7 best creams for stretch marks

The rating of miraculous drugs against strii from our expert

Waiting and having a child is the brightest and happiest time for a woman. However, the emergence of such delicate problems as generic stretch marks on certain parts of the body, bothers many modern mothers. Cosmetics industry gurus offer women the best products for natural beauty of the skin with care about the future of the baby!

Let's start the review with the announcement of the brands of creams that are widely known, but not honored to be present in our rating for objective reasons. So, the TOP did not go:

  • Avon
  • Roc

Cream from stretch marks from “Avon” is a useless acquisition, judging by the numerous reviews of disappointed customers. Coupled with an extensive allergic rash, its use leaves only negative impressions. The second contestant from “Rock” overtook a competitor in quality, but its use during GW and carrying a child is strictly prohibited by the manufacturer, apparently due to unacceptable “harmfulness” ...

Avent - the best stretch mark cream from America

Estimated price: 680 rubles per tube in 200 ml

What stands out: relieves itching, periodically resulting from stretching the skin of the abdomen

Why in the ranking: algae, almonds and exotic lacquer in the composition - all for the elasticity of the skin. Efficient formula is safe during HB

Our rating: 10/10 American Brand

Customer Reviews:

“... for the 5th month of use after birth, my strikes smoothed out almost completely, the shallow steels and color changed to solid (or they were purple). I liked this cream! ... ”

“... he is so fragrant! Low-fat absolutely, I smeared all pregnancy under clothes. The result - no stretch has drawn on my body! ... "

Venus - the best in the rating of cream- "fitness"

Estimated price: 730 rubles per tube in 150 ml

What stands out: has a lifting effect

Why in the ranking: Awarded with soy and vitamin E, the cream fights skin breaks and sagging. Tightens the reliefs so that many moms mark a significant increase in skin elasticity in comparison with its “pre-pregnancy” state!

Our rating: 9/10. The tangible result comes not earlier than six months of intensive use, for a long wait we steal 1 point from Venus

Customer Reviews for Venus stretch mark cream:

"... on the tummy and breasts the skin became elastic, and the stretch marks did not appear)) But I used venus all ber-ness and then too ..."

“... the consistency is cool with cream, for prophylaxis - the most that! It helped me ... "

Mama Donna - the best Italian cream for stretch marks

Estimated price: 550 rubles for a tube in 200 ml

What stands out: provides complete safety for the fetus - does not affect the inner layers of the skin

Why in the ranking: wheat oils, rice bran, E and PP vitamins superficially moisturize the skin, preventing tissue stretching

Our rating:10/10 Popular cream from the brand Chicco approved by tens of thousands of Russian mothers

Customer Reviews:

"... any cream, of course, is not a panacea for such a misfortune, but I have a large proportion of strii" gone "after the 3-month course" Mother Donna "..."

“... I recommend, girls! At first she helped her friend, and then she helped me - there is not a single stretch ... "

Lierac Fitolastil - good gel for the prevention of striae

Estimated price: 1570 rubles for a tube in 200 ml

What stands out: has anti-cellulite effect

Why in the ranking: vegetable flavonoids increase cellular vitality, eliminating striae and scars. Fights both characteristic age-related skin changes and defects caused by hormonal changes

Our rating: 8/10. The gel leaves traces on clothes, which makes it difficult to use, and it is more suitable for prevention, but not for active struggle with existing stretch marks.

Customer Reviews:

"... the skin elasticity really increases, smeared my stomach with this gel and now I don’t know what stretch marks are! ..."

“... a little expensive, but this is the only cream, gel that really copes with the problem of stretch marks. I'm happy… "

Kontraktubex - the best gel in the ranking from stretch marks and postpartum scars from Germany

Estimated price: 580 rubles for a 20-tube tube

What stands out: effectively not only local application of the gel, but also warm baths with the addition of "Kontraktubeks"

Why in the ranking: Allantoin, Luka Ceray extract and heparin sodium are not absorbed into the bloodstream, which means that the drug is absolutely safe for the fetus and the expectant mother. These same components regenerate the skin processes at the cellular level, which contributes to the "tightening" even of old stretch marks.

Our rating: 10/10 The German manufacturer has created a universal remedy that purposefully combats skin imperfections and problems of young mothers.

Customer Reviews:

“... wow! I didn’t even think about contracting, BUT the effect is stunning. My old stretch marks literally evaporated after applying this wonder cream ... "

"... I have all the products from Merz I like it a lot, and Kontraktubex helped me to overcome the hated postpartum “scars” on the belly, sides and chest - 5+! ... ”

Eveline - the best in the rating of serum, burning fat

Estimated price: 215 rubles per tube in 200 ml

What stands out: returns skin natural tone

Why in the ranking: caffeine, fat burning ginger, retinol and a complex of concomitant vitamins, listed in the list of active ingredients, not only remove stretch marks, but also “break” excess fat cells, moisturize thanks to kelp extract

Our rating: 10/10 Primary results in the form of elastic skin and changes in the color of stretch marks are noticeable after a week of use - the serum has earned the highest score for the lightning effect!

Customer Reviews:

"... stretch marks from its use fade, but you need to be smeared at least a couple of months, less - you will not notice the effect ..."

"... the smell is awesome for this serum, the price is reasonable, the result is not fast, but, in my opinion, this is a good alternative to the operation ..."

Sanosan - the best in the ranking of eco-cream against strii

Estimated price: 360 rubles per tube in 100 ml

What stands out: authoritative OKO-TEST put the highest quality score for this cream

Why in the ranking: Wheat protein, olive oil and the ecological purity of the product make it highly effective and, most importantly, safe. Saturates cells with vitamins, gives elasticity

Our rating: 10/10 German quality at a ridiculous price? This is "Sanosan"

Customer Reviews:

“... fatty and the smell is not so hot, but the result is good. Used Sanosan from the 5th month. pregnancy and after the birth of a daughter - everything is OK, there is not a single stretch ... "

"... I liked the dense texture of the cream, it is well absorbed, did not remove the old stretch marks, but made them imperceptible, in general ..."

What cream for stretch marks is better to buy?

The choice of the drug to prevent the appearance of striae and their “smoothing” is based on three factors that characterize the cream:

  • Efficiency
  • Security
  • Skin care

Depending on personal wishes, a young mother can choose for herself the best stretch mark cream at the best price, which will respond to individual requests. And the proposed rating helps only navigate the variety of innovative cosmetics.

Attention! There are contraindications; consultation of a specialist

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