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Poets describing the torments of unrequited love would not be so categorical about "There is nothing worse than the cold look of a loved one" if they were faced with the realities of a modern hangover. It was exactly the modern one: in the Middle Ages, having drowned suffering in wine, the poet could afford not to jump in the morning neither light nor dawn, to put himself in the divine form, to experience all the delights of standing in traffic jams or hustle in the subway, then to appear before the chief and get stuck 2 minutes late.

Therefore, the question of how to survive the consequences of the party, and what means well help from a hangover, is more than acute.

To the delight of all fans of club life and victims of episodic parties, in a regular pharmacy, you can buy something that will save the situation after libations, and with a certain amount of forethought even prevent the development of a hangover.

So who are our “morning heroes” - the best hangover cures?

best hangover pills

The cost of a package containing 10 effervescent tablets is about 220 rubles.

Benefits. Many people who have already evaluated the effectiveness of the famous Alka-Seltzer as an "antipohmelin" will be interested to learn that this drug is actually intended for the treatment of symptoms such as headache, fever and other "normal" troubles. And it does not contain anything supernatural: soda, aspirin and citric acid.

It is easy to heal from a hangover with Alka-Seltzer: just throw a pill into the water, stir and drink a pleasant-tasting drink. Aspirin will relieve a headache and reduce the load on the heart, due to the “dilution” of blood, citric acid and soda stabilize acid-base reactions in the stomach and accelerate the absorption of aspirin, and after half an hour or an hour after taking the drug, life will not be that bleak.

disadvantages. What alleviates the hangover - aspirin - can also damage health at the same time if Alka-Seltzer is taken during menstruation, with a tendency to gastrointestinal bleeding (including hemorrhoids), as well as for any conditions involving blood clotting disorders. Be careful in general.

findings. Alka-Seltzer perfectly relieve symptoms of a moderate hangover, and if followed the instructions for use will not cause side effects. But still, he is not omnipotent: 9 points out of 10.

Reviews. “Alka-Seltzer is the best hangover cure. Very effectively eliminates not only a hangover, but also heartburn, and a headache. It has anti-inflammatory, antipyretic and analgesic effects. It helps me".

best cure for hangovers

The cost of packaging containing 225g of pasta is about 370 rubles.

Benefits. The hangover is different. And if your morning begins with a hug from a “white friend” and these tenderness do not end within a few hours, and the headache and upset stool joins this joy - you can surely talk about severe alcohol intoxication. In this case, banal methods of dealing with a hangover in the form of cucumber pickle or aspirin will be, at best, useless. At worst, they will aggravate the situation.

Enterosgel, containing a matrix of silicon dioxide, absorbs and removes from the body what caused the poisoning - alcohol metabolites. It is these substances circulating in the blood that have a toxic effect on the organs and disrupt almost all processes.

But besides alcohol intoxication, Enterosgel is able to eliminate foodborne infections, which often accompany poisoning with alcohol degradation products. What you take for a hangover may be “banal” food poisoning caused by the consumption of substandard rolls or pizza, ordered at home, or get-togethers at a catering establishment, which does not comply with sanitary requirements.

disadvantages. Pasta, which the manufacturer describes as "tasteless", actually has an unpleasant taste even for a healthy person, not to mention suffering from a hangover and nausea. So trying to keep Enterosgel in the stomach can be the main task during treatment.

findings. For the sake of Enterosgel, you can break the rules a little and give two points.

In the treatment of a hangover, he "pulls" 9 points out of 10, and one point from Enterosgel took away his unpleasant taste. But if you take it before you drink alcohol, its taste will be quite tolerable, and alcohol intoxication will bypass you at all the next morning. In this case - 10 points.

Reviews. “I always drink enterosgel before a party or get-togethers with friends and alcohol, so everything goes without problems from the stomach. The best hangover cure, albeit a bit expensive. ”

the best cure for indigestion during a hangover

The cost of a package containing 10 capsules is about 600 rubles, a package with 2 capsules is 190 rubles.

Benefits. If in the morning the stomach protests against everything whose volume exceeds the volume of a teaspoon, it is impossible to pour even the most miraculous solution into it. Zorex capsules in this case will be salvation: 1 capsule + a sip of water will pass unnoticed, even for the most capricious stomach.

But the real value of Zorex is different: unitiol and calcium pantothenate, which are part of the preparation, have a powerful detoxification effect in relation to the most terrible toxins - alcohol metabolites, heavy metal salts and even arsenic compounds. Unlike enterosorbents, which absorb harmful substances and remove them, Zorex “binds” them - forms strong compounds that deprive the toxins of their toxic effect.

This drug is not able to deal with food poisoning along with, for example, Enterosgel. But if you are not sure of the quality of alcohol consumed on the eve and suspect that “that Jack Daniels with a new label design” is of non-original origin - Zorex will do its job.

disadvantages. Perhaps the price - the only thing that can confuse. But on the other hand, Zorex is not a vitamin that needs to be taken three times a day, but a means for “emergency” salvation. Therefore, we will not consider the cost of Zorex a disadvantage.

findings. In the ranking of the best remedies for a hangover - deserved 10 points out of 10.

Reviews. «We drank Zorex the day after the banquet - very well removed all the symptoms. Giving her husband after a week-long binge - also helps a lot, only time and appropriate dosage are needed.».

the best way to prevent a hangover

The cost of a package containing 8 chewable lozenges is about 70 rubles.

Benefits. Antipokhmelin will help not only to cope with the symptoms of a not very heavy hangover, but even to prevent them. To do this, before drinking alcohol and during a feast, you must occasionally throw a pastille in your mouth and chew it.

What's the secret? In organic acids that slow down oxidative processes that convert alcohol to toxic acetaldehyde. And already formed acetaldehyde and its “partner” - acetic acid - under the influence of Antipohmelin are quickly transformed into water and carbon dioxide, which are then excreted through the kidneys with urine and through the lungs - with respiration.

These Antipohmelin effects will allow you to relive without loss events where you are afraid to “bust” or simply want to make it easier for your body to dispose of alcohol metabolites - substances responsible for your nausea, headache and desire to survive this day in anabiosis.

disadvantages. With an already developed alcoholic intoxication of above moderate severity, Antipochmelin is unlikely to alleviate your condition - it does not have a sorption capacity that allows it to absorb, bind and remove toxins from the body. So, if the hangover is felt by every cell of the body, and the stomach “asks” outside - choose another, more powerful tool.

findings. Pleasant pastilles that are convenient to take in any circumstances - the dignity of Antipohmelin. And his ability to prevent a hangover will appeal to people who prefer to plan tomorrow. Unfortunately, a strong hangover this tool does not ease, so - 9 points out of 10.

Reviews. “After abundant libations, I feel very bad. But at work sometimes it is necessary after successful negotiations! Waivers are not accepted! In advance, I stock up with Antipokhmelin lozenges and lemonade - in half an hour you can come to a normal state, and if you also take a contrast shower, it's generally super! ”

Vegetable pickles
the best hangover cure

Cost - from 0 rubles and above.

Benefits. Not a single “anti-stumbling” list is complete without a traditional pickle. To understand what is so special about him, you need to go back in time - at the time of the party or feast - and remember how many times you have visited the toilet. A lot, right? Alcohol has a kind of diuretic properties, forcing the kidneys to work “for wear”, removing its decay products from the body. But along with the metabolites of alcohol and water, valuable salts, electrolytes, are derived, without which the heart is hard to work.

And in the vegetable (cucumber, tomato, cabbage, etc.) brine, everything that a suffering person needs is amazingly selected: water, salt, vitamins, trace elements and organic acids (from vegetables). As a result, quick relief of nausea, headache and restoration of general tone. Life can be said to go on.

disadvantages. It is rather a lack of awareness of the population, and not a lack of brine. Only the brines obtained by fermentation vegetables - traditional canning with the addition of sugar, vinegar and subsequent boiling makes of brine is not a very useful drink, which only causes even greater thirst.

findings. 10 points out of ten - whole generations of people can not be wrong.

Reviews. «Brines - the only thing that saves you from a hangover for free, and almost always is at hand. Especially well act on the stomach, after a glass of pickle an appetite appears in half an hour, but without a “medicine” it can make you sick all day and the piece does not creep into your throat».

What you need to know?

To make it easier for you to get out of the hangover state and minimize the risk of possible undesirable consequences, follow these rules:

  • Correct sleep. Even if after a meeting with friends left to sleep a couple of hours, the quality of sleep can compensate for its short duration. Before bed, be sure to ventilate the bedroom, and if the temperature outside the window allows, then leave the window or window open at night: to “utilize” alcohol, the body needs a lot more oxygen than usual - a sufficient amount of it will allow you to wake up with a surprisingly fresh head in the morning.
  • Fluid intake rate. The advice to “drink as much as possible” is not only harmful, but dangerous. Water-salt metabolism during intoxication is so disturbed that an excessive amount of water or fruit juice will lead to severe edema, which will affect not only the appearance, but also the work of internal organs and general well-being. Focus on your own desire to drink water or not to drink, and best of all on the eve of the feast prepare light vegetable soup or okroshka and put them in the refrigerator. In the morning it will be a means to satisfy the needs of the body both in liquid and in nutrients.
  • No coffee. Caffeine is not only an invigorating substance. It is also a strong diuretic. A couple of cups of coffee, of course, will invigorate you for 1-2 hours, but the loss of fluid, which is already “deficient” at a hangover, will show itself with double force after the caffeine has expired. Well, plus to everything, during a hangover the stress on the heart, to which the coffee leads, certainly to anything. To cheer up, it is better to take a contrast shower, using comfortable-warm and comfortable-cool water.
Attention! There are contraindications, consultation of the expert is necessary.

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