3 best eyelash extensions

Firmly, gently and for long

Want to make people beautiful? Are you a leshmeker or novice eyelash master? Then the review will be most welcome!

1 place. "Dolce Vita"
The best glue for eyelash extension premium

Rating: 10 out of 10.

Average price: 1300 rub.

"Dolce Vita" - high quality glue for eyelash extension. Produced in South Korea since 2007, but the brand is widely known to leshmeykeram around the world. In the product line, the manufacturer has practically everything that is needed for a high-quality extension - silk eyelashes, degreasers, fixers, tweezers for extension. All products are hypoallergenic. The company is represented in the market of services by numerous shops, beauty salons, training centers.


  • 5 weeks socks of the extended eyelashes on condition of the correct care of them
  • Average commit time - 2 seconds
  • Suitable even for people with allergies.
  • Well seizes an artificial eyelash with native and instantly fixes
  • Does not hold eyelashes together
  • Comfortable liquid consistency
  • Does not stretch and is easy to apply.
  • Does not cause discomfort on the eyes after building

From reviews of glue for eyelash extension company "Dolce Vita ": “I heard by chance that the Dolce Vita build-up materials are very good. I decided to try. I bought type A glue - I really liked it! Lightweight, with a good consistency! No red eyes and tears. Now I work only with them. ”

2nd place. "Vivienne"
Medium class eyelash glue

Rating: 9 out of 10.

Average price: 900 rub.

Vivienne is a South Korean trademark owned by the well-known company Macy Inst.Manf.Co. In the market of goods since 2009, and for 5 years, the company has gained wide popularity among the masters of eyelash extensions. Production is carried out in dozens of factories, and the trading network is established not only in the CIS, but also in Italy, Spain, Serbia, the USA, and Germany. Among the products of the company “Vivienne” are eyelashes for every taste and color, good adhesives for extensions, remuvers, primers.


  • Artificial eyelashes, with proper care, hold on for almost a month without correction.
  • Average fixation time - 3 seconds
  • The entire line of adhesives is hypoallergenic
  • Convenient to glue - on the artificial eyelash no extra drops of glue
  • The glue is very plastic - sticky cilia are easy to separate.
  • Minimum vapors of glue
  • Does not irritate eyes and does not cause tearfulness.


  • Sometimes a runny nose and a sore throat can occur during the buildup.

From reviews of glue for eyelash extension company "Vivienne: “I liked Vivienne Extra glue most of all! He does not need a refrigerator for storage, the cilia with him are kept for 3 weeks just perfect and only after the 3rd week they are just starting to fall out. And the cilia on the eyes are not felt, soft, elastic. I advise everyone! ”

3rd place. "Sky"
The best inexpensive eyelash glue

Rating: 9 out of 10.

Average price: 700 rub.

Another glue for eyelash extensions, produced in South Korea. Low cost, but at the same time has excellent properties: well applied, dries quickly, firmly fixes the eyelashes.


  • Average fixation time - 3 seconds
  • Very light texture - comfortable when applied to artificial eyelashes.
  • Glue does not glue other eyelashes together
  • Does not cause unpleasant sensations of the eye - redness and tearfulness
  • Dries quickly and firmly fixes artificial and native eyelashes.
  • Does not emit fumes


  • Picky to storage temperature

From reviews of glue for eyelash extension company "Sky ": “Today I finally tried everything from Sky products. I used to work with glue before, so I can say with confidence that it is very comfortable in work (instant coupling) and showed itself perfectly in wearing (girls walk with good cilia for 1.5 months). Having tried all the leading brands of eyelash extension materials, “Sky” is now my favorite! ”

What glue is better to build eyelashes?

Each master by trial and error selects exactly the glue that fits under his hand and will be easy to use. Dear glue is not a guarantee of a perfect extension, but you shouldn’t hope that with cheap glue, eyelashes will turn out like on the cover of a fashion magazine.

A drop of glue should be regularly updated (if it is cool in the room, then once every 15 minutes, if it is dry and hot, then more often). Glue should be liquid - this ensures that it will not be visible on the eyelashes, and eyelashes will last longer. Even a little thickened glue greatly reduces the quality of work.

The optimum temperature for building is 22-24 degrees.

Store glue in a cool dark place. Many manufacturers do not recommend storing glue for building in the refrigerator. Be sure to read and follow the instructions.

The main thing in the choice of glue is the client's well-being during the extension (no tearing and redness of the eyes), fast fixation, long toe of the extended eyelashes and ease of operation. And how much it will cost - this is a minor indicator.

And finally - a video tutorial from the master eyelash extension, which is recommended by the wizard on the forums makeup artists:

Attention! There are contraindications, consultation of the expert is necessary.

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