3Samsung UE49NU7140U9.6 / 1047 900
Samsung's Top 4K QLED TVs1Samsung QE55Q9FNA9.9 / 10147 000
2Samsung QE55Q8CNA9.8 / 10117 300
3Samsung QE55Q6FNA9.7 / 1073 980
Best QLED 8K Smart Samsung TV1Samsung QE75Q900R9.9 / 10689 900

Best Compact HD (720p) Samsung TVs

Samsung UE32N4510AU
19 300

Inexpensive 32-inch Samsung 4-series TV is downright designed for the bedroom, living room or kitchen. The screen resolution of 1366x768 (HD 720p) is quite enough for high-quality playback of digital on-air, satellite or cable broadcasting (DVB-T2 / S2 / C), and there will be no problems reading the incoming content recorded in 1080p format.

The white color case will appeal to lovers of non-standard design solutions. The image has excellent color reproduction, which is a merit of technology PurColour. Ultra Clean View function helps to level distortions and give the picture clarity. The sound, however, is not the most powerful - 2x5 watts.

Smart TV platform is. Accordingly, a wide range of online entertainment is available, a lot of content, synchronization “over the air” with mobile devices, and much more.

Main advantages:
  • Democratic price tag;
  • Intellectual functions;
  • HDR technology (only for HDR10);
  • 2 connectors HDMI, Ethernet, Wi-Fi;
  • Digital optical audio output.
  • Only 1 USB port;
  • Uneven lights.
9.4 / 10
Specially looking for a Smart TV for the kitchen. Sitting there is a common thing, because smart opportunities are very important. It's funny, but there is no HDR in the big machine, but here it is. The built-in player is purely symbolic - it doesn't matter.
Samsung UE24H4070AU
12 540

Popular model on 24 inches. It does not apply to new products as of 2014, but it is still relevant, accessible and in demand. What to do if the leading manufacturers, including Samsung, have not offered anything new in this size for a long time. But how many users live in small apartments with a small but cozy kitchen, where a compact TV is clearly not superfluous.

The design of the UE24H4070AU is cute and neat. Display resolution HD-Ready 720p. The Clear Motion Rate is 100. The actual refresh rate is the usual 50 Hz (there could be no other). The image is characterized by bright vibrant colors due to the use of Wide Color Enhancer Plus color range technology.

TV reception is available in digital terrestrial, satellite and cable formats (DVB-T2 / S2 / C). Sound - 2x5 watts. For external connections are provided: 1 HDMI connector, 1 USB port.

Main advantages:
  • Affordable price;
  • "Scarce" size;
  • Glossy black frame, neat stand;
  • Good viewing angles;
  • Sound decoders Dolby Digital, DTS.
  • No Smart TV and Wi-Fi;
  • Delay when switching channels.
9.2 / 10
Needed a small TV without frills. I connected the antenna, the channels were found quickly, the picture is good. The sound is enough. Design like the interior does not spoil. Actually, they got what they wanted.

Best Full HD (1080p) Samsung TVs

Samsung UE43N5500AU
29 326

A bright representative of Samsung TVs 5 series sample 2018. The design is cute in a minimalist style, 43-inch screen with a resolution of FHD 1080p. Backlight - Edge LED. Wi-Fi, an intelligent smart TV platform are supported.

Depicting order. PurColour technology makes colors more realistic, Ultra Clean View is responsible for clarity. The TV supports extended dynamic range. Of course, there can be no 10-bit matrix here, but the fact that HDR 10 content is reproduced in greater detail is a fact.

The rebuke of the UE43N5500AU is usually put far from omnivorous built-in player. However, it is not necessary to torment the USB flash drive and USB port when there are 3 HDMI connectors and the ability to wirelessly transfer video from a computer, laptop through a software media server. Or just open the appropriate application.

Main advantages:
  • High-quality picture;
  • Universal tuner DVB-T2 / S2 / C;
  • Micro Dimming Pro;
  • 4-core processor.
  • Not very powerful sound - 10 W;
  • No headphone output.
9.5 / 10
Quite normal Smart TV, if you do not make excessive demands on it. It shows quite well, there is even HDR. The frames are thin, the legs are neat, almost imperceptible. The network seems to be holding up normally.
Samsung UE43N5000AU
24 250

A good Samsung TV for those who for one reason or another do not see the point in the Smart TV platform or have a separate Android-box, Apple TV, a media player with network functions. Alternatively, such models are bought for older people who have enough on / off buttons, channel and volume switches. Well, they do not hang in the social. networks and on YouTube.

So, there are no smart functions, but there is an excellent picture quality, smart navigation, decent sound. From technologies: Wide Color Enhancer expands the color palette, Clean View suppresses noise and interference, improves color and contrast, Ultra Clean View improves the quality of the input signal. The specific model has a screen size of 43ʺ, but is in the 32 and 49 inch version line.

Main advantages:
  • Display resolution 1920x1080 pix;
  • Qualitative indicator of the image - PQI 300, smoothing technology Motion Rate - 60;
  • Tuner (digital) DVB-T2 / S2 / C;
  • HDMI connectors - 2;
  • Hyper Real processor.
  • No support for HDR, DTS audio codec;
  • The standard USB player does not read all formats.
9.4 / 10
Decent Samsung TV at a good price. Put in the nursery to watch cartoons and drove to the console. The sound is normal - 20 watts. The design is modern. Small lights in the corners are present, but not critical.
Samsung T32E310EX
16 990

Compact device, which is a kind of hybrid TV and monitor. Therefore, the 32ʺ diagonal for this line of 2016 is the maximum, and the alternative options are even smaller than 24 and 22 inches. In all versions, the aspect ratio is 16: 9, the resolution is 1080p Full HD.

What else: response time - 5 ms, brightness - 300 cd / m², static contrast - 4000: 1. Digital Clean View technology is used to optimize image quality. There is a special mode of Football Mode, which optimizes the picture and sound for sports broadcasts.

Built-in speakers are not bad - 2x10 watts. Dolby and DTS audio codecs are supported. It is natural that the TV monitor is “sharpened” for desktop placement, but a wall hanging is also possible, for which there is no need to re-buy the bracket. It transforms part of the stand.

Main advantages:
  • Picture-in-Picture mode;
  • DVB-T2 / C signal reception (digital terrestrial and cable TV);
  • Comfortable viewing angles - 178 ° / 178 °;
  • Support for ConnectShare - view photos, video / audio from external drives via USB 2.0.
  • There are no smart features;
  • No satellite receiver.
9.3 / 10
Small universal TV with good resolution. The picture is of decent quality, the design is like, nothing superfluous. He wanted to. The price is quite adequate for such a device.

Top Samsung 4K UHD LED TVs

Samsung UE55NU8000U
63 200

Incredibly stylish and high-tech Samsung 8-series TV with a 55 экраном screen, deservedly bearing the “title” Premium UHD 4K TV. I would like to immediately clarify: UE55NU8000U is something like a flagship among the models with an LCD-matrix and traditional LED-backlighting. In terms of capabilities, it is not so far from the “older comrades” with the QLED screen, but at a price that is noticeably more accessible for a wide range of consumers.

Design - thin frameless with silver bottom plate and T-shaped stand. There is a wiring system. The display resolution is 3840x2160 pixels., The backlight is a side Edge LED. The matrix type is VA, the bit width is 10 bits (8 + FRC), the refresh rate is 120 Hz. The colors on the screen are vibrant and lifelike, thanks to the Dynamic Crystal Color technology. For premium content, the HDR Elite system is provided with support for HDR10, HDR10 +, HLG formats.

Alternative models are available with 65ʺ, 75ʺ, 82ʺ diagonals, as well as a 60-inch version of 49 inches. For lovers of the curved screen there is a similar line of characteristics NU8500.

Main advantages:
  • Advanced platform Smart TV on the platform Tizen 4.0;
  • Picture quality score PQI - 2500, smoothing of dynamic scenes - 200 MR (Motion Rate);
  • One Remote with voice control;
  • Game mode (input delay 14 ms);
  • A good sound system is 40 W (2x10, 1x20).
  • There is no support for the DTS audio codec.
9.8 / 10
Shows perfectly. Only it is necessary after purchase to correctly adjust the image for yourself. At first, on some broadcasts, artifacts on moving objects were noticeable. Resolved by disabling the auto smoothing feature.
Samsung UE49NU7500U
49 776

This 4K TV 2018 Premium UHD status is not burdened, but it is unlikely that it should somehow upset users whose wallet is far from being dimensionless. Meanwhile, the model is very decent, it looks clearly more expensive than its price, the image gives out very decent. A great "middle peasant" for creating a good home media center.

The screen is curved with a diagonal of 49 inches (there are also more expensive versions 55ʺ and 65ʺ in the line). The supported resolution is up to 3840x2160 pixels, the native refresh rate is 60 Hz, the matrix is ​​VA. The implementation of the Dynamic Crystal Color technology contributes to high-quality color reproduction, and intelligent UHD Dimming backlight control improves image clarity and detail.

The TV does an excellent job with SDR content, HDR support is also present, but the result is still not as good as with premium models. Smart TV platform provides plenty of opportunities for entertainment. A nice bonus is the One Remote Universal Remote Control.

Main advantages:
  • Minimalistic design with metallic thin frames;
  • Stylish stand with concealed cable management system;
  • Image quality - PQI 1800, dynamics smoothing - 100 MR;
  • Reception of any digital broadcasting formats - DVB-T2 / S2 / C;
  • 3 HDMI connectors, 2 USB ports.
  • Viewing angles are not perfect;
  • No DTS decoder.
9.7 / 10
Beautiful TV, which has everything I need. The remote was unusual at first, now it's normal. The picture is cool. Smart is quite comfortable, you can easily install "free" widgets.
Samsung UE49NU7140U
47 900

Continues our rating budget Ultra HD Samsung TV 7 series. Not some bad or very primitive, just the functionality and characteristics are somewhat curtailed in comparison with the representatives of the top segment.

The screen is a classic flat size of 49 inches (other options are 40, 43, 55, 65ʺ). The resolution is 3840x2160, the matrix is ​​native VA, the backlight is Edge LED. Onboard smart UHD Engine processor. Improving technologies: Mega Contrast, PurColour, UHD Dimming.

Smart Platform Smart TV running OS Tizen 2018 is stable and multifunctional. It’s a pity that the remote control is the most common without voice functions, so working with Bixby and SmartThing assistants is not possible.

Main advantages:
  • Reasonable price tag;
  • HDR technology with HLG, HDR10, HDR10 + support;
  • Resolution scaling up to 4K;
  • Motion Rate - 100, PQI (Image Quality Index) - 1300;
  • Digital full-length tuner - DVB-T2 / S2 / C.
  • Not the best indicators of peak brightness;
  • Medium sound (2x10 W) without DTS decoder support.
9.6 / 10
Normal is such a TV. The case is thin, the frames are small. When buying, I checked 2 copies for light and broken pixels, I chose the right one. Samsung Smart is the best. I put the necessary applications and am happy.

Samsung's Top 4K QLED TVs

Samsung QE55Q9FNA
147 000

The Samsung 2018 Q9FN high-end Samsung TV line from the premium QLED family is represented on the market in three diagonals 75, 65 and 55 inches. In our review, the latest version will be considered in view of the versatility of the size and thanks to the price tag, which will be able to master a greater number of potential buyers.

Design chic. Almost invisible frames, the possibility of wall hanging with almost no gap, One Connect module, connected to the panel with a thin inconspicuous cord. In Ambient mode, with minimal power consumption, the TV becomes an element of decor, broadcasting background images downloaded from the phone.

Excellent picture quality. The reasons: high-quality matrix (pure 10 bits), technology Quantum Dot, direct illumination, the most powerful processor Q Engine. Additionally, the anti-reflective elements of Ultra Black Elite are “aggravated” by the system, the Q color with more than a billion shades, the Q Contrast Elite with full massive darkening. Finally, the cherry on the cake - Q HDR Elite with the highest degree of detail.

Main advantages:
  • The resolution is 3840x2160 pixels, 120 Hz, the brightness is 2000 nits;
  • The PQI index is 3700;
  • Black depth at the OLED panel level;
  • Intellectual system Smart TV (Tizen 4.0) with the assistant Bixby;
  • One Remote remote control with voice search;
  • Audio system configuration 4.2 - 60 watts.
  • High price;
  • Branded wall bracket purchased separately and is not cheap (alternative optional stand - easel, cone).
9.9 / 10
The picture at the TV is magnificent, the thin connecting wiring is practically not visible. He hung on the wall, with Ambient it turns out quite aesthetically. Launched several 4K HDR movies - very cool.
Samsung QE55Q8CNA
117 300

Another good Samsung TV from the flagship line 2018 QLED TV. This version is relevant for fans of curved screens of a large diagonal. In our case, it is 55 inches, but there is a more expensive alternative at 65ʺ. The design is superb. The thinnest frames, smooth back surface, crescent-shaped stand with a hidden channel for laying the connecting cord.

There are many similarities with the older 9 series: resolution 3840x2160 pixels, 10-bit VA matrix, refresh rate - 120 Hz, Q color, Q HDR, “invisible” connection with transparent wire to the One Connect remote unit, Smart TV on the Tizen 4.0 platform, premium metal remote control with voice command support, Ambient mode.

But the backlight is simpler - side Edge LED. Accordingly, the likelihood of highlight is high. Contrast and detailing are normal, but Q9FN is preferable in this respect.

Main advantages:
  • Quantum dot technology;
  • Anti-glare display;
  • PQI - 3300, Motion Rate - 200;
  • Full-format tuner DVB-T2 / S2 / C;
  • Sound system 4.1 with an output power of 40 watts.
  • Narrow viewing angles (despite the fact that the manufacturer claims the opposite);
  • Quite overall unit for external connections.
9.8 / 10
Cool tv. True, for a lot of money. It works in conjunction with the receiver 7.2. As the basis of home cinema - pretty nice. The built-in player does not read half of the formats, but in my case it is not necessary.
Samsung QE55Q6FNA
73 980

A quantum dot TV can be bought at a relatively affordable price. And although in terms of performance, in terms of contrast, QE55Q6FNA is inferior to representatives of the older series, but if you draw a parallel with conventional LED TVs, it is more attractive as a carrier of the latest technologies from Samsung.

The screen is flat with a UHD resolution of 3840x2160 pixels, the native refresh rate is 120 Hz. The diagonal is 55 inches, but there are more options - 65, 75, 82. A smaller version at 49ʺ - 60 Hz. Supported Q color, Q Contrast, Q HDR Elite with the current formats HDR10, HLG, HDR10 +. The Smart TV platform is still the same Tizen 4.0, the universal One Remote console is made of dark plastic.

In this model, the manufacturer refused the remote unit One Connect and all connections are located directly on the TV. On the back cover and legs provided channels for laying wires.

Main advantages:
  • Background Ambient Mode;
  • 10-bit panel;
  • Viewing angles - 178 ° / 178 °;
  • The PQI index is 2800;
  • Sound - 40 W, configuration 2.1 CH.
  • Side lights Edge LED (you should check the uniformity with the purchase);
  • No anti-reflective coating.
9.7 / 10
QLED TV for the money - it is really profitable. I liked the image immediately, the design is excellent almost without frames. Smart is easier to use. Voice commands are not perceived very well. I hope the new firmware will help.

Best QLED 8K Smart Samsung TV

Samsung QE75Q900R
689 900

That is the future. The Korean company is a TV with a resolution of 7680x4320 pixels. The incredible color depth, amazing clarity, the highest sharpness and accurate texture processing allow you to fully immerse yourself in what is happening on the screen, giving the picture a three-dimensional effect.

8K content not available? Coming soon, Netflix has already tested videos in this format, and the Japanese are launching full-fledged broadcasts. In addition, the relevance of QE75Q900R can be traced not only in perspective, but now. On board is a unique Quantum 8K processor with an artificial intelligence function, with which any image, be it 4K or lower, is scaled to maximum quality.

The sound automatically adjusts to the content, is selected for each scene. Q HDR 8K provides excellent detail when viewing premium content. To date, the Q900R line is represented by models with a diagonal of 75 and 85 inches. The price tag of the first you see, the second is about twice as expensive.

Main advantages:
  • Great innovative design, invisible connection;
  • 10-bit matrix, Direct LED Direct (Full-Array Local Dimming) backlight with Quantum Dot technology;
  • The refresh rate is 120 Hz, the PQI index is 4300;
  • Intellectual platform Tizen 4.0, metal Remote One Remote with microphone;
  • Mode TV interior - Ambient.
  • Price tag for the elite.
9.9 / 10
I am not the owner of this TV, but I saw his work on the stand. The impression is just fantastic. It is a pity so far for the purchase I do not possess the appropriate budget. But there is something to strive for.

Features of Samsung TVs you need to know about before you buy

In the new TV dynamic scenes can sometimes be reproduced problem. Even the expensive 120 Hz models. The fact is that by default, an automatic “uplaver” is set up, designed to create the perfect picture in a commercial. Exit - disable and calibrate the image processing parameters manually.

Other typical problem for Samsung TV of the Russian assembly - uneven lighting. Especially if it is lateral. Service manufacturer considers the light at the corners of a valid phenomenon that is not a marriage. Accordingly, refuse to correct. Check the performance and quality of the image in the store or on delivery. If the trade organization supports the exchange for 2 weeks or longer (although it is not legally required for TV equipment), do not hesitate to use the action if something is not pleasant. Then it will be too late.

In the entire line of 2018, the manufacturer has cut USB media player features. Many files, such as DivX, are simply not readable, the DTS audio codec is not supported. To play collections created on removable media, you will have to convert them into an “edible” format, and then download them later. The problem disappears if you connect external sources via HDMI. High-resolution video can be viewed not only from a USB flash drive or hard drive, but also on specialized network resources.

Perhaps it is not the “harmfulness” of the Korean brand, but the fact that it was obliged to engage in the fight against pirated rips. But this is only an assumption.

That's all. Forewarned is forearmed!

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