9 most "terrible" cons Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

We analyze the shortcomings of the "sweet couple" from the Korean brand.

In 2015, Samsung introduced two tablets of the second Galaxy Tab S series to the market: with 8 and 9.7-inch diagonals. About the advantages of new products written huge footcloths. We offer you an honest review of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2.


Inconvenient for watching movies proportion of screen sides

In the review on Hi-tech.mail.ru It is noted that the tablet is completely sharpened for Internet content: social networks, YouTube and so on. Alas, it became uncomfortable to watch widescreen movies on it. The reason is that the proportion of the screen is 4: 3, because of which part of the film either travels outside the visible zone, or, on the contrary, there is an empty space causing visual discomfort. Stretching an image helps, but somewhat distorts the original aspect ratio.

Low power battery

This is especially true for ultra-thin Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0. There is a 4000 mAh battery installed. According to Hi-tech.mail.ru, its full charge is enough for an average of 4 hours of games or 7 hours of video in Full HD at maximum screen brightness. In the review on W3bsit3-dns.com games give no more than three hours. In normal operation mode (surfing the Internet, office applications, several photos), the battery lasts up to 12 hours. You can reduce power consumption due to the special mode of the tablet, but it has a noticeably reduced list of applications that can be used.

Difficult to use and expensive case

This accessory is discussed in detail in the review on Keddr.com. The new Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 (at least 8.0, at least 9.7) does not fit the universal case (even if you choose the right size, the working buttons will be closed), you need a branded one. It is high-quality, cute, but to figure out how to set the tablet in the position of the stand, is not easy. A special magnetic strip that locks the case locks the screen in some positions. It is impossible to remove it from this state even with a key, it is necessary to change the position of the tablet. Why such difficulties - it is not clear. In this case, the original case costs from 2000 to 6000 rubles.

Camera without flash

This is a step backward compared to many other modern devices from the Korean company. Yes, the tablet is not a camera, but since there is an 8-megapixel camera, then why not make it fully functional? And so it turns out that during the day the tablet can take good photos, but even with good lighting periodically blurred frames skip. And even in the twilight - even more so. The front camera is not at all impressive at 2.1 megapixels - this is not enough even for selfies.

There are limitations when shooting video. As noted in the portal review W3bsit3-dns.comIn the mode of maximum video resolution (2560x1440) you cannot use electronic stabilization, video effects and take photos during video recording. And the shooting time is limited to five minutes. From the hands of more or less high-quality shooting can be obtained in Full HD mode with stabilization turned on.

Weak performance in "heavy" games

According to this parameter, as they say on HowTablet.ruSamsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 seriously loses its main competitors - the Nexus 9 and iPad Air 2. On the GFXBench Manhattan tests, the Samsung tablet scored only 959 points in its native resolution, which is far from 1942 points in the Nexus and 2331 in the iPad Air 2. Popular HeartStone went great on Tab S2, but from time to time the game showed a short twitch. Nothing like this was seen on Google and Apple tablets.


No fast charge

Unlike many other tablets, the Galaxy Tab S2 has no such function. The battery charges about 4 hours (for some users, according to their reviews on Yandex.Marketa little longer).

Too “acidic” colors.

Users believe that the screen, especially at the factory settings, is too contrasted and sharp in colors. Therefore, the owners of the Galaxy Tab S2 have to “chemize” over its modes so that their eyes do not get tired.

Uncomfortable to hold the tablet with one hand

Due to the design features (thin side slats), it is necessary to hold the tablet with one hand very carefully. If you put your thumb on the screen, its sensor will stop responding to touch. Otherwise, the device will simply slip and fall.

Bad speaker layout

Both dynamics (good, I must say, quality) are located on the bottom of the tablet. Therefore, while playing games or watching movies, holding the tablet with both hands, it is very easy to accidentally block one of them. The sound immediately becomes much quieter. It’s a bit of a problem, but it’s inconvenient for Galaxy Tab S2 owners.

Is it all bad?

"Sweet couple" Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 - really technically advanced devices with a nice design. The 8-inch version is generally the thinnest tablet in the world. Eight-core processor allows you to solve the vast majority of tasks without any slowdowns. High quality AMOLED-screen noted by all reviewers. Even a “dialer”, seemingly optional for tablets, looks like a useful application to the already wide functionality of the Galaxy Tab S2. But, taking into account the flaws described in the reviews, tests and reviews, it can be said that the second series of S-plates was not as revolutionary as might have been expected from it. Therefore, to When buying the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, we can recommend it to lovers of the brand first of all, as well as to those who do not have enough money for the newest iPad, and want to have something similar in quality and functionality.

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