5 washing machines that we forbid you to buy

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Do you know that any appliance store is a place of heightened danger? You came to him for a washing machine, which today has become almost a member of the family. Full of positive emotions and ready to leave almost half of their salaries.

Caution! You have every chance to become another victim of manufacturers, marketers and sales assistants - representatives of inhuman professions. The first rolled out to the market ridiculous units, whose quality and price are incomparable. The second and third find surprising arguments forcing you to say: "Wrap!"

So, do not lose vigilance, so that later it was not painfully painful. And we study our worst washing machines rating, compiled, thanks to the "happy" owners.

Electrolux EWS 1254 SDU

Compact washing machine with front loading, the characteristics of which look "on paper" quite decent and attractive. Here and intelligent electronic control, and a decent spin at 1200 rpm, and the high declared A-class washing, and power consumption and does A ++. It seems to be all beautiful and the price tag is not predatory (about 25 thousand rubles), and the famous brand inspires confidence.

Inspires, but not the case with the model EWS 1254 SDU. The most common claim of “happy” owners is incredibly noisy work (the stated washing / spinning numbers of 58/77 dB are clearly far from reality). The sounds made by the machine evoke the expression "bucket of bolts." The lack of stability during the spinning process further aggravates the problem, and no alignment manipulations on the floor surface save. Reliability is also out of the question, and post-warranty repairs are unreasonably expensive.

In defense of the brand, one can only notice that washing machines assembled in Italy or Poland are really high-quality and reliable, but they are much more expensive. But the products under the brand of Electrolux, issued by a Ukrainian enterprise, may be distinguished by a more affordable price (although not at all the budget price), but its quality is by no means European.

Hotpoint-Ariston AQS0L05 U

This model draws attention to the original design, functionality, large hatch and a good load up to 6 kg of dry linen. People who used the old Ariston models of the Italian assembly for 10 years or more, reasonably expect to get a new modern washing machine of the same brand and with the same reliability. In vain. The Lipetsk plant, where Hotpoint-Ariston is manufactured, is “famous” for its low build quality, and only inscription remains from past glory.

Those users who are “lucky enough” to have the AQS0L05 U model, note poor washing of the powder from the cuvette, mediocre washing quality and noisy work. And it seems that you can still put up with it, but everything is negated by the fact that the car seems to be designed to work only during the warranty period, and after its expiration you have to expect almost inevitable breakdown. As a rule, bearings fail. And since the “brilliant” designers of the brand supplied the washing machines to a tightly sealed water tank, the company service suggests instead of replacing the kopek parts to put a new one-piece tank-drum unit at a price that exceeds half the cost of the entire machine.

Conclusion: not very reliable and high-quality model with an overpriced (about 24 thousand rubles.). For this and even less money on the market there are plenty of much more worthy washing machines of famous brands.

Gorenje W98Z25I

An expensive (about 37 thousand rubles) full-size washing machine from a well-known European brand, the characteristics of which look more than worthy. Looking at them, it seems such a high-end model of the top level.

Here are just a lot of users that they also thought and became the owners of this product of European design thought, were seriously disappointed. Though the machine has a lot of advantages (large load, excellent washing quality, very quiet operation, full aquastop), it also has several significant drawbacks that block all positive qualities:

  • Frequent breakdowns (control module, UBL, bearings);
  • Unreliable door handle;
  • The unbalance suppression electronics prevent the machine from squeezing the laundry normally;
  • Expensive repairs and poor service.

Perhaps the most objective review of the Gorenje W98Z25l sounds like this: a washing machine would be just gorgeous, but provided it worked.

Of course, one can assume that the problems are connected with the fact that the model is poorly adapted to Russian conditions, but since it is supplied to the domestic market, this cannot be considered an excuse.

Zanussi ZWI 71201 WA

Frankly unsuccessful embedded model from Zanussi. In principle, all declared performance characteristics are true. The washing machine not bad erases, while the new one works quietly and does not vibrate, has a decent load, and the price tag for the embedded model is relatively affordable (around 36 thousand rubles).

One problem - it works Zanussi ZWI 71201 WA, as a rule, not very long. Somehow, the Italian brand doesn’t do well with the “integration”. And after all, typical problems do not differ in diversity and in most cases come down to the destruction of a bearing, to which there is no access due to a non-separable water tank. And the replacement of the entire unit together with the drum traditionally becomes an excessively expensive “pleasure”, beneficial only for an authorized service, and for the owners of the car rather an incentive to send the problem product for scrap. After all, after an expensive repair, there is no guarantee that after a while the similar situation will not happen again.

Indesit ITW A61051 W

Top-loading washing machine that makes a double impression. It does not call too simple or budget (the price in the region of 24-25 thousand rubles.). The load is very good for standard dimensions - 6 kg, spin for 1000 r / min., Traditional for modern models A washing class and decent energy consumption class - A +. There is a decent list of programs and functions in the arsenal, and the assembly is not Lipetsk, but quite European in itself - Slovakia.

But there are noticeable flaws that spoil the whole impression.

Typical and predictable include:

  • Increased noise level (especially during spinning);
  • Vibration resistance is lower compared to frontal machines.

One cannot get away from this - such is the peculiarity of the majority of machines of this type and, when choosing a model with a vertical load, such phenomena should be treated philosophically.

The main trouble of the Indesit ITW A61051 W is expressed by several symptoms peculiar to it:

  • Awful execution of control buttons that need to be pressed to respond several times;
  • A clumsy drum that can leave a pinch on linen or even tear it;
  • Residual water in the drum and dispenser;
  • Yes, and confidence in the long-term smooth operation, this model does not inspire.

In conclusion

Hike to the home appliance store for a new washing machine-automatic is a responsible and serious matter. Models for every taste, size, color and wallet abound in retail and on Internet sites. However, we must not forget that, by analogy with yogurt, not all versions of the presented washing machines are equally useful. A bad choice is fraught with not only lost money and nerve cells, but sometimes even peace and well-being in the family, an essential attribute of life which has become a home assistant.

Without a doubt, even the above-mentioned problem models have quite satisfied owners. This is natural, because it is unlikely that any manufacturer is capable of such a level of "skill" to produce a line with a 100% marriage. Another thing is that, choosing between some washing machines, it is much more profitable to use someone else’s negative experience and thereby reduce the risk of “getting” to an unsuccessful instance to a minimum.

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