30 useful things for the kitchen

Which of these items will be useful to you?

According to statistics, on average a woman spends 18 years in the kitchen throughout her life. That is why we have prepared a list of kitchen trifles that can facilitate the work of the beautiful half of humanity in the field of culinary work. These simple, at first glance, objects sometimes become indispensable helpers for many hostesses. We chose on Aliexpress (an online store where you can directly buy goods from China) - because the range there is huge, and there is plenty to choose from. Which item from our list will be useful in your kitchen?

Magnetic mount for knives and scissors on the wall - like the hostess, who loves order

Average price: 8$

Magnetic mount length of about 33 centimeters does not take up much space in the kitchen, but at the same time, it is useful to ensure that the knife is always at hand.

Knife Sharpener - a necessary accessory for every kitchen

Average price: 28 $

With the help of this wonderful device, all the knives in your kitchen will find a new life and will serve you for many more years. The blade sharpening system is suitable for different types of knives. Compact size and convenient case allow you to store the sharpener in any convenient place.

Spice Mill

Average price: 10 $

Stainless steel spice mill will become your indispensable assistant. The stylish design and compact size (22.5cm x 5.2 cmx 5.2cm) will allow it to take pride of place on a shelf or table. Ideal for grinding corn, mustard seeds, pepper and other spices.

Pizza Cutting Knife

Average price: 5 $

Inexpensive and convenient knife for cutting pizza with a diameter of 4 cm. Its weight is only 49 grams. Here is such a light, small, but at the same time, a useful accessory for the kitchen. Made of stainless steel.

Stainless steel soap to remove the smell of onions, garlic and fish

Average price: 1,5 $

A small piece of such soap (for information its size is: 62x45x17mm, and weight: 33g) will help you in a matter of seconds to get rid of the unpleasant smell on the skin of hands. In general, for such a low price you can buy. Perhaps useful.

Twister - an indispensable accessory for a beautiful cut

Average price: 10 $

This simple, at first glance, the device will help in a matter of minutes to cut hard vegetables. Such as cucumber, carrot, radish, etc. Absolutely safe to use. With it you will not hurt your fingers and do not spend a lot of time on the shredder.

Citrus Sprayer

Average price: 1,5 $

If you like to fill the dishes with lemon juice or use it to make marinades, then this invention will definitely appeal to you. With it, you can quickly and accurately get the juice from lemon, lime or orange and evenly spray it on the dish.

Clip for soft bags - easy to cling, long lasting

Average price: 1,8 $

This uncomplicated device will prevent rashes, disintegration and other deterioration of loose substances, whether it be food or household chemicals.

Dough kneading bag

Average price: 9 $

Do you want to knead the dough without hands dirty? Then you need this bag. It is designed for 1.5 kg of flour and allows you to knead the dough without effort and soiling hands and cups. The declared service life is 10 years. In my opinion, a great invention.

Kitchen timer - a stylish mechanical accessory

Average price: 7 $

If you are afraid to miss the time of readiness of the dish, this device will become your best assistant in this case. Made of stainless steel. Designed for 60 minutes.

Digital food thermometer - one of the most necessary appliances in the kitchen

Average price: 4 $

This useful device will allow to measure the temperature of products in the range from -50 ° C to +300 ° C. The probe length is already 14.5 mm. There are memory functions of the previous measurement and automatic shutdown after 15 minutes of operation. In the house where there is a child - just an indispensable thing.

Pineapple slicer

Average price: 4,5 $

If you want to cut pineapple into beautiful rings quickly and easily, then purchase this device. It is inexpensive, but significantly simplifies the work. It should be noted that the rating on AliExpress on this device is very high. And many sellers and does equal to 100%.

Stainless steel cooling cubes

Average price: $ 2 (10 dice - $ 20)

Excellent solution for cooling drinks. Compared with ice, they have many advantages. Firstly, they can be used many times, secondly, they do not corrode, and thirdly, the drink does not acquire foreign smell and taste. Yes, and they look very stylish. The size of each cube: 2.5x2.5x2.5 cm.

Separator for egg whites

Average price: 1 $

This simple-looking accessory will help you easily and quickly separate the white from the yolk. Easy to clean and does not take up much space in the kitchen. Plus an attractive price.

Set for cooking eggs without shell

Average price per set of 6 cells: 4,7 $

The advertised miracle device for cooking eggs without a shell. Comes with separator. Therefore, you can cook the protein and yolk separately. And also add any seasoning or greens, this is really a matter of fantasy. Convenient thing, in my opinion. With its help you can create beautiful egg compositions that can decorate any table. The price, unlike offers of TV shops, is very favorable.

Bag for baking potatoes in 4 minutes

Average price: 5 $

Guests on the threshold, and you have not done anything? Then this little thing for the kitchen will come to your aid. The microwave oven baking package allows you to cook potatoes in just 4 minutes. It is designed for 4 large potatoes. No problem is washed in the washing machine.

Silicone strainer for brewing tea - beautiful, fast, convenient

The average price for a set of 3 pieces: 2 $

The most convenient device for brewing tea. Just pour the tea in it and put it in a cup with boiling water. Happen both from plastic, and from stainless steel.

Heat Insulation Tacks

Average price: 2 $

Just cute silicone pot holders for a microwave or oven. Essentially necessary thing for the kitchen at a very reasonable price.

Scraper for fish - to help clean!

Average price: 3 $

This device allows you to clean the fish without compromising the cleanliness of your kitchen - due to the fact that the scales are collected in a special resealable container. Having tried this method of cleaning once, you no longer want to clean the fish “in the old-fashioned way”.

Nayser Dayser

Average price: 29 $

In place of the previous model came the new improved Nayser Dayser. Now you can cut food not only into cubes, but also into slices and cubes. And also shred them. The appearance of the device has also changed. Now the bowl for the finished product contains a much larger volume. In general, a lot of goodies!

A device for removing pits from cherries and olives

Average price: 4 $

With this device you can in a matter of seconds to remove a bone from a cherry or olives. Not the most necessary item, of course, but occasionally it can be useful - especially in the summer time of compotes and billets.

Digital Measuring Spoon - Kitchen Scale in Miniature

Average price: 13 $

It is just a godsend for every hostess. With this spoon you can find out the most accurate weight of any substance. For lovers of baking - this is really a useful trifle for the kitchen. Powered by batteries.

Kitchen scales

Average price: 6,5 $

These scales allow you to weigh products weighing from 1 gram to 5 kg with an accuracy of one gram. There is an automatic shutdown function. Size 18x15x4 cm.


Average price: 5,5 $

The aluminum garlic press is a familiar subject from childhood. He still does not lose its relevance.

Flour Sifting Mug

Average price: 5,7 $

With it, you can quickly sift the flour, not scattering. Size: 9.8 x9.2cm.

Hamburger maker

Average price: 7,5$

This device is nothing like a press, with which you can cook a perfectly smooth hamburger with any filling. For sandwiches lovers a very useful thing.

Form for modeling dumplings or ravioli - beauty for a penny

Average price: 1 $

This inexpensive invention will help you make beautiful and neat dumplings with little or no effort. Put the rolled dough on top of the form, into the cells - the filling and cover with another “sheet” of dough. Roll out with a rolling pin - and get ready dumplings. Fast, convenient and beautiful. The same produce for dumplings - only with cells of a slightly different form.

Cake Decorating Syringe

Average price: 3 $

Again, a wonderful device for baking lovers, as well as its beautiful decoration. Different nozzles - with their help you can make inscriptions, outline the contours, draw patterns with cream, chocolate or paste.

Cake Cutter

Average price: 3,4 $

With it, you can split a cupcake or cake into equal (and even) pieces. And also cut the baked muffin for cake on beautiful cake layers.

Dispenser for soda

Average price: 10 $

To be honest, I cannot call this device necessary in every kitchen, but if there are children in the house, it will not be superfluous. Surely kids will enjoy pouring soda is not straight from the bottle, but with the help of a dispenser. In addition, this method reduces the risk of spilling the beverage.

Perhaps some items from this list are already in your kitchen and you actively use them. But we hope that here you will find for yourself new and interesting devices designed to make life easier for the hostesses. And what little things for the kitchen do you use? Give advice to us and our readers in the comments!

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