5 ways to straighten hair: the pros and cons

Choose the best way to make your hair smooth and silky

Now hairdressing salons, cosmetics and home appliances stores offer enough options for how to make hair smooth and silky. Which way to straighten hair is safer? What advertising should not be trusted? We understand this article.

Method 1. Straightening using hair ironing

Since the appearance of hair straightener (styler) undoubtedly leads among the ways of straightening unruly curls.
The advantages of this method are obvious:

  • the cost of the ironing is relatively small, an average of 2,000 rubles, and you will use it for quite a while;
  • you can use the rectifier whenever you want, no need to run to the salon;
  • relatively fast hair straightening;
  • high-quality styler will not adversely affect the curls.

But there are also disadvantages:

  • the use of an iron is very often not recommended - it adversely affects the structure of the hair;
  • the effect of straightening irons is not long-term: rain or simply high humidity, washing your hair will return the hair to its original state;
  • too curly hair to straighten with one iron is very difficult, you will have to use also cosmetic products, from which your hair may look unattractive;
  • substandard models can ruin your hair even under the condition of infrequent use.

Trichologists (doctors who are engaged in treating diseases of the hair and scalp) recommend not to save on the purchase of a high-quality hair straightener:

  • It is necessary to choose a model with the possibility of temperature control - and try to set the temperature to no more than 180 degrees. The higher the temperature - the more damaged the hair. Buy a better tourmaline or teflon coated straightener with humidification and ionization functions.
  • never dry wet hair.
  • use regenerating and caring hair products.
  • warn that products designed to protect hair when straightening with an iron does not give 100% protection (although it helps to preserve hair). Rely on them is still not worth it.

Method 2. Chemical hair straightening

This method involves straightening the hair with a special chemical composition, which is applied to the hair, then washed off, after the curls are treated with a special fixing solution and again thoroughly washed.
Advantages of the procedure:

  • straightening is positioned as permanent, that is, the hair will always remain straight (except for the growing roots, of course);
  • the price for obtaining permanently straight hair is from 6 to 20 thousand rubles. depending on the length.


  • the procedure has a number of contraindications, for example, it can not be done pregnant and in the postpartum period, suffering from hypertension, seborrhea, improper metabolism, etc .;
  • This method has a tremendous negative effect on the hair, because the chemical composition contains either sodium hydroxide (a strong alkaline substance), or guanidine hydroxide (hair drying agent), or ammonium thioglycolate, which also destroys the hair structure;
  • Permanent procedure is relative, because the hair grows, which means that they will have to be straightened again and again.

Separately isolated keratin hair straightening, which is positioned as the opposite technology of chemical straightening. Manufacturers and craftsmen claim that the main composition of the rectifier is liquid keratin. It is applied to the hair, filling up damaged and injured areas, turns into a protective layer and gives the hair smoothness and shine.
In fact keratin can not straighten hairIt is added to the cosmetic as a moisturizer. The main active agents are the same aldehydes, mainly formaldehyde, which breaks down the bisulfide bridges in the hair, straightening it. Instead of keratin, which, according to the manufacturers, fills the damaged areas of the hair, silicone is used, which causes the curls to flatten out, elasticity and shine.
I.e, "Keratin straightening" is the same chemical, just called differently. Chemical is and japanese hair straightening.
In general, in the case of keratin straightening, than for a longer period, you are promised an action means - the more often, as a rule, it damages the hair. Sparing means have a short duration (for example, a month).
The best cosmetic brands "keratin" straightening: Brazilian Blowout, Bombshell keratin, Cadiveu, Indola . If the master uses only cheap means (in Russia the most popular CocoChoco) - do not trust him with your hair.

Reviews of chemical hair straightening are very ambiguous. The first impression on girls and women (if straightening is done correctly) is usually enthusiastic. Hair after the procedure looks amazing. Disappointment comes later - when the composition of hair begins to wash off - and then it turns out that the hair is damaged. In the English-language Internet, there are enough frightening photos - what can be misused by this method. This is especially true for dark-skinned women - in order to straighten their curls, they use especially strong means. For example:

Therefore, if you decide on a chemical (keratin, Japanese, Brazilian, etc.) straightening - be prepared that the procedure will have to be repeated regularly - which in general is quite comfortable for many - or then treat and restore hair. So for the experiment, choose the most benign composition with a small stated period of validity - and a proven experienced wizard.

A few words about the choice of a hair salon. The cost of "keratin" straightening is quite high and amounts (several thousand rubles, depending on the composition and length of hair). Therefore, master hairdressers are very profitable to advertise this procedure - they earn good money on it. Be attentive to the choice of salon - read reviews, ask friends, do not look for a cheaper wizard. The desire to save money can lead to the fact that an inexperienced hairdresser will ruin your hair with poor-quality composition.

Method 3. Hair straightening with hair dryer and hair dryer

Not too curly hair can be made perfectly smooth with a hair dryer and a comb or a hair dryer. Wet hair should be treated with foam or gel, comb one by one from top to bottom and also dry with a hairdryer in cold air mode. It is desirable that the dryer had a function of ionization. Strands must be thin for the method to work.

  • relatively harmless procedure, especially if performed with a stream of cold air;
  • the cost of the hair dryer is small, on average, 1500 rubles., the foam or gel is also inexpensive;
  • this straightening has no contraindications.

The downsides are:

  • the procedure is quite long;
  • the effect lasts only in dry weather, in the rain your styling will lose its appearance;
  • very curly hair in such a way not to straighten, you can achieve only a light wave.

We recommend using cream mousse as a cosmetic for styling. Gliss kur “Brilliant Chestnut. Restoration, shine and care "and foam Wellaflex for hot stacking.

Method 4. Straightening with cosmetics

Shampoos, balms, masks, sprays, creams can make hair even for a short period of time.


  • cosmetics do not change the hair structure;
  • they are easy to apply during or after shampooing, no need to spend a large amount of time on the procedure.


  • cosmetics can not cope with very curly hair;
  • some products straighten hair due to the presence of silicone in their composition, which weights the hair, thus straightening it;
  • The average price of cosmetics - 500-700 rubles. One spray bottle, for example, usually lasts about a month;
  • some products also contain substances that can damage hair

The best cosmetics, according to buyers, are shampoo and conditioner Toni & Guy Straight & Protect (200-400 rub.) Smoothing serum Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum (1000 rub.) Line Redken Smooth down (shampoo, conditioner, mask, care-protection).

Method 5. Folk remedies

Quite a controversial point is the hair straightening folk remedies. Some people advise brewing a little sweetened tea (1 teaspoon of sugar per 1 cup of tea) and rinsing the hair with this solution. Others recommend the use of masks and wraps based on oils: castor, burdock, olive. Still others advise to dry hair not with a hair dryer, but in a natural way.

Of course, if these methods work, their effect will be short-lived. For example, those who have very curly hair, do not fit natural drying.

What is the best way to straighten hair?

The best way to straighten hair, every woman should choose their own. Many speak well of straightening comb and hair dryer with foam, others praise the ironing, and still others are delighted with the chemical method. In any case, you should always buy only high-quality appliances (irons, hair dryers) and well-proven cosmetics. If you decide on chemical straightening, make sure that the master is a professional, and in his work he uses only qualitative means.

Attention! There are contraindications, consultation of the expert is necessary.

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