6 best shaving products

Shaving without problems: choose the best foam, cream and shaving gel

Shaving products have long been an attribute of a real man and a win-win gift for any occasion. Yes, and on the female shelf in the bathroom, they also found a place of honor. Find out what is better: foam, gel or shaving cream and which brands to give their preference?

What is better - foam, cream or shaving gel?

Type of funds

Today, there are three types of shaving products:

Cream - The easiest and budget option for shaving products. It is well applied to the skin and is easily distributed, well moisturizes the skin. However, the cream most often requires the use of a shaving brush (which is not very convenient) and cannot provide a perfect razor glide over the skin, and this leads to irritation, cuts, and insufficient clean shaving. Experts believe that shaving cream is the last century and recommend it only to people with undemanding skin.

Foam - the traditional and most popular tool for shaving. It is easy to apply, moisturizes the skin, softens the hairs, gives a sufficient degree of slip of the blades on the skin, thereby providing a comfortable shave. In addition, it is always ready to use: to get a portion of air foam, you need only one click on the balloon. It is best to use shaving foam for people with soft and sparse bristles, for young men and teenagers.

Gel - the most economical in terms of consumption, but also the most expensive. It differs from the foam gelatinous consistency. The gel is applied harder than foam, as it takes time to "blur" the funds on the skin. However, dermatologists claim that this method of application is extremely useful for the skin: cleanses, tones, softens hairs and perfectly prepares the skin for shaving. Shaving gel provides the best razor glide and is best suited for men with stiff bristles.

The indicators of comfort include the amount of the product and its rate of consumption, ease of packaging, availability and convenience of the dispenser, safety and cleanliness of shaving, aroma and general skin sensations after using the product. All these nuances are purely individual, but it is they who create the general impression of the shaving tool and make you love (or not love) it.

Which manufacturer of shaving products is the best?

Despite the abundance of offers in stores, there are only two leaders who conquered the Russian market: Nivea and Gillette. Both companies produce a full range of good shaving products (foams, creams, gels), designed for different skin types, and equally share consumer recognition. Loreal and Cliven products are also of good quality, but they are less popular due to higher prices.

The low-cost segment is occupied by products from the brands Arco, Mennen, Gibbs and domestic companies Liberty and Red Line. They have a low price (up to 100 rubles), a wide range and good consumer characteristics.

There are many tools for shaving from the category of pharmaceutical cosmetics (Avene, Ragase, Vichy) and luxury brands (Loccitane, Shiseido, Clinique, Lancome, etc.). The quality of most of them can be called the best, but due to the high price these funds are not very popular.

Ranking of the best shaving foams, creams and gels - TOP-6

Price Expert chose 6 popular shaving products.


Estimated cost, rub.


Rating, on a 10-point scale

Gel for shave NIVEA for men sensitive


optimal shaving gel


Gel for shave Gillette Mach3 Pure and Sensitive


the best shaving gel without irritation and cuts


EAU Thermale Foam, Avene


best pharmacy shaving foam


Foam L'Oreal Paris Men expert Hydra sensitive


the most comfortable shaving foam


Shaving gel Arko Cool


good quality shaving cream


Shaving Cream Freedom "Apple Blossom"


inexpensive shaving cream for oily skin


And now we reveal the secrets of the popularity of each of the selected products.

1. NIVEA for men sensitive - optimal shaving gel

The average price in the Russian Federation: 180 p.

Why in our rating: the perfect shave at the best price.

In the extensive line of shaving products from Nivea users especially note this gel. It is easy to apply and instantly turns into a soft foam, providing a safe and quick shave. Chamomile extract relieves irritation, and vitamin E cares for the skin. Shaving Gel has a convenient dispenser that allows you to accurately measure the desired amount of funds. "Price expert" considers it the best product in terms of price and quality.


  • simple and comfortable use;
  • economical consumption;
  • smooth glide;
  • without skin irritation.

Minus: pretty bright smell, but it's not for everybody.

Typical reviews on shaving gel NIVEA for men sensitive:

“For the first time I see a gel that is so easily washed into a gentle, pleasant foam! The effect of using Nivea gel is also very good: shaving is comfortable, the skin is not irritated, the appearance and aroma are pleasant. ”

“The product is just perfect: the foam is thick and gentle, the razor slides like clockwork, and the skin after it is soft and there is never any irritation on sensitive skin!”

2. Gillette Mach3 Pure and Sensitive - the best shaving gel without irritation and cuts

Average price in Russia: 180 r.

Why in our ranking: the cleanest shave.

Gilette's shaving gel's goal is the best razor glide. The triple skin protection system creates on it a layer of emollients and lubricants with a high content of glycerin and silicone, which ensures a very close shave and eliminates the possibility of cuts and irritation. The gel does not contain fragrances and dyes and can be recommended even for a capricious skin.


  • without smell;
  • very close shave;
  • provides high-quality skin care and cleansing.

Minuses: not.

Typical reviews about Gillette Series Sensitive Skin with aloe:

“My husband has very sensitive skin, he has suffered for years with the selection of the best shaving products. Many caused terrible irritation. This gel is very gentle and very “slippery”. Does not cause discomfort, and the skin after shaving is very soft. "

“Gillette presented the gel to her husband, but with pleasure I use it myself! A very pleasant product without a pronounced male fragrance, which makes it possible to shave very cleanly and leaves a feeling of fresh and soft skin. ”

3. EAU Thermale, Avene - the best pharmacy shaving foam

Average price in the Russian Federation: 700 r.

Why in our ranking: the quality is impeccable, the price is far from ideal.

According to reviews, this tool based on thermal water Aven completely overturns the established view of a comfortable and easy shave. Foam on a consistence reminds mousse with slightly oily structure which instantly softens hairs and allows to remove them easily and without unpleasant consequences. Avene contains effective antibacterial and skin soothing ingredients and is especially recommended for problem skin.


  • ultra soft shave;
  • strong antiseptic effect;
  • valuable components.


  • high price;
  • uneconomical expense.

Typical EAU Thermale, Avene foam reviews:

“With this foam it’s as if you put some kind of whipped cream on your face, it’s very nice. Shaving is even more pleasant, skin irritation is minimal, pain becomes minimal too. In general, it is a pleasure. ”

“With Aven, the bristles become so soft that you don’t even notice how it shaves. I advise you to experience these feelings! ”

4. L'Oreal Paris Men expert Hydra Sensitive - the most comfortable shaving foam

Average price in the Russian Federation: 230 p.

Why in our rating: expert approach to shaving.

The best of all male shaving products from L'Oreal. Differs in especially magnificent, dense and dense foam which is very easily put and just as easily removed by the razor. Users note that shaving with the Hydra Sensitive is especially comfortable due to the unobtrusive smell and the complete absence of skin irritation.


  • dense foam;
  • original dispenser - makes foam especially soft and saves money;
  • subtle pleasant aroma.

Minus: withRinging is slightly worse compared to Nivea and Gilette, although the result is equally good.

Typical foam reviews L 'Oreal Paris Men expert Hydra Sensitive:

“After shaving, there was not a single cut or even irritation on the neck. The sensation after the foam is pleasant, it does not pull or pinch. As a product of massmarket, it is very successful and worthy of attention. ”

“Delicate and economical foam that suddenly turned out to be better and softer than shaving gels! The bottle has an unusual sprayer, thanks to which the foam is well saturated with air and at the same time remains thick. ”

5. Arko Cool - the best budget shaving cream

Average price in Russia: 70 p.

Why in our ranking: cheap and high quality.

ARKO Cool shaving cream of the Turkish company Evyap is inexpensive and well suited for skin care without the tendency to irritation. It is non-greasy, similar in texture to toothpaste, and is well distributed over the skin. It can be used with or without a brush.


  • price;
  • pleasant aroma + easy cooling effect;
  • relatively comfortable shave.

Minus: does not protect against irritation.

Typical reviews for shaving cream Arko Cool:

“It smells good, the skin cools, it is well distributed, the foam is very thick. The razor after it is easily washed. And yes, it's inexpensive. ”

“For the budget option, the best shaving cream has a great fragrance and is surprisingly well washed out on the skin. No discomfort when shaving is not noticed. "

6. Freedom "Apple Blossom" - inexpensive shaving cream for oily skin

Average price in the Russian Federation: 40 r.

Why in our rating: quality according to GOST

The cream of the famous domestic factory "Svoboda" was made according to GOST and has not changed its recipe for many years. Minus this or plus is up to the consumer. We can only say that another so worthy shaving cream at such a nice price simply does not exist. The original aroma and pronounced caring effect allow the use of this cream to both men and women.


  • price;
  • pleasant apple flavor;
  • compactness - convenient to take on the road;
  • good caring properties.


  • relatively weakly blurred;
  • not suitable for very dry skin;
  • unpretentious appearance.

Typical reviews of the Freedom "Apple Blossom":

“Normally whipped, comfortable tube size, does not dry the skin. The price is ridiculous! Minus one - leaves a soapy aroma after shaving. "

“Apple Blossom” is not only a good shaving product, but also saves the skin from black spots and fat content in the summer. Good, nice, traditional soap cream. ”

What is the shaving tool to choose?

We considered only 6 of the most popular and worthy of your attention means, but good shaving products are much more. Fortunately, the affordable price of most foams, gels and shaving creams provides the pleasure of choosing and experimenting in search of the best, most comfortable skin care product. Enjoy the shopping!

Attention! There are contraindications; consultation of a specialist

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