How to choose a bathroom faucet?

We bring faucets to clean water How simple it was in Soviet times, when in every house there were almost identical two-valve bath faucets. Let them require frequent repairs and did not differ in exquisite design, but did not generate the flour of choice when buying. Today the situation is different. Not only that the choice of sanitary products is huge, but product modifications are becoming more and more.

5 best cameras for beginners

Top models for those who have not eaten a dog Beginner amateur photographers rarely buy expensive equipment. Usually they are looking for cheaper cameras, which will be easier to handle. Generally speaking, this is correct, but it must be remembered that the market is littered with simple low-quality cameras. This rating will help you navigate, choosing for yourself the option you need.

Capella S-901 Stroller Overview

Walking with comfort in any weather Spacious stroller with inflatable wheels and a huge hood Capella S-901 - the choice of practical parents. In terms of maneuverability and softness, the Capella 901 can be compared with the cradles, and in terms of functionality and maneuverability, with light canes. This is a universal all-season model for any roads and weathers.

10 best in-ear headphones

Rating 2019: the best in-ear headphones for customer reviews and experts. Like many other things, headphones should be selected based on the conditions in which they will be used. Since the in-ear headphones have an open body type, it would be strange to expect powerful bass from them, especially considering the compactness of the devices themselves.

18 best lawn mowers

2019 rating: the best lawn mowers according to customer reviews Lawn mowers were originally designed to clean up lawns. But our gardeners and gardeners successfully use these devices simply for cutting grass (as well as bushes - if power permits), sometimes processing rough, heavily overgrown areas.

Kenwood MG-700 Electric Grinder Review

Kenwood MG-700 electric meat grinder - advantages, disadvantages, characteristics Technical characteristics Technical characteristics Rated power - 800 W (maximum - 2000 W) Performance 3 kg / min Motor overload protection yes Reverse system yes Maximum continuous operating time 20 min Nozzles Perforated stuffing disc there are 3 included Nozzles grater no Nozzles for shredding no Nozzles for making sausages there, 2 included Other nozzles for kebbe Features Maximum dish height 140 mm Tray material m Tall housing metal material is rubberized feet Storage compartment for accessories is length of the cord 1.

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9 best household steam cleaners

Modern technologies for high-quality cleaning The best example of the ideal combination of environmental friendliness and economy among household appliances is a home steam cleaner. It is his appearance in your house that will relieve you of harmful “chemistry”, make the floor, microwave, bathroom tile shine with cleanliness ... Steam cleaners came into use relatively recently, but you can already find models for every taste and wallet.

Description of the laptop Lenovo B50 30

Lenovo B50 30 laptop - advantages, disadvantages, specifications Specifications Type Type Type: laptop Operating system Operating system: Win 8 / DOS / Win 8 64 / Without OS Processor Processor Type Processor Type: Core i3 / Pentium / Celeron Processor Code Processor Code: N3530 / N3540 / 4005U / 2957U / N2810 / N2815 / N2830 / N2840 / N2930 / N2940 Processor core Processor core: Haswell / Bay Trail-M Processor frequency Processor frequency: 1400 ... 2160 MHz Number of processor cores Number of processor cores: 2/4 Volume L2 cache L2 cache size: 512 Kb / 1 Mb / 2 Mb L3 cache size L3 cache size: / 2 Mb / 3 Mb Memory Size RAM Memory RAM Size: 2 ... 4 GB Memory Type Memory Type: DDR3L Maximum Memory Size Maximum Memory Size: 16 GB Screen Screen Size Screen Size: 15.

10 best modems

2019 rating: the best 4G / 3G and DSL modems for computers and laptops Not so long ago, telecom operators assured us that they can easily provide anyone who wants with fast Internet channels using existing telephone communications. In reality, everything turned out to be not so rosy, since the speed of ADSL strongly depends on the quality of the lines, and no one began to invest serious money in the development of the technology losing market attractiveness.

Braun 320s-4 Series 3 Electric Shaver Review

Braun 320s-4 Series 3 electric shaver - advantages, disadvantages, characteristics Technical characteristics General characteristics Shaving system net Way of shaving dry Power / battery power system Number of shaving heads 3 Facial contour repeating system floating heads, mobile shaving unit NiMH battery, autonomous operation time 45 min, charging time 1 h. Features Fast charging is, charging time 5 min.

Overview of the radar detector Sho-Me G-700STR

Sho-Me G-700STR antiradar - advantages, disadvantages, specifications Technical characteristics Receiver K 24050 - 24250 MHz band Ka 34300 - 34940 MHz band Ku 13400 - 13500 MHz band X 10500 - 10550 MHz band Laser detection detector, 800-1000 nm Angle 360 ° laser detector overview Supports Ultra-K, POP modes Signal receiver (radio channel) Superheterodyne Settings City mode, number of levels - 2 Track mode is Auto mode is Disable individual ranges is Functions Detection of "Arrow" type radars Detection of "Robot" radars "there is Opr GPS coordinates, base station.

12 best proteins for weight loss

We understand what proteins will help women and men lose weight. One of the most famous types of sports nutrition is protein. About him know, or at least heard, even those who are not fans of physical activity and do not attend gyms. This rating is made up of the best proteins that can help in such a difficult task as losing weight.

Nylon Dentures

Nylon dentures: advantages, disadvantages, the opinion of the dentist and patient reviews Features of the manufacture and use of nylon prostheses Prostheses made of nylon previously used by doctors only as temporary, allowing to correct the defects of the dentition in anticipation of the manufacture of a permanent removable or non-removable design.

The competent choice of the iron for the house

Ironing things should not cause problems Iron in the human economy there is a very long time. It is enough to go to some local history museum to understand this. At first, these were cast iron products that required heating on the coals of the furnace. Then came the gas options. But now, without exception, they use electric irons.

8 best remedies for heartburn

How to extinguish the fire inside the stomach? A rare person can boast that he does not know the symptoms of heartburn. This unpleasant sensation returns again and again, after each meal, and forces those who suffer from them to look for the most effective means to "put out the fire" inside. We decided to help you a little in the search and made up the top 8 most effective drugs for heartburn.

Which mouse is better - laser or optical?

Manipulators of virtual life A computer mouse is perhaps the most popular and widespread computer device. Since its invention in 1963, the design of the arm has undergone profound technological changes. Already forgotten are mice with direct drive from two perpendicular metal wheels.

8 best Lenovo tablets

Review of the best tablets of Lenovo - according to reviews of experts and buyers Today Lenovo is the only manufacturer offering its solutions in almost all existing segments of the tablet market. Yes, the company does not have really premium models, if by this term we mean very powerful stuffing and super-clear screens, but we answer ourselves honestly - how many of us buy top tablets?