Hit parade of gift ideas for teens

How to choose a truly good gift fascinating, full of surprises of youth? About it - further!

Adolescence is considered to be difficult. According to psychologists, it is difficult not only for others, but also for teenagers themselves. It is like balancing on a rope between childhood and adult life, trying to look at the world with new eyes. For adolescent "harmfulness", vulnerability, hypersensitivity, emotionality, lively thinking and endless energy are almost always hidden.

However, holidays are at any age! And what about a holiday without a gift?

Choosing joy for their quietly grown up karapuz, remember that attention to their personality, interest in their life, respect for their opinions and tastes are important to them. A gift chosen especially for them will be especially valuable, and not just because it is so accepted.

The main rule: a gift with love and attention included! Let it be inexpensive, the main thing that brought joy. Take a closer look yourself or ask your friends about what interests the hero of the future celebration, it will help you choose a gift that will make a happier young lady or young gentleman.

Top 10 gift ideas for a teenager girl


1. Beauty lessons - an indispensable gift, which is also much easier to do than to choose something from cosmetics. At the same time, young ladies will learn how to look great and properly take care of themselves from a professional, rather than applying war paint, following the advice of girlfriends-classmates. They will be able to get basic skills and recommendations that are specific to their type of skin, hair, facial features. And the evening make-up, made as a gift at the end of the course (and also supplemented with a photo session), will leave unforgettable impressions that you can also boast to your girlfriends in social networks.

2. Gift certificate to purchase clothes or linen. Such a gift will emphasize that you respect the preferences of the young girl. She can choose things that will definitely make her happier, and you can enjoy the shopping process together.

3. Jewelry. No matter what it will be - gold, silver, or just jewelry, the main thing is to choose an unusual and stylish. At this age, you want not only what Natasha, Oli or Marina has, but also to stand out, to be original. It is worth noting that watches also belong to jewelry, which in our modern age has ceased to be a practical thing for determining time and turned into a fashion accessory.

4. Bag. Bags, as you know, a lot does not happen. Fashionable thing with original decoration will delight every girl.

Shy nature

5. Photo session from a professional. Hours spent in front of the lens will be unforgettable. They will allow shy young ladies to look at themselves differently, to understand their exceptional charm.

6. Dance courses. Such a gift will help a girl who is embarrassed to go to a disco, increase her self-esteem and become a “dance floor star”. For girls, and indeed, as for boys, it is important to please yourself for yourself, and the ability to dance is just what you need.

Fascinated young ladies

7. Keen on - creative embroidery kits with beads, a workshop for making scented candles or soap (from 2000 rubles), a mini-studio for making pottery with a potter's wheel (1500–63000 rubles) or a mini-fashion studio, sets for creating cosmetics and perfumery (from 1900 rub.), Stained glass, sand paintings-masks (from 1000 rub.), Easel or high-quality paint brushes.

8. Certificate for lessons in the school of a young journalist, manager, geographer, model, psychologist, culinary specialist, or even pilots. Many people will also appreciate the gift of an invitation to vocal or acting classes (an average of 1900 rubles). All this can be supplemented with a voice recorder or camera that will help in learning (from time to time you can use them yourself).

9. Rock Concert Tickets, festival, thematic lecture, to the theater (better, of course, not one). Many at this age have idols, and such a gift can make you happy. It will be especially pleasant to enjoy and discuss impressions with friends.

10. Original gift can become an umbrella cane in the form of an army helmet (900 rubles) or with hidden patterns that appear only in the rain (800 rubles), a flash card in the form of a goldfish or skate (from 100 rubles), functional key chains with the ability to upload photo, apparatus for making cotton candy or popcorn (an average of 2500 rubles).

Top 10 gift ideas for adolescent boys


1. The best gift will be tickets (and for friends too) for football, hockey, basketball, bowling club or a concert of your favorite musical group. The event can be supplemented by a discussion of an event in a cafe. Surely, together with friends will have a great time. It is important that whoever decides to take with him the young man himself, adolescents enjoy making independent decisions. In addition, he will be able to improve his status in the company, that is, believe me, and may be the best gift.

2. Paintball certificate (from 1500 rubles for one player) or a trip to the survival camp. The game of "war" almost for real - such a gift to please almost all boys (even adult uncles, having forgotten about everything, are shelling enemies from an ambush with surprising excitement).


3. Teenagers spending a lot of time on the computer You can donate, for example, a Photoshop training course, or a new computer game. Among modern computer "tricks" there are many useful ones that make us think hard, combine different chips, figures, numbers, answer difficult questions, take part in exciting virtual adventures (by the way, virtual virtuosity simulators are also available, which allow you to run and jump in virtual waking world). Call them developing. Why not develop future gentlemen in the right direction?

4. Design models Unusual skyscraper, all-terrain vehicle, race car, spacecraft, combat aircraft with flashing lights and sound signals (from 1500 rub.) .... The choice of such gifts is great. This gift will appreciate the guys who prefer to work alone, messing with small details. In addition, it is not so easy to assemble such models, and the result of the efforts will definitely please. What if the younger child is a future talented designer or architect?


5. Certificate for fashionable haircut, paid trip to the salon fashion clothes. It turns out that not only girls do not look stylish. The young dandy will gladly accept a gift if, for example, it will be the pants, jacket or T-shirt that he so dreamed about and that will allow him to stand out from the crowd of his peers.

Music lovers

6. Young music lovers will be pleased with trendy, high-quality headphones. (from 1000 rub.), which will enjoy the music. Such gifts in the form of lightning, bananas, bolts and Lego designer details, as well as options painted with graffiti or fur trimmed, will look “at height”.

7. Interesting device For example, a pocket speaker that reads information from SD cards and USB flash drives is a very handy thing. It can be taken at any youth event (great sound (depending on power) provided both indoors and outdoors). An interesting gift can be thin columns (in the form of Chinese sticks) (from 3,500 rubles).

8. And if you like not only to listen, but there is a desire to start playing yourself? In this case, the gifts will please musical instruments: synthesizer, guitar, drum kit. You can start with a certificate for the training course of the game on any tool.

Universal ideas

9. Delight in young people will cause a mountain bike., punching bag, skateboard or rollers, computer accessories, skis, snowboard, scooter and especially scooter. The giving of such gifts largely depends on the thickness of the gift holder’s wallet and on the degree of adulthood of the gift presented.

10. “Living” gifts. Of course, this is not quite a universal gift, but many teenagers dream of friends — animals: a cat, a dog, a hamster, a parrot, fish. You can literally stun them with such a gift, especially if you were totally against it.

Both boys and teen girls are hotly interested technical "screwed" novelties The horizons for choosing which are very wide: mobile phones, players and netbooks, tablets, cameras, e-books are excellent gifts.

You can surprise and unusual things: a flying alarm clock with a propeller, a grenade-shaped alarm clock or with a target and a gun (from 1500 rubles), devices for home disco clubs (for example, disco balls). As well as FM radio for the shower (800 rubles on average), a virtual drum set (1500 rubles), a CD player in the form of a helicopter (from 1000 rubles), a solar battery charger (1500 rubles).

In conclusion of the article psychologist's advice: to make the right choice, learn about desires and bring joy with your gifts, you need to communicate with your “adult children” more often, be interested in their affairs, at least sometimes just sit with them in the room and listen to their favorite music or even play your favorite computer game . Attention and understanding is very important for growing children!

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