The most interesting innovations in electric grills

Picnic in the kitchen: new trends

Improved skewer rotation mechanism

This innovation was pleased with the market by the bestseller manufacturers among domestic electric grills - the unit under the brand name "Aroma". Due to the improved rotation algorithm, kebabs will always be juicy and evenly fried on all sides. The electric BBQ player of this model is completed with the protection cover which will protect your kitchen from fat drops. The kit includes five skewers, which makes it possible to prepare at one time a sufficient amount of kebab. Loaded vertically, they rotate at a speed that was calculated by specialists of the manufacturer based on the use of previous models, as well as a large number of laboratory tests. In addition to improving the quality of cooking meat, the optimal rotation mode allows you to save energy: in the last modification of the unit, the consumption of electricity for the preparation of one portion at full load decreased by 7%.

Change the speed of rotation of skewers

In the adjacent direction, engineers from Sakura Company, whose electric kebab makers in 2015 will storm the minds of the domestic, have worked. Here, as an innovation, they invented the ability to change the rotational speed of skewers. It is no secret that different types of meat are roasted over the time is not the same, but thanks to the appearance of the function of changing the speed, you can now choose the most optimal mode for cooking one or another dish. The basic rotational speed - 12 revolutions per minute, can be accelerated or slowed down within narrow limits, but experience shows that this is enough for a significant improvement in the taste of kebabs.

Drop Shutdown System

The company Magitec has introduced a new model of electric BBQ, equipped with an automatic shutdown system when falling. It should be remembered that electric BBQ, like any electrical appliance, is a source of increased danger. If a working device left unattended accidentally overturns, it can cause a serious fire. The compact size of the electric BBQ is at the same time its advantage and disadvantage, on the one hand it practically does not occupy the useful space in the kitchen, and on the other hand it can easily fall off the table and roll over even from a small push. The presence of an automatic shutdown of the device in the event of a fall (the device is equipped with a sensor that, with a strong impact, stops the power supply) makes the electric BBQ machine absolutely safe, which allows you to leave the device running unattended and quietly go about your own business.

sleep timer

Another Russian manufacturer, from the factory of which there are electric grinders under the brand "Kavkaz", began to use the off timer in its devices. This is a very useful function: if before a person had to sit in the kitchen and wait for the kebab to get ready and worry, how to not overcook, now the situation has changed dramatically. Simply put the meat on the skewers, set a timer and go about your business. Of course, the innovation does not guarantee the perfect cooking quality by 100% (let's not forget that the meat can be different in quality, which depends on the preparation time of kebabs). However, in most cases, and even more so in various emergency situations, when you need to cook shish kebabs, and there is no possibility to keep an eye on him, innovation will be very helpful. The timer is set taking into account the fact that at the operating temperature of the radiating surface of the electric BBQ 650 degrees, the average cooking time is 15-20 minutes.

Universal use

On the domestic market, Wellderg brand electric BBQ grinders have appeared, which are able to cook not only a juicy, tasty kebab, but also various dishes such as kebabs, grills and many others. The device is easy to use, simply connect it to the mains and start cooking a variety of dishes. Due to the presence of semicircular reflectors, it is possible to achieve optimal use of energy, which in turn allows you to cook almost any dish in less than fifteen minutes. The kit includes six stainless steel skewers, as well as a central skewer of the same material. Thanks to intelligent control, which alternates the cycles of cooling and heating, the device can be used to prepare not only shawarma and kebab, but also sausages, king prawns, mushrooms, and fish.

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